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Note: I was prompted by the recent political debates to re-publish this popular post from the 2012 archives. Graphic designers know how to focus your attention.They frequently communicate through the use of white space.
We think that piling on extra words somehow makes our communication more palatable and therefore, better.
In a world where we increasingly work across time zones and cultures, this would have even greater meaning if perceptions were influenced by one's culture.
Researchers showed Japanese and North American participants images, each of which consisted of one center model and four background models in each image. The majority of Japanese participants (72%) reported that their judgments of the center person's emotions were influenced by the emotions of the background figures, while most North Americans (also 72%) reported they were not influenced by the background figures at all.
This may be because Japanese attention is not concentrated on the individual, but includes everyone in the group, says Masuda.
While time and exposure have somewhat altered instances of the above in the minds of some, Masuda's study should be taken seriously by organizations involved in East-West business and collaboration. This is one instance where perception can be grounded in reality--for the good of all concerned.
Listen to the LyricsDo you want to know a way to check the depth of how someone is relating to you at a given moment? When people operate at a surface level, they often share catch-phrases or cliches: “Well, the new design isn’t moving along too fast. For leaders, managers, and heads of projects, helping people learn is a critical contribution to individual and organizational success. Impact on self confidence: How you deliver and discuss the information impacts how people feel about learning it. Impact on motivation: Even as youngsters, we knew who the teachers were who made learning exciting, interesting, and engaging. Practical Application: Give people latitude to take the discussion in directions that you never thought of.
Do you want to spread your message for a product, service, or maybe an important organizational change?
Valeria then highlighted the level of various media influences and, ultimately, what this means for the importance of a company website. The take-away for us is this: Conversation catalysts talk to a whole lot more people and will be happy to share their experiences with them -- good, bad, or indifferent. Hint: The answer involves first reaching that critical 15% in the most effective way (you may want to go back and look at the media research). Note: If you try to fool the 15% with your puff-piece equivalent of Flash technology, remember that they have the power to reveal you as a fraud.
Meaning is in the Response You GetWe often deal with new ideas, with changing how things are done, with trying to persuade others about our point of view.
In an era that seems to beg for leadership, become someone who people want to follow because they trust that you mean what you say. Hat tip to Leadercast for this all-too-true (and therefore, hilarious) look at: The Conference Call. Sometimes they do it to allow the audience a chance to catch a breath or to create interest about what's coming next.
Logical pauses between words and sentences give an audience the time needed to piece together the key elements of the joke or series of rapid one-liners.
Where can you insert intentional pauses in order to become a really good "Stand-Up" leader and speaker? Valeria then did a nice job of highlighting the level of various media influences and, ultimately, what this means for the importance of a company website.

But the take away for us is this: Conversation catalysts talk to a whole lot more people and will be happy to share their experiences with them -- good, bad, or indifferent.
Think about this: They now have the ability to create a repuTweetion for you in 140 characters or less. Acknowledge it, learn more about it, use it often, and don't let anyone talk you into doing it differently.
Kudos to the kommenters (always wanted to do that) who add to the knowledge base here at All Things Workplace.
Imagine having your doctor show up to an appointment wearing shorts, flip flops and a dirty t-shirt. This entry was posted in Attire and tagged appropriate business attire, appropriate workplace attire, attire dos and don'ts, attire for client meetings, attire no nos, casual work attire, summer work attire on August 2, 2015 by Arden.
Proven strategies that take the guesswork out of delivering feedback, discussing compensation and handling sensitive situations. Communication between managers and employees is essential to the success of every organization, every team and every individual. Performance reviews require managers and supervisors to set aside time in their busy schedules to try to objectively evaluate the performance of their employees over the previous year. Are you confident that you are providing your employees with the feedback they need to improve performance … or do you find yourself spending too much time struggling to communicate effectively and winding up stressed out and exhausted? Can you effectively capture (in writing) the behaviors and actions that reflected positive and negative employee performance throughout the year? Do you know how to effectively communicate your expectations of an employee in a manner that gets results? Do you have a process in place that allows you to accumulate feedback over time, rather than struggling to come up with it just before the review takes place?
If you've answered "no" to even one of these questions, you need to attend this program to simplify and streamline the process of conducting performance reviews … and ensuring they get real results! Don't continue drudging through performance reviews each year and suffering through the headaches and hassles. Quick dos and don'ts to help ensure reviews are effective and painlessWho Will BenefitManagers and supervisors, team leaders, HR managers and anyone else who wants to conduct performance evaluations that get results without the hassle!
The researchers manipulated the facial emotion (happy, angry, sad) in the center or background models and asked the participants to determine the dominant emotion of the center figure. We’ve been getting some comments from the design folks who are concerned about the execution. You’ll be able to tell, over time, when others view their relationship with you more deeply. When we say or do something, people want time to react to it, talk about it, and understand what it means to them. The give-and-take after you speak is where people actually learn and where they begin to develop an affinity for, and commitment to, the topic. People with position power--managers, supervisors, team leaders--all have the ability to build confidence in the learners or create a defensive atmosphere.
Remember, you're in charge--but to try to be in control will shut down the kind of learning that the group--and you--have an opportunity to experience. Without this, you aren't really operating at a human level--you are just exchanging information whose underlying realities may be much more sympatico and understandable than the statement given on the surface. The deeper, more honest the response, the more chance you have of understanding the truth of each other's reality. Periodic, intentional pauses allow everyone time to make sense of what's happening and create new context. When used consciously, it's also the key to building solid relationships as well as the foundation for being influential.

Do your homework and find out the non negotiables in the business lives of those listening. Ask others who have used the idea to give you a blurb or, internally, to come to the meeting. Keep the pilot program in your back pocket as a reasonable alternative to implementing the entire idea.
Remember, too, to subscribe via email or RSS--we don't post daily but usually once a week, twice if something special comes up.
If your presentation is intended to lead to a decision, you'll have the pulse of the group in advance.
Employees who present themselves with polish, confidence and courtesy will seal more client deals and build productive relationships with coworkers and superiors. When communication breakdowns occur, employee satisfaction decreases, productivity declines and team morale drops. These once-a-year meetings are often dreaded by the manager or supervisor giving the review, as well as by the employee receiving the feedback. For many of us, it's difficult to remember what we were working on last week, let alone what has occurred over the past 12 months.
This powerful one-hour training is an investment in the success and improvement of your employees, your team and your management skills!
Sign up for this powerful and informative 1-hour class, and gain the tools necessary to keep your employees motivated, productive and positive while continually improving their performance!
I told the management team about the obstacles, how much overtime people have been putting in, and what the client has been saying. Man, when I was your age, there were a lot of kids in my class who were doing things that their parents never knew about. Even if you're an expert, the learning takes place as a result of people wrestling with the information or idea rather than being the recipients of a data dump--no matter how eloquent you may be. The time you spend designing the right approach will pay off in engaged learners and, ultimately, effective learning. Then, capture the points that they were making with their co-workers and discuss next steps. In our zeal to  get our message across we forget that at the other end of our message is a real, live person with her own zeal, goals, and concerns. The skills your employees learn in this training will give your company the competitive edge. To prevent this, managers and supervisors need to be prepared to deliver accurate and effective feedback to employees at all times; performance reviews are a critical part of this effort.
Yet, because of the critical nature of this annual meeting, it is important to both parties that the review is accurate, effective and geared to produce positive results. Although a performance review takes place only once annually, managers and supervisors can help alleviate the pressure and dread by using effective evaluation tools throughout the year. Eastern team members honor the group as the important entity to be served, not as a vehicle to one's individual career aspirations. Take time to choose words that create pictures, sounds, and feelings that will make your ideas connect in different ways all at once. When learners sit passively, you may feel more relaxed because you feel in control not having to respond to questions or manage the group. Further, worried they weren’t up for the job you might choose to see a different doctor or move your child to another teacher.

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