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Let's hear it for the 21st century ear trumpet: A deaf woman listens to her friend through a hearing aid. 30 decibels is best; the high amplification of this device could be a disadvantage as the higher you go, the more feedback there is, distorting the sound.
It comes with a tone setting to adjust the treble (high) and bass (low) sounds; many people have high-frequency hearing loss, so enhancing the treble may help. Boosting the sound by 95 decibels would be far too loud, although the devicea€™s decibels actually measured much less when tested.
VERDICT: It does the basic job of amplifying sound, and the sound quality wasna€™t too bad at low-to-mid volume settings. It has an isolated internal microphone encased in a rubberised chamber, which stops it picking up any other noise when handled.
The earphones are good quality, while the oversized microphone on the top means if you place it close to the sound source it will minimise background noise. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Whether conversing in noisy spaces, outdoors, on the phone, or listening to the radio or enjoying TV, you are connected to your world and to all its sounds. The products and services displayed on this site are a general description and do not form a contract.
Ita€™s claimed to help you hear everything a€?loud and cleara€™, boosting sounds by up to 50 decibels. The only way of knowing if the device is switched on is to listen; the a€?ona€™ position is not marked.
However, it could prove to be a party pooper, as it amplifies every sound in the room equally, including background noise and conversations you might not want to hear. VERDICT: This device, the size of a small television remote, gives a good overall performance. There are easy-to-use push-button volume and tone controls and, unique for these devices, volume levels for each ear can be adjusted individually (important as people often have different rates of hearing loss in each ear). And feedback - a howling, whistling sound - is a problem, even at fairly low volume settings.

You can also connect it directly into the audio output socket of your TV using a special lead.
The RNID Sonido Digital Listener, A?72.62 (right), uses digital amplification which cancels feedback. It does pick up sound or speech quite well when pointed in the direction of the source, and reduces sounds coming from the sides and behind. The Pocktalker Ultra, A?72.20 (right) has an oversized microphone which allows you to place it close to the source and minimise background noise. Getting the sound direct from the source improves sound quality, and means others can still watch TV normally.

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