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But hear me PIA shall no more ears pierced want not so ordinary piercing and also used here. White South Sea pearls grow in very large molluscs so can grow anywhere between 9mm (just over a third of an inch) and a whopping 20mm (over three quarters of an inch) in size. SEE COMPARISON CHART to see how these different pearl sizes and types compare with each other. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.

In common terms, while they can occasionally grow to almost half an inch in diameter, most freshwater pearls sold are between about a quarter of an inch and a third of an inch in size.
That means they are larger than the classic small white pearls but don't grow quite as large as the huge South Sea pearls do. The average size for South Sea pearls is about 13mm, which is just over half an inch in diameter.
Slightly larger pearls tend to look better on a more mature woman who wants a more sophisticated look.

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