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Both high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) and low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) affect (Name Omitted)’s ability to learn and to perform major life activities such as eating and caring for oneself, as well as seriously endangering his health. The school nurse will coordinate with (Name Omitted)’s parents a snack and meal schedule that is consistent with the schedule of his classmates to the closest extent possible.
Substitute teachers and health aides need to be made aware of (Name Omitted)’s diabetes and be prepared and capable of providing compliance with the provisions stated herein. Symptoms of severe low blood sugar such as crying, extreme tiredness, or loss of consciousness.
In the event of an evacuation, shelter-in-place, or emergency situation should arise either during (Name Omitted)’s presence on the school grounds or partaking in school sponsored events off premise; (Name Omitted)’s 504 plan will remain in full force and effect and an ADCP will be available to provide diabetes care as outline by these plans. All of the enclosed should be in effect as (Name Omitted)’s 504 plan and is enforceable and effective as the 504 Pan under the applicable federal and state laws.
Insulin will be administered in accordance with the guidelines of the (Name of School District) and those guidelines will be attached to (Name Omitted)’s 504 plan. All attachments outlining health procedures within the school district dealing with a child with diabetes will be attached to the final 504 document.

Primary care is defined as the staff member who is IN-CHARGE of a class or activity in which the student participates. If (Name Omitted) is experiencing hypoglycemia and is buying lunch, then he will be placed at the front of the line.
Notification will be communicated immediately in writing upon grade determination during any time (Name Omitted)s average falls below C+ during the school year.  (Name Omitted) will be provided with an opportunity to makeup classroom time and instruction, or re-take tests, in accordance with paragraphs 12 and 13. The School Nurse will give a minimum notice of three days to (Name Omitted)’s parents if any of these supplies should be running low with less than a three-day supply remaining. Parents will come in within one week of the end of school to pick up any remaining diabetes supplies, meters, and snacks.
The ADCP will maintain contact with (Name Omitted)’s parents during said time in order to provide updates regarding (Name Omitted)’s diabetes care. Should insulin be required, (Name Omitted)’s parents will be contacted by a school nurse.  If parents are unavailable, and (Name Omitted) is unable to perform the administering of insulin himself, the school nurse will administer the insulin as per doctor’s orders. I’ve been struggling with drafting a 504, my daughter starts Kindergarten in the Fall.

When our son started kindergarten the school told me he didn’t nees one and put me off.
Use this handy chart to assess which special education plan best suits your child's needs a€” plus check out sample plans to help you get started! Thankfully we were able to get help and moved school districts and the office of civil rights made sure that district went thru strict education.
But it scares me that too many people do not know about 504’s and too many school personnel think that they can say oh you dont need one.

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