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We got a chance to sit down with Bikram Yoga NYC Co-Founders, Jen Lobo and Donna Rubin, who will be leading the 1:00-2:30 pm class in Time Square, to get the inside scoop on how they are keeping things hot at their studios, after almost fifteen years in business!
BT: You teamed up in 1999 to open up the first Bikram Yoga studio in New York, Bikram Yoga NYC, so it is safe to say you put this popular practice on the map. BT: You offer $8 classes 22 a week at all four of your locations and a 30-day challenge with rewards upon completion!
BT: It has been 14 years since you first opened your doors, where do you see Bikram NYC in another five years?

A: (JL) We are always here working so we don’t have much time to get away on retreats!  But we dream about doing a ski-yoga retreat for Bikram Yoga NYC.  Stay tuned! Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay in the know about hot new studios, fitness travel & retreat ideas and insider tips on fitness, health and beauty. WHO: A Passionate Group Of Fitness Junkies And Writers Who Are Dedicated To Bringing You The Latest In Everything From Fitness To Fashion. Get instant access to exclusive fitness content, the best workouts in your city andVIP invites to all of our exclusive BurnThis events.

Jen, a sports marketing professional, had been an avid sports enthusiast but had never been particularly taken with yoga.  Donna, a professional ballet dancer and musical theater performer, had recently started taking yoga classes as a way to help increase the longevity of her career. Several Bikram classes later, both saw enormous potential for the Bikram brand to grow and expand within New York City.

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