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University of NSW professor Gary Housley has quashed the myth that when we experience temporary hearing loss after being exposed to loud music at a concert it is causing permanent damage, as Nine News reports. Housley’s paper, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) argues that whilst we may experience a loss of hearing after exposure to intensely loud music, it is just the ears way of adapting to the increased volume and it is reversible. Along with researchers from New Zealand and the US, Housley found that when sound levels rise, the cells in the cochlea release a hormone which causes a temporary reduction in hearing sensitivity.
They found that when sound levels rise, the inner ear releases a hormone that binds to the receptor – missing in the genetically modified mice group. But before you start blasting your favourite song at full volume without a worry for your ears, or those of your poor neighbours, Prof. When it comes to exceeding safe sound limits personal music players like iPods are the biggest offenders. Research also suggests that people are regularly listening to personal music devices in excess of 100 decibels.

With so many young people permanently plugged into their iPod or mobile phones, the European Union is trying to tackle the issue head on by implementing a noise level restriction on all personal music devices. This latest research is one of many musically themed studies conducted in the name of science.
Get the latest music news, opinion, interviews, freebies, tracks, videos and more delivered straight to your inbox at lunchtime every weekday. The released hormones reduce the amount of sound transmitted to the ear, causing hearing sensitivity to worsen as a protective measure. Housley warns that continued loud noise can lead to irreversible damage through the loss of high-frequency hearing. “It’s like sun exposure,” explains Professor Housley. By comparison, safe sound levels, according to workplace legislation, are set at an upper limit of 85 decibels for eight hours a day. New legislation coming into effect earlier this year means that all music players and mobile phones sold in the EU must have their sound capped at 85 decibels.

So for now you can still annoy everyone else on the train with your iPod blaring Eminem loud enough for the whole carriage to hear. From serious studies to the more absurd, with conclusions including rock music makes your racist and that music is better than sex. Well never fear, new research lead by a NSW professor is challenging our perceptions about the damage that excessive volumes can have on our ears.
During that time, the ears are less sensitive to acute sounds, but also able to tolerate louder-than-usual volumes without causing permanent damage.
We compiled 15 of the wackiest facts science has taught us about music, which you can view in the slideshow below.

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