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We are continuing our investigation through runway shows in search for 2014 fall trends and at this time we are going to talk about 2014 fall accessory trends. The first thing that catches attention in 2014 fall trends is massive and oversized jewelry and it concerns to necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Besides of metallic details for 2014 fall several designers represented accessories completed with leather details like bracelets with fur and leather. Floral prints and details are very popular this summer and for coming fall too they are going to be trendy. Prada, Alexander Wang, Burberry Prorsum, Sacai, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Ralph Lauren. Vera Wang, Altuzarra, Band of Outsiders, Christian Dior, Daks, Dries Van Noten, Dsquared2, Erdem, Irfe, Fendi, John Galliano, Rachel Roy, Vivienne Westwood. When talking about perfect looks, all the details require equal attention, if you want to reach the desired effect.
This is a very popular and trendy drive for the season, introduced as a nice array of ultra-beautiful, unique, and feminine variants.
The very first option, worth mentioning in this list is the awesome hippie interpretation that is found among the looks of Anna Sui, for instance, which are created with a specific bohemian-resembling shape of headbands adorned with flower appliques perfectly matching with the selected wavy hairstyle and golden shades. What comes next is the Dolce & Gabbana interpretation of floral drives, which are listed among the most feminine options, suitable as elegant and chic accompaniments. Another way of putting floral themes as hair accessories is using them on barrettes, which are comfortable for making nice hairstyle options, as well as for achieving fresh and unrepeated looks.
The transformed option of the barrettes can be considered the pins, which are also a very creative way of making really effective and chic hairstyle.
The ultimate version of demonstrating the floral themes as hair accessories is a very impressive representation, observed with Emerson’s suggested looks.
This is the next very popular hair accessory trend of the season being the drive for golden details, which create some remarkable and luxurious pairs with the correspondingly chosen garments. Dries Van Norten came up with a unique interpretation of chic and glamorous ways of applying golden shine to the looks. Another super creative design made with golden elements is the decision to put them as randomly occurring shiny flakes on some faux bob hairstyle options. Going on with the stripes, we can also mention the cool and thin golden stripes, created as headbands and introduced by Elie Saab.
Coming to other widespread and differently put design shapes, we can also note the headband trend, which has acquired very many contemporary and retro interpretations during the fashion shows. Victoria Beckham came to prove the everlasting nature of minimalistic ideas for fashion trends. Talking about the cute aspects of using headbands, we can’t but mention the pretty options suggested by Alexis Mabille, who decided to combine the popular bouffant hairstyle with some navy blue ribbons, tied in a bow.
It would be quite surprising if there were headbands in several fashion lines, and none of them had the jewelry details on.
Probably the most expecting and suitable way of creating leather accessories for hairstyle is using it for headbands.
As in the case of golden elements, leather details are found with minimal proportions, too. Probably the last remarkable design created with leather are the hair bands, used with some effortlessly made loose ponytails.
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The very first thing that catches our attention here is the oversized predisposition that is given to the jewelry in general.
This is the following megatrend of the season, found among the collections of very many fashion houses. The next most frequently observed form of jewelry is the huge variety of chokers, coming with a big list of shapes and decorations including metallic details, plastic elements, bright and sparkling jewels, and even fur details.
The following trend we would like to note is the one formed with the elongated and sometimes even excessively elongated chains and beads observed during many fashion shows. The fans of the luxurious golden details can have fun to the full for the coming season, since one of their most fave type of pieces is again having a moment for the season, coming with the most curious and creative interpretations and shapes ever, including geometric options, rounded and oversized looks, and many others. Speaking about the other creative and cool interpretations of the designs the jewelry had for the coming season, we should definitely note the uber chic and cute Floral Neckline. The very first option we would like to speak about is the fur scarfs coming with the maximum chic and comfy shapes and designs thus securing the warmth and the good looks at the same time. Other comfy and cool scarf variants presented during the recent fashion shows are the knitted ones, which again nicely combine the useful and good-looking features in one look.

The light and weightless forms of scarfs at times also turning them into kerchiefs can also be noted in the basic fashion trends, found with a nice diversity of looks in the fashion shows of Prada, Alexander Wang, Burberry Prorsum, Sacai, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren.
Along with the classy interpretations we can also consider the lavishly decorated and glittery options suggested as a major style innovation for the season. Few people know that mitts appeared before gloves and for this season they are enjoying a nice comeback to fashion world, characterized by new and fresh interpretations and creative design solutions. Along with the innovated and renovated shapes we can also see some neomodern interpretations of gloves for the coming season as well, which are described by the extreme extravaganza and chic.
Metallic accents are combined with studs and heavy embellishments and they look really impressive with designer clothing.
From the major parts like garments, to the tiniest ones, like accessories and other design elements, everything should be taken into consideration.
They include a variation of options, and what is interesting about them, is the huge range of styles they serve to bring forth. Here the florals come as delicate adornments, which take us back to the ancient Greek and Roman times, embedded with romantic mood and spring touches. These magic looks have been the focus of Zac Posen collection, who managed to use the garden-inspired themes as cornerstones of the fairy-resembling models’ looks.
This trend is especially well shown in Honor’s collection, where we find some iridescent and subtle sprinkles of flowers, making a fairy-like appearance and very impressive pair for the girly looks. Here, super huge floral adornments most frequently found in purple shades are put to complete the black and white pairs for garments. Thus, they are represented via a very spectacular option based on small and thin gold stripes for hair, gifting the hairstyle with noticeable proportions of glittery charm.
Here, these adornments contribute to making the looks even more glamorous and chic, perfectly complementing the classic night looks offered. Jason Wu thought about this, too, when introducing super cool barrettes of gold, used to create striking and classy ponytails, wonderfully matching with the garments. This time, she introduced the classy hairstyle alternatives for the best spring looks, created with the help of monochrome thick headbands, mainly concentrated around darker tones. Tanya Taylor didn’t let this happen, introducing her variant of styling hair with jeweled alternatives, being both monochrome and colorful. This way, the designers have a wide choice of shapes and colors, matching them with the rest of the elements composing the looks. Diesel Black Gold used these tiny leather ties, to complete the cool, comfortable, and effective braided hairstyle options.
This idea was put forward by Helmut Lang designs, where the basic choice stopped on the mishmash of classy and effortlessly casual for this fashion line.
Each of these options has something outstanding in it, and in case of choosing wisely, they can be perfect accompaniments for impressive and second-to-none interpretations of the most impressive looks of yours. What all of them can be described with is the huge diversity of styles and vibes they come adorned with, accompanied with the overall creativity and resourcefulness of designs and great compatibility with many other looks. Lanvin came up with one of the most successful and greatest interpretations and design solutions of this type, featuring some options with simple and minimalistic design solutions, finished off with the elongated chains and the overall noticeably big shapes.
The suggestions seen during the shows of Giambattista Valli and Versace are some of the most impressive variants created with chains. The stunning leather bracelets that are presented during the fashion show by Fendi come to prove their universal nature and perfect versatility for combinations once more. For instance, such were the suggestions by Vivienne Westwood and Roberto Cavalli, during the shows of which we observed some fantastic pieces ideal for any party coming as metallic, plastic, wood, leather, and textile type of accessories with lengths sometimes reaching the knees. Presented with the all-floral shape, it joins the benefits of the resourceful shapes with the impressive looks, coming with incredibly chic and innovative design solutions and generally monochrome looks. We should especially note the elongated fur scarfs, deigned with the most luxurious and sumptuous types of fur possible. The patterns and the lengths of the scarfs we saw during the shows are diverse in textures and designs, suggesting a big variety of style for completing any look.
They are one of the most impeccably chic accompaniments to evening looks, accentuating the feminine charm of any lady from a different perspective. The options by Dolce & Gabbana are, for instance, the example of the rich use of jewels and golden textures, while the delicate options from Lanvin are noteworthy with their sheer texture. Some of the best examples could be seen at the fashion shows of Rachel Roy, Emporio Armani, Dsquared, and Agnes B. Thus, you can look through the variants by Dolce & Gabbana, and the sporty with stylish versions by Kenneth Cole. Such were some of the looks we saw at Lanvin show, the sassy and fluffy version of Rochas, the reptile skin patterned alternatives of Balenciaga, and the mysteriously chic designs from Vera Wang. If you would like to spice up your looks with the most stylish and creative accessories and designs, then looking through these trends will be really useful for your best choices.
Hairstyles also compose a very important aspect of this list, especially well put with suitable accompaniments.

Here, this technique comes as an additional accent for the voluminous and effortless hairstyle.
Valentino presents the most skillful alternatives of leather headbands, using them to achieve the complete myth-inspired and never-to-be-forgotten combos.
We've got all the info you'll need on your favorite teen celebrities, TV shows and new movie releases like Selena Gomez, One Direction, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games and Divergent, plus fun games and polls. Thus, speaking about the basic accessory trends for fall 2014, we can point out the versatile and creative alternatives for pieces like scarfs, gloves, jewelry, etc. As for the shows of Roberto Cavalli and Reed Krakoff, we saw interpretations with jewels picked instead of metallic pendants, looking no less mysterious and beautiful.
KTZ stunned everyone with the super huge choker while Fendi came up with the fur and fluffy designs for the total glam and chic. The sophisticated and chic variants found during the Celine show can also be noted in the list of top impressive exemplars.
Thus, we can note the awesome options by Dolce & Gabbana, Dries Van Noten, the tribal inspired variant by Givenchy, the sweet and cute version by Simone Rocha, the floral ornaments by Celine and Fendi, the luxurious interpretation of Oscar de la Renta, and many others. The color palette is extremely diverse for these options, coming with tones ranging from cool and soothing to bright variants. Some of the most noteworthy alternatives of this type were the options by Marc Jacobs, Etro, Sonia Rykiel, Prabal Gurung, and Undercover.
Thus, some of the most noteworthy options of this type can be found in the collections of Vera Wang, Altuzarra, Band of Outsiders, Christian Dior, Daks, Dries Van Noten, Dsquared2, Erdem, Irfe, Fendi, John Galliano, Rachel Roy, Vivienne Westwood, and others. The creative variants from Haider Ackerman and the nicely textured alternatives of Rick Owens, Rochas, and Dries Van Noten can also be noted in this array. Though this option is not too suitable for having it on frequently, it can guarantee the eye-catching looks for any important occasion requiring unique appearance.
If you're a teen girl in middle school, high school, college or beyond, get everything you'll need to know about celebs, red carpet style, popular movies, TV shows, and funny vids right here! For even more luxurious variants we can look through the crystal and big chokers by Balenciaga and the crystal collars at Givenchy. In addition, we can also speak about the belt bracelet by Cynthia Rowley being catchy with the bicolor interpretation and the catchy looks. The key-shaped alternatives we saw during Louis Vuitton fashion show are the next resourceful and great options. The fashion shows of Tod’s, Fendi, Michael Kors, and Asos are some of the most impressive variants. The main philosophy of these motives is composed of the relaxed and worriless attitude giving birth to some effortless and at the same time absolutely cute and feminine looks. The heavy metallic alternatives presented by Chanel are one of the most noteworthy options in this aspect, followed with the multi-color and figurative variants from Christian Dior, the uber girly and delicate lace-like patterns from Nina Ricci, the super heavy necklaces seen during the show of Vivienne Westwood, the uber elongated and oversized versions from Versace, and the creative alternatives from Lanvin. The curious triangle forms suggested by Saint Laurent form the next aspect of this diversity.
The tools and techniques serving for creating those looks are extremely diverse and creative. For even more diversified and creative options, you can also look though the big and colorful jewels by Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and Celine completing the overall diversity and creativity of the range. They include some nice comebacks of retro and past traditions, as well as modernized and fresh interpretations. The gorgeous variants suggested by Dolce & Gabbana make the image even more complete and perfect.
However, saying golden, we should speak about the exaggerated proportions of golden accessories observed during the Moschino show, where a whole conglomeration of chains, bracelets, necklaces and other details came out for a single look. Click through these 24 celebrity hairstyles we ‘ve rounded up for the ultimate inspo. The oversized and graphically shaped finger rings suggested by Reed Krakoff and Roberto Cavalli are also noteworthy in this array. Going even further, Alexander McQueen came up with bracelets covering up the whole hand and designed with interesting leaf-like patterns.
The tribal inspiration led Etro to suggest other catchy variants of necklaces, coming with three black tassels and matched with colored resin cabochons.
In addition, we simply can’t leave aside the curious and catchy bandana necklaces spotted at Isabel Marant also being different from the rest of pieces. The pendant earrings at Oscar de la Renta secure the chic interpretations of oversized motives for earrings as well. Finally, we should also speak about the mirrored collars observed during the Marni show, also being unique and different.

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