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If you want to wear gold jewellery, don't let us stop you!, also if copper was so wonderful, why doesn't everybody want their jewellery made from it? In case you still wish to buy 9 carat gold jewellery, you should visit our 9 Carat Gold Website.
OK, Fourteen carat is an improvement on nine carat, and yes, it does contain more gold (58.3%) than copper, but it still tarnishes, and it too can be brittle.
If you look at the percentage by volume, 14 carat still contains more base metal than gold! Theoretically, these should be the same as English or International standards, however as the USA is still, to the best of our knowledge, using a law about two centuries out of date, from when testing was not quite as accurate as today, American jewellers are allowed a half carat tolerance.
Hand formed from 18 carat yellow gold wire and polished to a mirror finish, the open form of this yellow gold and diamond cocktail ring is unusual but ultimately very wearable. This rose gold and diamond ring is hand formed from 18ct rose gold wire to create a striking open loop. The unusual mint green colour of this paraiba tourmaline is shown off to full advantage in this elegant tapering platinum ring. These lightweight and elegant gold wire earrings are hand formed from 18 carat yellow gold. Pictured in rose gold with a contemporary satin finish or in white gold with white diamonds, as worn by model. It is not surprising therefore that, like copper, it tarnishes, turns green or black, and does the same for your skin and clothes.

Generally 18 carat is more durable, although a fellow goldsmith argues with me about this, so even experts disagree sometimes! Fairly naturally they take this tolerance and use it to legally supply sub-standard alloys, and this adds to their profits.
This unusual and easy to wear ring is popular as a dress ring and also makes an individual and distinctive choice for an engagement or wedding ring. The blue-green paraiba tourmaline is complemented perfectly by the cool grey tones of platinum.
The graceful triple loop form has an understated elegance which makes them easy to wear day or night. Hand forged from a single piece of platinum bar to provide strength and durability, whilst remaining light in the ear. Deep green tourmaline gemstones dangle from the ear on gracefully curved yellow gold wires which are curved to follow the line of the cheek. Hand forged 18 carat gold ring, made from a single piece of metal and castelle set with tapering white diamonds.
Because of this, if an American jeweller wishes to promote his jewellery more honestly and accurately, it becomes necessary for them to indicate this in some way, so that they add the word "plumb" after the fineness. A bold curve loops across two fingers and is accentuated by a sparkling line of pave white diamonds.
The rose gold ring is set with pave white diamonds which accentuate the curves with a sparkling line of light.

Set in our 'Twist' design the green paraiba tourmaline is held in place by a simple and elegant open platinum band that twists around the finger. The simplicity of these gold and pearl earrings makes them ideal to wear day or night and they continue to be one of our most popular styles. Each one is highly polished and pave set with a multitude of tapering, glittering white diamonds. In castelle setting, the stones come to the edge of the metal, so that only diamonds are visible when worn. Fully set bands made from round profile polished metal, with diamonds set on the outer edge.
This in itself we find amusing, as it comes from the Latin word for lead, which is the last thing you would wish to find in a gold alloy! Hand forged from as single piece of platinum bar, the ring curves around the stone and tapers to a delicate flick at the opposite end. This highly accurate, specialist setting technique is carried out in house, under microscope. This ring is equally suited to wear as a dress ring or as an engagement ring and is pictured with matching diamond-set fitted platinum band.

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