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There are 9 specific areas of auditory processing that impact learning in the following ways.
The good news is you can improve auditory processing skills with specific exercises and activities. Did you know that you will receive free lifetime visitation on any hearing system you purchase from Appalachian Audiology? Hearing evaluations often rule out a hearing loss of pitch or loudness and point toward a processing disorder of some type.
Adults and children may have APD, but children are typically referred because of school problems in reading, attending, not working up to potential, etc.

Many times hearing loss goes undetected for years before being diagnosed and properly treated. You can take a short hearing self-test and see if you currently experience any conditions that are indications of hearing loss. If you are experiencing any hearing loss have your hearing tested by an ASHA certified audiologist.
And auditory processing is one of the most common areas impacted in kids or adults with learning disabilities. And, you can do these activities with the whole family in just a few minutes and see everyone’s skills increase!

Temporal Aspects of Audition - the ability to process acoustic stimuli over time, to discern fast-changing signals, to sequence sounds and process stimuli by both ears.
These auditory skills can improve quite rapidly and learning can become so much easier when you do the simple activities. Then go to another place: the park, river, soccer field, church, school yard, or mall and do the same.

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