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Returns & Refund Guarantee details Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. When I first began to look into high quality pearls, I did a lot of research (really over a year of research) before I bought anything at all.
Lucky for all of us, online pearl vendor Pearls of Joy approached me*, and when I mentioned my idea they were enthusiastic about partnering to make it happen. Here’s a nice little summary from American Pearl detailing the traditional wearers of different sizes. Also relevant is that while I think there is absolutely a place for costume and budget jewelry (so much so!), a high quality pearl has a weight and luster, a depth, a glow that its faux and inferior counterparts simply do not. The pearls shown here are gem quality freshwater pearls (the best of the best), as opposed to AAA round or AA+ button* options. After my initial research I decided to get 8mm gem quality pearl earrings (the Pearl Paradise studs I’m always wearing), which is a good size and price for the mid-late twenties (at least, for mine).

Part of this research was learning about the nature of pearls and the pearl industry, what kind of pearls appealed to me and where to get the best value*, and part of it was determining what sizes I wanted. Looking at a ruler or a true-scale diagram is better than nothing but the leap of imagination required to accurately superimpose that diagram onto yourself is great, it is no substitute for a model (just as a model is no substitute for trying something on yourself – all of these things depend on the size of your face, of your ears, and who knows what else). They are one of a few online pearl vendors using a relatively new direct-to-consumer model that cuts out several levels of retail mark-ups to offer extremely competitive prices.
An 8mm button looks larger than an 8mm round to me, even though I know they are the same size (light pearls also look larger than dark pearls). This was the size that seemed in natural proportion to my face, looking neither big nor small. There are, though, patches you can put on the back of your ear to provide support (you could also cut up a band-aid), and these are a great option when you simply must wear enormous earrings.
Thus began the basically ridiculous process of searching for images of anyone wearing pearl studs, checking to see if the size of the studs in the image was provided, and cobbling together my own guide. Pearls of Joy sent over some beautifully matched stunners in each of the major size ranges. If you are going to spring for AAA or gem quality anywhere, though, I think earrings are the place to do it.

Now, nearly two years later, the 9 and 10mm** sizes are really appealing to me, and appealing precisely because they are big. This tradition is not so culturally powerful as it once was but the principles still hold for me. Even just looking at the pearls in isolation you can see what a difference that millimeter makes. They are showcased in isolation and the quality can be readily appreciated, and two pristine pearls are more affordable than twenty or sixty. I like the idea of doing a more interpretive, artistic size guide in the future, though this would be naturally created by keeping track of when I wear which sizes. There is also a distinct difference in price from one size to another, and this too gets factored into the baroque equations I use to determine what I want.

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