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A sensorineural hearing loss occurs when the delicate hair cells of the cochlea are damaged or missing, causing a hearing loss that may range from mild to profound. A mixed hearing loss happens when a person has both a sensorineural and conductive hearing loss.
Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD) happens when the auditory nerve does not send synchronous signals to the brain. What is a Conductive Hearing Loss?When sound waves cannot be transmitted through the outer and middle ear space, a conductive hearing loss is diagnosed. A conductive hearing loss occurs when any part of the sound transmission process is interrupted. The actual hearing organ of the cochlea and the auditory nerves are completely unaffected in a purely conductive hearing loss.
Fluid collects in the middle ear space as part of an acute or chronic middle ear infection. Conductive Hearing Loss Signs and SymptomsThe symptoms of a conductive hearing loss vary with the cause. A? A child may not consistently turn to their name when called, particularly if the sound originates behind them.
Ventilation tubes, or grommets, may be placed in the eardrum to help children with glue ear. Treatments for Conductive Hearing LossMost forms of conductive hearing loss are curable through surgery or medication. Occasionally, conductive hearing loss may be a permanent condition and requires treatment with hearing aids. The implanted Baha offers excellent sound quality for those with conductive hearing losses. Bone Anchored Hearing AidsIn some cases, the conductive hearing loss cannot be treated through surgery or medication. Causes of Conductive Hearing Loss: A PollWhat is the cause of your (or your child's) conductive hearing loss? Ear Surgery for Hearing LossThe most common surgery for a conductive hearing loss is the placement of tympanostomy tubes (middle ear ventilation tubes or grommets).
A stapedectomy is a procedure performed when the stapes bone is no longer able to move freely.
Ossiculoplasty is the replacement of malfunctioning middle ear bones with titanium prostheses.
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Exploratory tympanotomy is used when the diagnosis is in doubt and it is felt that direct microscopic visualization will significantly aid diagnosis and enhance planning of middle ear surgery.
To detect conductive hearing loss caused by ossicular fixation, incus discontinuity and otosclerosis is easier with 3D CT imaging. No need of exploratory tympanotomy for diagnostic purpose alone, but can be useful if surgery is considered at the same time. Otosclerosis is a condition that affects the stapes, one of the tiny bony ossicles in the middle ear.
3D CT proved valuable in detecting otosclerosis, foci of demineralization, and changes in bony texture and enables the easy recognition of subtle radiographic findings. 3D CT proved valuable in determining otosclerotic changes of the oval window and otic capsule. Hearing aids can be very helpful and it makes sense to try them before considering surgery.

Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia.
Central hearing loss is due to a damage, malformation or infections of the neural pathways and the hearing centres in the brain. Functional hearing loss is due to some psychogenic condition or maybe due to deliberate exaggeration of hearing thresholds for personal gains. The sound waves cannot get to the cochlea (and thus the auditory nerve), so sound is difficult to perceive. This type of hearing loss is generally permanent, but may be treated with hearing aids or cochlear implants (dependent on the severity of the hearing loss).
The physical transmission of sound and the cochlea are healthy, but the auditory nerve cannot effectively relay information to the brain. The "x" & "o" show the hearing for the left and right ears when sound is presented through earphones. Most causes of conductive hearing loss are treatable, but some people have a permanent condition and will require the use of hearing aids. A problem with the outer ear, ear canal, eardrum, middle ear space, or the middle ear bones may cause a conductive hearing loss. This is also known as "glue ear." Sound does not travel effeciently because the bones may not move freely. If a foreign body or earwax is responsible for the problem, the obstruction is simply removed and hearing is restored to a normal state. In this case, surgery may be required to replace the middle ear bones with prostheses (see a€?ear surgery for hearing loss,a€? below).
This short surgical procedure places tiny tubes into the eardrum, allowing fluid to drain into the Eustachian tubes.
A tiny hole is drilled into the fixed stapes and a prosthetic that acts like a piston is surgically attached. Children with small or missing external ears often have a small or obstructed ear canal and may also have problems with the middle ear bones. My husbad has the baha device and though it works well on the whole, background noises and things like high winds force a noise feedback from the device. My own son has a mixed hearing loss, though there was a period of time when we thought there was a more significant conductive component and we considered the Baha.
We are fortunate that our son's hearing loss was detected early, so we are able to monitor it (it is progressive). Unfortunately, we can't identify a cause of the conductive component in my son's hearing loss, as his middle ear bones appear normal and he has no fluid (he has working middle ear tubes) - so it is a permanent component to his hearing loss! A lot of people think of conductive hearing loss as a temporary problem or just "fluid in the ears." While those problems are significant and need to be addressed, there are also a lot of people who have permanent conductive hearing losses and require hearing aids to hear clearly! In patients who presents with conductive hearing loss due to middle ear abnormalities can be diagnosed by 3DCT imaging. To have normal hearing, the ossicles need to be able to move freely in response to sound waves. Bone is continually being broken down and remodeled but the remodeling process of the stapes becomes faulty. The stapes footplate is fixed when the spongiotic focus expands and invades the oval window. However, otosclerosis will continue to progress and hearing aids will not stop you developing profound deafness in the long term. However, if you suffer from tinnitus, surgery may not relieve this and if your inner ear is also affected, surgery may not improve your hearing either.

When the middle ear is bypassed, however, the hearing level demonstrates normal levels (brackets). The sound then travels down the ear canal, and causes the eardrum (tympanic membrane) to start vibrating. Heavy amounts of earwax may be seen with an otoscope in some cases of minor conductive hearing loss. Fluid in the middle ear (chronic otitis media) may be treated with antibiotics or with the insertion of middle ear ventilation tubes (pressure equalization tubes) to allow the fluid to drain.
A hearing test should be performed after this procedure to verify hearing has returned to normal limits. The middle ear may be reconstructed with the use of prosthetic middle ear bones or a bone anchored hearing aid may be required to restore hearing to the damaged ear.
Many children struggle with fluctuating, conductive hearing loss or have a more permanent form of conductive loss, so it is an important thing for parents to be aware of.
When the tympanic membrane is intact, the only way to find out the state of the middle ear structures are by doing an operation called exploratory tympanotomy.
Deafness at birth or in early childhood has disastrous effects on the child’s overall development.
Some of the children classified as learning disabled or slow learners may have this type of hearing loss. The three smallest bones in your body lie just behind the eardrum in an air-filled spacea€“ the incus, malleus, and stapes. These devices transmit sound through the the bones of the skull, avoiding the use of the middle ear. There is a small risk (1%) of deafness occurring from this procedure, so typically only one ear is operated on at a time. Plastic surgery is used to create an external ear and atresia surgery creates or widens the ear canal. The sound is carried through the bones directly to the cochlea, where sound may be perceived in a clear, bright fashion.
This abnormal bone reduces the movement of the stapes, which reduces the amount of sound that is transferred to the cochlea. The cochlea is filled with fluid, so the sound must be coupled from transmission in air to transmission in fluid. Bone anchored hearing aid systems (such as the Baha by Cochlear or the Ponto by Oticon) may be worn on a headband or may be directly implanted. The stapes bone directly connects with the oval window, where sounds are amplified more than twenty times what they were when they first struck the tympanic membrane.
In cases where surgery is not advised, a bone anchored hearing aid may be the treatment of choice. Adults may try a bone anchored system on a headband first, and decide if they would like the implant.
A small fitting is implanted into the mastoid bone and the hearing aid snaps onto the fitting (once the area has healed).

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