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Our equalizer normalizes source volume down to 0 dB before processing back up to the 85dB safeguard level. Active Noise Cancelling works with 4 smart-noise sensing microphones that reduce external noise up to 95%. It’s time to discover the perfectly balanced audio produced by our two way, dual driver design, strategically positioned in each acoustic ear chamber. Designed to empower youths to take control of their health and happiness, AEGIS studio quality headphones are all about revolutionizing auditory safety.
As an upcoming junior in high school, Kingsley hopes to help his father to establish AEGIS Acoustics as an international company that delivers audiophile quality products to consumers. Rayman Cheng, our co-founder, is a well-respected consumer electronics industry veteran with close to $10 billion of relevant procurement experience.
Established in the sound engineering industry for more than two decades, Gates is well versed in today's sound technology. Many of the sounds in the chart above are unavoidable on a day to day basis, but turns out that speaker systems and headphones also can cause damage if the volume is set too high. This is an example of an in ear monitor, it fits straight into the inner ear canal and isolates most outside noise.
Earbuds, headphones which rest in your outer ear generally don’t isolate as well as headphones which have active noise cancelling or fit directly into the ear canal.

All noise cancelling headphone wholesalers & noise cancelling headphone manufacturers come from members. With AEGIS PRO headphones, our innovative, intelligent ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING (ANC) technology cancels out distracting, ambient noise up to 95%, thereby giving your 85dB volume much more listenable clarity.
Working together with 3 optimized modes, this improves audibility and productivity in any environment. Each driver is tuned with precision to reproduce a different part of the frequency spectrum.
Most importantly, they promote safe listening levels, allowing young people to enjoy their music long into adulthood. He hopes to attend Stanford or the United States Naval Academy and is proud to be a co-founder of AEGIS. After working as Chief Merchant in several high-profile consumer electronics companies, he now leads the sales and procurement functions of the company. He has spearheaded numerous patented technologies, award-winning audio products and collaborated with multiple world renowned audio brands.
Native to and based in Silicon Valley, he specializes in visual media, production, photography and videography.
And that is to bring nature and art together in a way that inspires, awakens and excites your senses with every passing day, month and season.

We doesn't provide noise cancelling headphone products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. With no ambient noise and a safer listening volume, you can wholly engage in your music, increasing your productivity and focus.
The dedicated ironless low frequency driver harvests a deep, smooth bass response that blends into, rather than overwhelms, the music. He is now the Chief Technology Of?cer for AEGIS Acoustics breathing life into our headphones. Having worked with Zynga, Merrill Lynch, NASA, ZocDoc and Stanford University among others, Aaron now brings his expertise to AEGIS, making him a key component to the team. The high frequency titanium coated tweeter replicates crisp, natural vocals with exceptional accuracy.
With his vast experience and practical foresight, he drives the business strategy and ensures sustainable growth of the company. His passion continues to drive him on a journey to revolutionalise the way we listen to music.

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