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CONTENS' Social Workplace combines all advantages of modern online networks, offering your company's employees tried and tested functions that facilitate communication and improve mutual collaboration.
As central element of the Social Workplace, the activity feed informs a company's employees about internal news, updates, profile changes and forum articles.
In addition to the master data, which may be integrated from existing systems, employees can also give information on their fields of expertise, professional experience or language skills. A key functionality of CONTENS' Social Workplace is that it enables the quick and easy provision of files, photos and videos within an organization. In order to facilitate access to content for employees, CONTENS' Social Workplace provides a high-powered search function.
Would you like to be notified when a new article is added to the Business: Workplace Communication category? After a long flight to Tokyo Japan, the sight of two thousand people in the audience for keynote speech at the technology conference was impressive. As a human resources consultant, I have conducted many employee surveys over the years to ascertain what employees like about their workplaces and what they think needs to be changed.
Acting neutrally is an ability to take excess emotion out of your response to a person or to a situation so you can act in the most equitable, reasonable manner.
Mobile technologies have now come a long way and just-in-time learning has also evolved by leaps and bounds.
When dealing with chronic organizational or team negativity, brainstorming and problem solving must be engaged immediately. Communication is the backbone of human progress and is the foundation on which opinions, ideas and thoughts are still transmitted today. Good business writing is about more than just transmitting information; it reflects the values, principles and ethos of the company or organization that is reflected by the author. For thousands of years, many Indigenous peoples have incorporated storytelling as an essential way to learn and share important cultural teachings. Arrogant, bossy, bad attitude, opinionated, backstabber etc- we have all had a business associate who possessed one or more of such traits. You can't learn everything about a business or customer just by looking at its on-paper stats. You come across co workers every day, how well do you know them or do you know them at all? In the business world, whether in face-to-face meetings or relaying information from one person to another, we practice acts of respect.
Besides these four types of communication - which are explained below you can also click here to read more articles on effective workplace communication tools and techniques.
There are many negative consequences that may occur as a direct result of communication challenges within a business. Naturally, all of these consequences could result in lower profits and high rates of employee turnover.
Before developing an understanding of the four types of communication that are vital to the workplace, it is important to gain an understanding of communication. Communication experts agree that there is a vast repertoire of specific skills involved in successful communication.
Processing skills that are interpersonal as well as intrapersonal are essential elements to successful communication. Basic observation and analytical skills are also required when it comes to productive levels of communication.
Last, but not least by any means, communication is also questioning what is being said for understanding and speaking as well.
In the workplace, it is common to incorporate visual communication in order to share ideas that relate to the business, provide information to those that work in the company, and to outline specific points that need to be emphasized for the success of the business. Verbal communication is a core component when it comes to the overall success of a business.
When it comes to communication in the workplace, it is important to understand the significance of non-verbal communication four types communication.

The physical activities may include the way that you move your body, the tone that is displayed when it comes to the tone of an individual's voice, and touching. Communication in an organization is essential for behavior modification and to create awareness on a variety of staff issues.
We are communicating a message at every stage, not necessarily verbally, it can be written or even through our gestures.Your communication skills at your workplace defines the rate of advancement of your learning curve too.
Boasting an activity feed, profile administration, communication functions and integrated document management, the Social Workplace combines the top features of popular social networking sites for the efficient use within your company. Employees can quickly and easily inform their colleagues on current events, ask questions, and provide documents a€“ just like on popular social networking sites. At the same time, profiles can reflect company-specific criteria, such as internal further training or regional knowledge. Documents can be pulled into the browser via drag & drop and are then automatically uploaded. The output of search results is sorted by content areas, such as messages, documents, forums, and specific social objects, e.g.
It allows both editorial content of an intranet and content generated by the employees to be managed via the CONTENS browser backend.
The presentation moved along slowly as frequent pauses enabled the interpreter to convert the original English spoken and written on the slides into Japanese.
Fortunate to not only work with amazing clients, I have added blessing of traveling first class and staying at the best hotels. In many cases, one of the key recommendations from employees to make the workplace better is "provide better communication." What do employees want to know about? Even as adults you will still find them hanging out and spreading the latest gossip with their friends.
While even a few years ago, a simple SMS was utilized to impart just-in-time learning, videos and podcasts are now being shared over the mobile platform.
They range from mildly annoying to vindictive, with some employees chronically showing up for work ten minutes late, and others actively working to have you fired. The longer you wait to resolve issues revolving around negativity, the deeper and more ingrained they will become in your company culture. If you value information, bring appropriate information into the workplace, then you become powerful! But regardless of the reason, always make sure that goals and objectives are met after the meeting. It is a premise that works so well many companies are adopting the art of storytelling as a foundation for their training programs and decreasing their former dependence on graphs and pie-charts and pages of statistics.
Business is all about dealing with people, and often, this can become increasingly difficult. True understanding of our business partners and customers come from 3 aspects of Cultural Knowledge: the "know-what", the "know-how", and the "know-why". You may have a nodding acquaintance with some of them by uttering a quick hello or saying hi as you pass them by.
By consistently striving to improve your skills in this area, you will be able to successfully establish strong business relationships with those that you work with. Examples of these consequences include decreased productivity, misunderstandings with regards to policies and procedures within the workplace, as well as employee dissatisfaction.
In this guide, you will be introduced to the four types workplace communication that are absolutely essential to the success and efficiency of your business. It is where each one of us specifically assign and engage in the act of conveying a certain meaning so that two or more individuals create a level of understanding that is shared among all parties.
Examples of this type of communication include specially designed signs, electronic communication, documents, and even presentations. This form of communication involves either writing or typing out information, facts, figures, and other types of necessary information in order to express ideas among those in a business.Examples of this type of communication include reports, evaluations, emails, instant messages, physical and electronic memos, training materials, and other types of documents that are similar in nature. When this occurs, it means that a physical manner of communication is being used to share ideas and meanings among others.

In the workplace, it is not appropriate to touch another individual, but it is possible to ensure that the voice tone and the stance of the body is held appropriately so that the ideas, information, and thoughts are successfully shared with the intended audience. We use new, unusual, fresh workplace communication strategies and campaigns to create awareness and change behavior. Content can be filtered according to numerous criteria so that employees are only shown the relevant information.
All content may be shared with personal contacts, certain groups or other degrees of separation. Using directories and tags, files can be structured according to personal requirements and shared with individual users and groups. In addition, the CONTENS CMS offers workflows, form generators, metadata management, rights allocation, multilingualism, and the administration of integrated applications. After twenty minutes or so, it appeared that two thousand heads were resting on their shoulders as the entire audience had fallen asleep. I got to do a video shoot in the Presidential Suite with the two best video guys in the world Wesley and Daniel and spend an evening with my bestie Becky noshing on crab legs and seafood in Manhattan Beach. Most of the time people are not reacting to you as much as they are reacting to their internal world. The problem is that no matter how they go about it, a workplace gossip is absolutely killing their own career.
Making good decisions based upon the right information at the right time equals job security, job promotion, and SUCCESS.
Here are three reasons why storytelling is one of the most effective ways to train your staff and build your business. To achieve this goal, we must develop better listening skills and management skills that are so essential to building relationships. You consider yourself to be friendly at the work place, smiling whenever circumstances warrant especially during meetings, if that is possible besides work gatherings. While talking is an important element of communication, it is not the only component of communication, nor is it the most important aspect of communication. It is essential that each individual has the capability of both implementing and comprehending visual communication processes in the workplace. In the workplace, this is a flexible type of communication as it could be formal or informal - depending on the message(s) that are being expressed. In today's world, there is a large diversity of individuals that make up the standard workforce.
If you incorporate the four types of communication into your business, you will quickly see positive results.
Instead of taking responsibility for their behavior, they blame everyone around them -- including you -- for their problems. You be that person to have the right information to have the value, and to have the power in the workplace.
There are employees that are different ages, those that are from different cultures, and even a variety of races. After all the effort and time to prepare and travel halfway around the world only to meet a sleeping audience, the last thirty minutes of the talk were sheer drudgery. Their negative behavior often spills over into the general work environment, causing disruption among other, better-performing employees. It is important that a company strives to create a basic foundation for verbal communication so that each person in a company understands the others within that business. If you can get ahead of your communications efforts by providing answers to these questions, your employees will be less stressed, more productive, and your change efforts will be more successful.
This article will help you explore how you react in an example scenario and see how changing your perspective can change your response to the situation.

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