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As the stapes push back and forth against the cochlea, the fluid is compressed, producing waves in the fluid-filled compartments.
Cochlear implant —a surgically implanted device behind the ear on the temporal bone provides sound to a person with severe or profound sensorineural hearing loss. Many cases of sensorineural hearing loss can be prevented by avoiding sustained incidences of loud noises. The inner ear, or labyrinth, is comprised of hearing (auditory) and balance (vestibular) areas of the auditory system. The waves create electrical impulses that travel through the cochlear nerve to the brain, then are translated into sound.
When working in a factory where loud machines are used, wearing hearing protection devices can prevent hearing loss.

The cochlea (auditory) converts vibrations into electrical signals by the use of specialized hair cells.
This process, known as transduction, is performed by specialized sensory cells within the cochlea. The Auditory Nerve:Sensorineural hearing loss, or nerve deafness, is a dysfunction of the cochlea, as opposed to the auditory nerve itself. The auditory and vestibular nerves carry balance information from the semicircular canals to the brain.
Background noise poses the greatest difficulty that people who are hard of hearing have to contend with.
It does not eradicate background noise the way a normal working auditory system can, however, background noise can be suppressed.

When sound waves enter the ear canal, a chemical is released, called a neurotransmitter, in the inner ear, which in turn sends this message to the brain.
Sudden loud sounds, such as the deployment of an airbag in cars, results in too much this neurotransmitter to be released causing damage to the auditory nerve cells, causing a reduced ability to hear.

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