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The Center for Youth Ministries is graciously giving Network members a significant discount on Certification Schools.
Click on the fee-waived Hertz #1 Gold Club Application button and you will be sent to a secure site. Answer "I consent" to all the legal questions, give a credit card to be billed at the time of rental and you're all set! For every 5 rental days, the Network gets a free rental day, which will help keep administrative costs at Extravaganza and other events down.
Impression Media Group is a full-service design and media company, specializing in print, web and video for non-profit organizations. The Lutheran Association of Christian Educators are extending a special discount for membership in their organization to members of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network. You could also mail in their information and write the same comment on the paper form.
Checks are to be made payable to LACE or one can use a credit card or Paypal for the on-line payment. Dawn draws upon over a decade of ELCA youth ministry experience and Masters Degrees in Youth & Family Ministry (Luther Seminary) and Organizational Psychology (New York University). To receive your discount, attach a note to your event registration that identifies you as a member of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network.
Youth Leadership has graciously offered Network members 10% discounts on any of its training events. ELCA Youth Ministry Network members have been assigned a special code for receiving their discount to YS events. Please mail your completed registration form to: Youth SpecialtiesNational Youth Workers Convention300 South Pierce StEl Cajon, CA 92020 Register soon!

Individuals and organizations may have their own goals, but their actions have one total effect on the community. Authenticity – We fulfill our responsibilities as citizens with genuine attitudes to serve, and not for personal gain. Altruism – We are aware of our own health and well-being, but have consideration for others and actively seek opportunities to encourage and assist our peers. Progress – We challenge ourselves to excel in our natural talents and broaden our abilities, utilizing self-evaluation and feedback.
Integrity – We are accountable to ourselves and to each other, uplifting the community through honorable and considerate actions. Openness – We listen to others’ opinions and ideas to generate powerful ways to overcome obstacles.
Diversity – We appreciate diverse experiences and backgrounds in forming a true collective. Unity – Our volunteers are strongly supported through personal connections within the community they serve.
Source Consulting Group’s youth leadership training has evolved to meet this new time. Through direct experience, accessing Multiple Intelligences, the New Leaders youth training unlocks Eight Core Skills for exceptional youth leadership and empowered development. Be the heroine (or hero) and rock your training with that perfect warm up, and perfect simulation for your team building session. We are very grateful to them for providing these discounts and for making their events, trainings or products even more accessible! Dawn Trautman, a trained life coach, leads small groups of church professionals as they support and challenge one another through regular interactive conference calls.

We give youth the values, resources, skills, and initiative to accelerate their own leadership. This does not necessarily mean pursuing a job at a nonprofit (unless that is your passion), but  we can make the world a better place by exploring our own interests and the socially responsible careers and actions we can take in the world.
For example, various clubs at schools serve distinct missions, but they have one collective impact in improving the community and preparing student leaders.
Volunteers and staff should enjoy organizational activities and find purpose in working at YLC.
We accept all people regardless of their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or financial background, and create positive, safe environments where problems can be communicated and solved effectively.. Diversity is not limited to physical factors, but extends to the unique aspects and facets of each individual’s personality. We act as a catalyst between mentor and mentee, guiding experiences, strengthening lessons learned, and instilling a desire to pass on that knowledge. Structured as professional development, group members serve as each others’ sounding board, hold one another accountable, and learn from one another on topics of shared interest.
They won’t wait to start this self-perpetuating generation of multi-faceted youth leaders.

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