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Improves memory by having the student hold a statement or question in working memory while retrieving picture-concept associations from long-term memory.
Improves attention by developing the ability to focus on multiple tasks and ignore distractions.
Strengthens auditory and linguistic processing rates so that students can distinguish sounds quickly enough to discriminate individual phonemes and understand words and sentences.
Develops sequencing skills through exercises that require the use of a logical word order to comprehend simple and complex instructions and organize a response that follows the specified sequence of actions. Fast ForWord is an ideal program for children with temporal processing deficits (related to disorders of  timing cues of auditory signals). Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. An essential skill in Auditory Processing is Temporal Processing – the rate at which we can process auditory information.

Specially produced music is one aspect of Therapeutic Listening that can assist children and adults with communication difficulties.
Our MissionOffering specialized therapy solutions that utilize new technologies and the latest research-based methods based on how the body senses, incorporates and applies different inputs. Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is an abnormality in the brain's ability to filter and process sounds and words. Most people with APD will usually pass a hearing test and often have normal intelligence.   However, since the brain receives sounds incorrectly, they may not recognize subtle differences between sounds in words (duh and guh for example), and they may have difficulty using those sounds for speech and language. Many children with APD have trouble screening out background noise, so surrounding sounds from air conditioners, hallways, and noisy environments such as gymnasiums make it very difficult to understand speech.  It’s like listening to a radio station with static or other stations interfering with the reception. Auditory neural pathways and synapses in the brain change as a result of the sensory input and training games. A person must be able to process auditory information at a rapid pace in order to develop appropriate listening and language skills.

Short-term memory, mathematics, concentration, personal organisation and sequencing may also be affected.
Providing home- and school-based therapy services throughout Virginia, the United Kingdom and Europe.
Since these individuals struggle to process (or interpret) what they hear, it causes listening problems that often mimic a hearing loss.

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