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This 0.28 carat diamond has I color, Very Good cut and SI1 clarity, and features a diamond grading report provided by the GIA. Very Good cut diamonds reflect much of the light that enters for superior brilliance and sparkle, creating outstanding value.
This is a "Nearly Colorless" stone that, when cut well, can be unmatched in value and is completely colorless when the stone is mounted.

This diamond is "Slightly Included" with inclusions visible under magnification or visible to the naked eye, creating a stone of great value. Zoara is proud to offer exclusive, high resolution images of real diamonds for your viewing. Diamonds that are considered "eye clean" have no visible inclusions when viewed by the naked human eye via a top view. Diamonds earning the acclaimed Triple X title are those that have met excellence in the polish, symmetry and cut attributes. A true Hearts and Arrows diamond is one demonstrating the unique visual effect resulting from diamond cutting perfection.

A Triple X diamond represents the cream of the crop, and Zoara is glad to assist those interested in such an investment. A Hearts and Arrows diamond shows eight perfectly patterned, symmetrical hearts when observed via a top view.

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