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The researchers note that manual manipulation of acupuncture point SJ3 (TB3, Zhongzhu) causes brain hemodynamic responses in the auditory cortex. Uncategorizedacupoints, acupoints acupressure acupuncture adoption alternative medicine animal animal acupressure animals animal videos animal wellness australia Avian; Reiki birds boarding cancer cancer. So It Is Flea Season, And Here Is Everything You Ever Wanted… Or Did Not Want To Know About Them. Rabbits are great pets that have character, are extremely sociable, enjoy the company of humans and are a great way of introducing young children to pet ownership.
While rabbits love company, they can be left alone during the day and are therefore suitable for people who work or are away from home.
Using a firm brush to remove dead hairs, tangles and pieces of garden matter should form part of your daily routine.Grass seeds can commonly become stuck in their eyes, ears and nose, causing irritation or even infection.
Rabbits can be trained to use a litter tray and this should be changed daily to prevent urine scalding. Feeding and nutrition is the most important factor in making sure your rabbit stays healthy. Treats such as fruits, root veggies (carrots), green capsicum and pellets should only be offered in small amounts (1 - 2 tablespoons per day per rabbit).
Fresh water should always be available using both a drip feed bottle and an open container. Routine veterinary care for rabbits includes vaccination against Calicivirus from 6 weeks of age and desexing (females can become quite aggressive when mature and are very prone to reproductive cancers).
Auricular acupuncture is also used for the treatment of arthritis problem, indigestion, headache, asthma, anxiety, hearing loss, weight loss treatment, and also cures hot flashes in women.
In ear acupuncture, suitable sterilized needles are inserted into your ear at particular anatomical nodes. The tenderest region in the appropriate reflex area is selected with a tooth pick and then the needle is inserted and twirled into the ear up to 2mm depth.
In the treatment of losing weight using ear acupuncture, a staple is inserted into your ear with the help of stapling gun. This staple pinches the nerve which is connected to the stomach due to which you can feel your stomach is full and you don’t feel hungry very often.
Hot flashes are the major problem in most of the women who are having hormonal treatment for breast cancer.

For most of the women, it has been proved that ear acupuncture is very helpful in giving relief from multiple flashes and sweat.
The ear acupuncture treatment mainly neutralizes the effect of nicotine and co-operates the patient towards smoking. This treatment mainly stimulates the nicotinic receptors in the brain and reduces the physical need of smoking and many of you can develop an aversion towards smoking.
The same principle of smoking is applied here for reducing the addiction towards the drugs. Therefore, ear acupuncture has many benefits and many chronic diseases are easily treated with this acupuncture. When performed by a properly trained and licensed practitioner, acupuncture is safe and effective, free from adverse or addictive side effects. The brain response is accompanied by an increase in auditory cortex signal strength thereby indicating a modulatory effect of acupuncture needle stimulation on the brain’s ability to react to auditory.
Just lightly place your finger on the point and hold until it heats up, or your pup licks or chews or yawns, or just pulls their paw away.
Check your rabbit’s rear end daily to make sure it is clean and dry, if soiled it is very prone to fly strike. Many commercial rabbit foods don't contain enough fibre (18 - 20% is required) and are too high in fats and sugars.
Apart from providing a high fibre diet, chewing hay wears down their continuously-growing teeth and keeps them occupied, preventing boredom.
Apples (without stems and seeds) are best but other suggested fruits are blueberries, melon, orange (without peel), pear, pineapple, raspberries (especially the leaves) and strawberries. Like all animals, rabbits should have regular veterinary checks, especially to check their teeth and claws. Living with a deaf dog may be confusing for owners who do not have the right tools and knowledge.
How ever if some one has unwilling towards leaving the habit, then any kind of treatment is useless. How ever, the underlying cause of addiction cannot be cured, but addiction habit can be controlled.
An appropriate enclosure is a hutch that is divided into two connecting compartments, one a wire mesh to allow access to natural light and fresh air, while the other is enclosed to provide protection against weather and a secure sleeping place.

This is similar to what occurs as some humans age.Deafness in dogs may also be congenital, meaning it was present at birth.
In this therapy, your ear is initially rubbed with cotton balls which are soaked in methylated spirit. The key is to learn effective communication and proper care of your deaf dog.The canine ear has an intricate structure consisting of tissue, nerves, cartilage and tiny bones that work together with the brain to conduct and interpret sound. Certain dog breeds are more commonly affected by congenital deafness, including the Dalmatian, English Setter, Havanese, and many more. Mosquito mesh covering the cage can help protect against the spread of Myxomatosis in summer.
Brain disease, such as a tumor or stroke, that damages the auditory nerve or other parts of the central nervous system that control hearing can also affect hearing. The owner of a dog that was born deaf might not realize that something is wrong until the dog appears to have difficulty learning the simplest of voice cues. Simply testing the hearing by making a sound (like a clap or whistle) out of view of the dog can give you an idea of the dog's hearing.
However, dogs with partial hearing loss might still hear high-pitched or very loud noises.The only way to be certain a dog is completely deaf is via special neurological testing. The brainstem auditory evoked response test, commonly abbreviated as BAER, reads electrical activity in the ear and brain to measure their response (or lack thereof) to sound stimuli. To have this test done on your dog, you will need to find a BAER testing location near you. Due to the type of equipment needed, BAER testing is typically only available at vet schools or specialty hospitals.Treatment and Prevention of Deafness and Hearing LossThere is no definitive cure for deafness in dogs. Infections and injuries to the ear or brain may respond to anti-inflammatory medications or antibiotics, but the damage caused may be irreversible.Everyday ear care can help prevent ear infections. Caring for the ears is especially important in dogs with floppy ears, like Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels.
If an ear infection occurs, prompt and thorough treatment can prevent damage that can lead to deafness.Responsible dog breeding can prevent congenital deafness.

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