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14 Karat gold the highest end of our line and offered here in our hand cut script necklace. Care Tip: We suggest removing plated or filled jewelry when using antibacterial products, bathing, swimming and using lotions or sunscreens. In a traditional woman's three letter monogram the first letter of the last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters.
Clean, geometric lines and the lustrous glow of our 14k yellow gold curb chain make this an excellent choice for casual or evening wear. A set of three round links separated by one long oval link creates a sensational repeating pattern on this traditional figaro design.

All of our pieces are hand crafted, not machine cut, which gives them smooth edges and allows for a graceful design flow which cannot be achieved in machined pieces. This one features lightweight hollow links that are 7mm in width and closes with a lobster-claw clasp.
Measuring 7mm in width, this impressive 14k yellow gold chain finished with a secure, lobster-claw clasp is hand-polished to give it a radiant finish. Measuring 5.35mm in width, this impressive 14k gold semi-solid chain finished with a secure, lobster-claw clasp is hand-polished to give it a radiant finish.
Our pieces were designed based on my personal favorites to which I have added an extra personal touch, allowing me to share something personal with you.

I hope you will enjoy wearing your one of a kind piece as much as I enjoy designing for you.

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