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Passive noise cancelling headphones are nice, but I have been looking for a set with active noise cancelling that does not break the bank. I have tried many types of noise cancelling headphones in the past, but none over a series of weeks.
The Cleer NC headphones produced balanced bass output for bass-heavy music, clear highs from classical tracks, which are reproduced well without sounding tinny and they do not sacrifice mid-range clarity.
The hardware used to build the headphones is better than most with solid metal headband sliders and hinges.
Like many, I have collected sets of earbuds with non-matching ear gels and a pair of Beats by Dr Dre earphones that are nearly broken. From watching movies, streaming shows with the iPad and playing around with a Samsung Gear VR headset, I found that the CLEER NC headphones were comfortable after hours of continual use.
The CLEER NC should be the headphone of choice for those that need better than average sound quality, active noise cancelling and a greater value proposition than what Bose, Monster and Beats provide. Upgrading to a set of premium over-ear headphones from in-earphones presents many options from companies that are known and some recommended by audiophiles.
The CLEER NC is a good option for anyone who desires or needs headphones at a price that is competitive or lower than some of the other headphones with active noise cancelling.

These over-the-ear headphones should work great on airplanes where jet engine noise is typically constant throughout each flight. Disclaimer: I received a pair of CLEER NC active noise cancelling over-ear headphones at no cost for review. Enter for your chance to win one of four $250 gift vouchers, which you can use to purchase any product from us. Able Planet Clear Harmony around-the-ear active noise cancelling headphones with award winning Linx Audio, a Hear the Difference technology include in-wire volume control for easy adjustment to safe listening levels, state-of-the-art active noise cancellation and provide superior comfort in a foldable design perfect for travel.
For use in Computer & Language Labs, Stereos, Personal Computers, CD, DVD, and MP3 Players. I am happy that the CLEER NC over-ear headphones, foldable for portability, complete with a nice travel case and accessories all together make them a winning pair. That is great news for anyone looking for good quality and portability from longer lasting equipment. I have several trips coming up soon and I needed headphones that would work for many hours without causing ear fatigue.
This technology works well while using a virtual reality headset to fully immerse oneself into the scene.

They have comparable noise cancelling to what the Bose QuietComfort 25 provides and can add bass back in when listening to lower volume audio via its PASC psycho-acoustic spectral compensation technology. What brought this pair of premium over-ear headphones to four and a half stars is that they continue to be comfortable after hours of use. Active noise cancelling is when exterior sounds are evaluated and an inverted noise is produced inside of the headphones to nullify it. Receiving the CLEER NC over-ear headphones a few weeks out from one of the trips has given me enough time to test them. A certificate of audio testing is included in each package and can be seen in the unboxing video. He enjoys traveling, driving cool cars, flying in jets, food, events, red carpets and profiling celebrities when they visit his hometown of Las Vegas.

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