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This sudden change in fortunes should perhaps have been taken as a hint that central planning of the economy wasn’t such a good idea after all. For decades Japanese policy makers have been inundated with well-meaning advice by prominent Western economists. After the reelection of Shinzo Abe and the installation of Haruhiko Kuroda as BoJ governor, the BoJ decided to simply continue doing what it has always done – more than 20 years of utter failure notwithstanding.
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Next year, our eco-settlement Milenki will be 10 years old, and we have acquired some experience over that time.
But in these glades children suddenly fall into puddles, get dirty, and even pee themselves.
You can give some thought to a pond, but, for example, in our eco-settlement practically all the numerous attempts to dig ponds and obtain an inexhaustible source of water ended in failure. The roads should be passable, but to protect oneself against uninvited guest it is best to have a united group of men.
Of course, you can bring in an incredible quantity of hay or straw, and wait until the hardworking worms transform it into a metre of humus. Let us assume that you have been super lucky: your group has found farm orchards attached to an old village through which flows a stream and to which there is a passable road.
The standard way is still to have a certain amount of money for the material to construct a house. In our settlement, several houses have been constructed of 150 mm beams; from my point of view, the houses are chilly.
Most likely for that reason, after felling the timber, I really wanted to construct a frame house.
We do not have natural gas; I suspect that the land belonging to your group does not have a gas main either, otherwise the cost of the land would be astronomical.
Your house is standing, the stove is keeping you warm, from your window you enjoy a distant vista.
The destruction of the apple trees was due to the direct involvement of intensely cold weather, hares, mice, and the sickly DNA of Polish saplings.
Traditional methods of earning money include collecting herbs, selling herbal teas, keeping beehives, selling organic produce (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, etc.), selling milk and eggs, as well as equestrian tourism, ecotourism, seminars, plus crafts—pottery, blacksmithing, carpentry, sewing traditional clothing, embroidery, making jewellery—all types of construction work, digging wells, operating nurseries of fruit and decorative plants, producing natural organic cosmetics, making soap, baking home-made bread.
When using the system, the most important thing is not to let the batteries drop to less than 12.2 volts. Families that strictly follow this rule manage to use their batteries for up to five years.
He has been involved with financial markets in various capacities for 31 years and currently writes economic and market analyses for independent research organizations and a European hedge fund consultancy as well as being the main author of the acting-man blog.

They have to be washed, their clothes laundered, their dirty noses wiped, and for all this you need water. Here, it is at a depth of twenty metres, and it is very difficult, not to mention costly, to dig twenty-metre-deep wells. For this reason, it is best that there be a sufficient number of mature family men in your settlement. Even though a powerful brick stove will make this unnoticeable, the consumption of firewood will be slightly higher. The land has been selected, your friendly neighbors and you have managed to build before the cold weather.
Opening and closing the stove door will have to be done a thousand times, and a warped door will annoy you every time.
The numerous cats living in our settlements were not able to save us from the mice, nor did the dogs protect us from the hares.
So, if you lay out an orchard using saplings purchased from local greenhouses, you have to account for natural losses. You need to have one powerful generator for welding and power-consuming electrical equipment. Those confident in the reliability of Haze (or Delta) Gel batteries in any operating conditions (me, for example), have already given them up because of a hopeless accumulation of lead on the plates. We still recall that many Western observers were beginning to wonder in the late 1980s whether the Japanese form of state capitalism administered by the powerful Ministry of Trade and Industry and the BoJ wasn’t a superior economic system after all.
Instead it was decided that what was required were better planners, or at least a better plan.
There exists neither theoretical nor empirical evidence that could possibly support the notion that it is a desirable goal. It is great if there is a spring bubbling up on your land, or a small stream running through it. In this case, to get bogged down in an impassable puddle can mean the loss of a person dear to you. Your wife is happy; there is water in the house and she has something to wash the children's dirty noses with. It is very pleasant to watch the flame, so I have not once been sorry that I purchased a more expensive furnace door with a glass window. What will you do with all the apples?" My pathetic answers, that I'm going to feed a big family and give some to you, good neighbors, were not taken seriously.
If there is no signal, then you are potentially depriving yourself of many options of earning money using the Internet. Down with any dependence on the system!" Good-bye dependence—hello an "independent" power system. So, when installing the system, we immediately hang a voltmeter at the place of honour, and train ourselves to keep a constant watch on it.

If you have not been lucky with roads, then prepare yourself to the lengthy, laborious, and costly work of pouring one. Not trees that were planted just yesterday, but old trees—mighty apple trees, pear trees, plum trees, and cherry trees. Land that has been worked by our ancestors, that has been fertilized a hundred times back in the last century. But slinging the thirty-second log by its butt-end onto the fifth row is an ordeal for the back. It can be insulated using inexpensive sawdust; you can use cellulose insulation or other environmental insulating materials. The experience of our fire-victim neighbors in the settlement of Kovcheg has for a long time suggested to us that, with iron stoves, Bullerjans, there may be problems. The only thing regrettable is that it would be better if the glass and the door were a bit bigger in size. My experience in horticulture in my homeland of Karelia convinced me that apple trees are mortal. In the winter, the solar panels—excellent in the summer—become useless, and the settlement in concert starts up its generators, comforting itself with the thought that the purchase of gasoline (or natural gas) is almost not considered to be dependence on the system. Although for powerful weightlifters—we have one living here—this type of construction will, of course, be a delight.
In this age of technologies, the Internet is important, and a fast Internet connection is doubly important.
A generator must be reliable and start up in any cold snap, even after three years of operation. When selecting land, look at its fertility as well—a hungry peasant will not be satisfied by apples alone; give him tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, beets—all this requires well cultivated land. A distinct relationship exists here: the less money you spend, the more physical labour has to be put into the construction of a house. And their faith in iron stoves went up in flames as well, true, not for everyone, but the group of supporters of brick stoves became abruptly larger.
In order to be able to use Skype to give consultations, webinars, and teach various subjects. So, if you are cheerful, strong, and young, and you have many friends who are just as joyful, tireless, and selfless, then you can boldly embark on the construction of a house made of heavy adobe or cover the roof with reeds gathered from a nearby marsh.

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