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A simple ring that has a 7-8mm AAA round pearl set in 14K solid gold with a single cubic zirconium diamond on its top. Besides thousands of pearl jewelry products you can order directly online from our store, because we have our own in-house pearl factory, we can also custom make the type of pearl jewelry in any style or design you want, with 6-month free warrranty.
Simple and graceful, this necklace features a single white freshwater cultured pearl on an 14k white gold singapore chain.

A single, lustrous pink freshwater cultured pearl is perfectly accented with a diamond and suspended from a delicate 14k white gold singapore chain. Not only do we have the highest quality round pearl necklaces available for the most unbelievable prices, our unique pearl necklaces are perfect for both formal and casual wear.
We can dye pearls in any color you want, have pearls drilled in any sized holes and any direction from side drilled, top drilled, half drilled or undrilled.

They come in various colors such as white, pink, peach, chocolate, and black, set in 14k gold or 925 sterling silver, perfect for bridesmaids and young girls as gifts, or amazing accessory for your own outfit.

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