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It is well documented that there is a relationship between increased hypertension and high level noise exposure hearing loss. Animal studies at the University of Florida (6) showed that ears exposed to noise produced antioxidant enzymes.
The protective reaction of the body is to increase the availability of antioxidant enzymes.
At the NHCA Hearing Conservation Conference in February, 2003, a presentation from the DOD Spatial Orientation Center, Department of Navy (6) concerned oto-protectants (antioxidants). NAC was determined to prevent hearing loss by substantially reducing outer hair cell damage.
The condition of the cardiovascular system can greatly affect hearing loss and can contribute to predisposing the ear synergistically to noise exposure. Pillsbury HC: Hypertension, hyperlipoproteinemia, chornic noise exposure: Is there synergism in cochlear pathology? Discussion paper hearing loss veterans review , Discussion paper on hearing loss prepared for the veterans review and appeal board june 2010.
Mcgill' summary notes university british columbia, Study online flashcards and notes for mcgill's summary notes including complete ent qs & as the following notes are based on the “alberta notes” with a few. We have an collection of Perforation Of Ear Distortion Sensitivity To Loud Sounds Please in various styles. Some studies (2) show that elevated cholesterol and triglycerides increase hearing loss in the high frequencies.

In one study hearing thresholds (3) have been found to be surprisingly and significantly better in those with raised cholesterol levels. It is also well established that hypertension is associated with a decrease in auditory acuity. Food supplements, vitamin E and foods high in antioxidants as prunes and raisins might be capable of protecting the ear from noise exposure. Conditions as hypertension, mild-to-moderately high cholesterol levels and high triglyceride levels are conditions that can to some extent be affected by diet.
Here is some inspiring pictures about Perforation Of Ear Distortion Sensitivity To Loud Sounds Please . Wanting to get an early jump on the day, I had scheduled my two-year physical first thing in the morning.
Over a period of five years, this study in Finland investigated the relationship between coronary heart disease, high cholesterol levels, intake of saturated fats, and hearing loss.
Researchers indicate hyperlipidemia may have a role on the occurrence of sensorineural hearing (SNHL) loss. The longer the noise exposure, the more significant are the changes in both the auditory and cardiovascular systems.
Experiments showed that if increased antioxidants were available, the ear became more resistant to both steady state and intermittent noise. In apoptosis, the hair cell swells two or three times it normal size over a period of four days.

Foods high in antioxidants and low in saturated fats are known to be significantly friendly to the cardiovascular system. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Perforation Of Ear Distortion Sensitivity To Loud Sounds Please interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
Soon the physician was informing me that my cholesterol and triglycerides levels were significantly higher and that I was going to have to try to control the problem by diet. It appears that low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration is associated with hearing loss but high cholesterol levels are not. In one hospital, the usual high fat diet was continued and in the other, a low fat diet was instituted. A high cholesterol and high triglyceride diet will predispose hypertensive animals to hearing loss in moderate chronic noise (5).
Most of the damage occurs not at the time of insult, but over a period of four days immediately following the insult. This means that without the noise the loss may not occur and that the amount of loss is greater than expected with either condition alone.
When the diets were reversed, the results showed the low fat diet reversed the hearing loss and incidence of coronary heart disease.

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