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I am available for private 1 on 1, or small group classes in your home, or at my studio in Topanga. Scheduling weekly private yoga instruction is a powerful way to commit to strengthening integrity, harmony and balance in your life. My public classes tend to be simple, slow, and challenging, with a focus on breath and alignment.
My intention is to guide studentsa€™ attention toward details which can, in time, unlock the transformational power of the asanas.
Sometimes that means moving slowly, paying magnified attention to muscles, joints, bones and breath. Level 1: With a focus on the basics of asana and the details of breathing deeply and efficiently, my Level 1 class is a great environment for beginners. Appropriate for beginners who like a challenge, and for more advanced students who seek a slow moving and thorough approach to the basic asanas.

Level 2: In upper level classes, my focus is still on the details of alignment and the breath, so that your yoga practice deepens rather than quickens.
Restoratives: In a culture obsessed with stimulation and speed, most people in the urban environment are perpetually stressed out. Kid's Yoga: I currently volunteer weekly teaching middle school children at the Topanga Mountain School. Sometimes that means moving slowly, paying magnified attention to muscles, joints, bones and breath.A  Sometimes that means flowing through vinyasas, and sometimes just dropping in, and feeling the flow of Prana.
THIS CLASS USES PROPS TO SUPPORT THE BODY AND IS DONE MOSTLY ON THE GROUND.A  NO CARDIO OR STANDING POSES. Slow moving class with led meditation, some standing poses, lots of restorative and floor poses. Each class focuses on postural alignment, poses for strength and flexibility and breathing techniques to calm or energize your body.

Moms are asked to bring their babies to class with them.A  The focus here is to feed the bond by practicing specific breathing techniques, and to take back your body by doing simple exercises with the babies. We tell interactive yoga stories about manners and anatomy, and develop that knowledge throughout our yoga practice.
Kids enjoy learning about bones, muscles and manners when they are presented in fun yoga classes.

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