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A 400,000 Wat rock concert or a similar set of speakers mounted in a vehicle can reach ear-splitting decibel levels. Gunfire for anyone unfortunate enough to be standing near it can be quite damaging to the ears registering at a quite loud 145-155 decibels. Sitting next to a dragster as it fires up its engines and screams down the raceway can be more than just loud; it can be damaging to your entire body.
When the rockets fire, it is wise and, in fact, fully enforced, that you stand at least a half-mile away lest you get inundated by 165-170 decibels of painful sound. Blue whales mostly emit very loud, highly structured, repetitive low-frequency rumbling sounds that can travel for many miles underwater. The 1883 the Krakatoa eruption ejected more than 25 cubic kilometres of rock, ash, and pumice and generated the loudest sound historically reported at 180 Decibels: the cataclysmic explosion was distinctly heard as far away as Perth in Australia approx. Standing as close as 250 feet away from the impact, the resulting explosion from a 1 ton bomb creates a decibel count of 210. A sufficient enough quake to rend the ground in twain and destroy buildings, whole rock, and human life reaches a decibel level of 235. The Tunguska event was a massive explosion that occurred near the Podkamennaya (Under Rock) Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia, at 7:40 AM on June 30, 1908. If you think some people are too noisy then wait till you read about some of the loudest animals in the world.
One of the most widespread complaints received by the Noise Abatement Society concerns loud music being played by neighbours at night.
A dog’s bark has almost everything: it can be loud and surprising, it has associations with danger and threat. The main reason thunder is so frightening to small children is because it suddenly becomes so loud.
Volunteers in an experiment by Trevor Cox at the Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford ranked the noise made by a whoopee cushion as one of the most irritating. In a study of piercing sounds by Dr Sukhbinder Kumar and his colleagues at Newcastle University’s Medical School, the noise of a knife scraping a bottle was rated as even more annoying than fingernails on a blackboard. When you hear the high-pitched sounds of microphone feedback, does it make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, or do you just want to stick your fingers in your ears? The washing machine started making a grinding noise during wash cycle (minor) and a much louder grinding noise during the spin cycle.
Cycles find, fills and drains fineright now during the agitation cycle (even without close) there is a loud grinding noisehopefully it's not transmission and is Tracy From Yuba City, CA repaired a Kenmore Washing Machine.
Grinding noise on washing machine Just today the washing machine started making a grinding noise when it hit the spin cycle.
GE washing machines have gotten much quieter over time and now feature a quiet motor for even softer operation. Wincing at the annoyance of a dog bark, or covering your ears as you pass a construction sight is the standard way to guard against the harsh sounds. Is it any reason most promoters recommend you wear ear protection to stave off the 135-145 decibel sound waves?
The sound heard from the sky is pretty loud, though not damaging, but at the bursting point the decibel levels reach a staggering 145-150.
At the 155-160 Decibel range not only will it severely to permanently damage your hearing, but it also vibrates your vision and makes it temporarily difficult to swallow.
Unlike many other loud noises, the shuttle rocket sound is constant as it creates the thrust necessary to lift it from the ground.

These songs may be used for communicating with other blue whales, especially in order to attract and find mates. Without sufficient hearing protection, not to mention a complete sound-resistant bunker surrounding you, you could quite literally die from the intense vibrations that would literally shake you apart.
If you are caught in the epicenter and are unlucky enough to not be above the ground in a plane or helicopter, the intense noise and vibrations could kill you long before death by any falling object.
The explosion was most likely caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5 to 10 kilometers (3–6 mi) above Earth’s surface. People’s mental connections to the sound of a dog barking make them feel bad, because vicious dogs conjure up unpleasant memories.
It’s not loud but its association with embarrassment is likely to be the root of its annoyance. The sound spectrum of crying is composed mostly of frequencies from 2000 to 4000 cycles per second. Evolutionarily, this alarm call would highlight danger to the tribe, in order to attract aid or instigate retreat. Other sharp and rough sounds that have been rated as highly irritating include railroad brakes, grinding machinery and a metal rake against a slate stone. Of all the sharp noises reproduced in the lab this is loudest and sharpest and, when tested, a University of Salford experiment rated it number two for horribleness.
In a study of 385,000 internet responses to 34 unpleasant sounds, vomiting was rated as the worst.
Model #WM2455HW While in Spin Cycle, my front loading washing machine (2.5yrs old) all of a sudden started making this My machine is about 4yrs old and just recently its started making this strange grinding noise.
My Whirlpool LSN1000PQ1 washing machine will not agitate and is making a grinding noise when we turn it on. However, some sounds like sloshing, humming and David From Honesdale, PA repaired a Magic Chef Washing Machine. It was measured with the similar impact of a 1000-Mega-ton bomb with a decibel rating 300-315. Context and control determine how people emotionally interpret the soundscape; a ‘noise’ can be thought of as a sound that is out of place.
The actual sound itself is also irritating because of its rough quality; for most sounds, roughness makes the sound more grating. Some sensitive souls find the sound of flatulence unpleasant to hear – although for many flatulence is a staple of comedy, from Dekh Bhai Dekh and Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai.
In one of my own experiments, participants occasionally smiled at a female scream because it reminded them of horror movies. I looked up a few things on the internet and decided to My washer won't agitate or spin, but instead makes a noise like gears are grinding. Any sound above 85 dB can cause hearing loss, and the loss is related both to the power of the sound as well as the length of exposure. People can be sensitised to a persistent sound that is out of their control, even if the sound is quiet — this is why some people find a dripping tap so grating.
Acousticians define roughness as rapid fluctuations in how powerful a sound is (20-200 cycles per second). In Japan, women in public toilets found the sound of urination so embarrassing that they would run the electric hand driers to mask the tinkling. The evolutionary reason for being more sensitive to sharp and rough sounds is probably so that we are roused to action by human shrieks and babies crying.

This probably happens because cultural associations can reverse the alarming effects of a piercing scream. The effect of nails on a blackboard is very difficult to reproduce with a recording, so although many lab studies using recorded sounds find this sound to be less annoying than others, it’s often reported to be individuals’ number one hated noise. It brings up people’s most repulsive feelings of bodily discharge — in all its unhygienic glory.
Any suggestions about Question – My bosch washing machine is making a grinding sound when it. Sometimes animals use these sounds as mating songs while at other times they use them to scare away rivals. The fluctuations have to be fast enough that they are heard as part of the sound’s texture, rather than as individual changes in the sound’s loudness.
As the amplitude of sound waves in the cochlea approaches the threshold for this damage, the sounds cause pain. Interestingly, the acoustic properties of vomiting are not particularly noxious: it is neither rough nor sharp. Sensations associated with disgust are especially well learned by mammals because this skill is necessary to avoid poisonous foods.
Its about 5 years old and as far as washing machines go, has worked OK, never used the dryer.
Lake Taupo today, is one of New Zealand’s popular tourist attractions for its beauty and swimming.
A pride of lions can have a huge territory of up to 160 square miles so roaring helps maintain this territory without having to cover the whole distance. Their howls can be anywhere from 90 db to 115 db and can over a phenomenal area of up to 50 square miles under the right conditions. They are very social animals and live in large groups and have a variety of sounds to communicate with each other. They are also known as the loudest land animal as their howls can reach up to 128 db and cover an area of 3 miles. They sing to attract mates and their noise can reach in excess of 120 db and travel for over a mile.
The hollow abdomen helps in amplifying the sound produced by contracting the internal muscles. They group together during singing their mating song so as to confuse birds and other predators. Found in the Mediterranean, they have a claw that shoots jets of water at very high speeds. When the bubble implodes it creates a shock wave that kills any fish in the range of 2 meters. The implosion of the bubble also creates temperatures at its centre as high as that of the sun which cause a flash of light to appear each time this shrimp shoots his pistol.

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