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Sensory processing disorder is when a person has troubles processing sensory input, and this can lead to individuals having issues with moods and behaviours.
Allergies: Virtually all people with sensory processing problems appear to suffer allergies and food sensitivities, linking the two.
Vestibular or movement input: What you feel when you are moving, such as your arms, legs or your body. If one has SPD they will feel overwhelmed by what appears to be normal amounts of sensory input for example like normal noise, light, taste or touch to others.
Jean Ayres is credited with developing both a theory of sensory integration dysfunction and therapeutic interventions for children suffering from it.

Activities and items are chosen by the occupational therapist and designed to be fun, enjoyable and encouraging to the child and meet there special needs.
There are ways to recognize sensory triggers but you need to find the right treatments, equipment and tools to help provide them with a happier life. The resulting physiologic over-arousal and emotional dysregulation negatively impact the child’s daily functioning. Patterns of instable moods are typical and SPD children find even pleasurable activities difficult, or unbearable. A person suffering from sensory processing disorder might feel pain, for instance, when something touches his skin, or react violently at certain visual symbols.

When a diagnosis of autism, ADHD, SPD and or any learning disability begins, what may be considered an absolute roller coaster ride like experience.

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