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A person with Auditory Processing Disorder (sometimes known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder) has normal hearing, but has difficulty processing the information they hear. Children with Auditory Processing Disorder often (but not always) have a language disorder as well. Recommending changes to the child’s learning environment for optimum performance in school.
Auditory training – therapy to improve your child’s auditory memory and listening skills.
Language therapy – therapy to improve your child’s vocabulary and understanding and use of language. Higher level language therapy – therapy to help your child understand figurative language, jokes and sarcasm. Literacy training – working with your child to improve phonological (sound) awareness, then building on this to teach decoding strategies to improve reading.
Providing your child with management strategies – equipping your child to take responsibility for hearing and understanding what is said. PLEASE NOTE: We have moved to an exciting, larger premises effective October 3, 2015 and have a new phone number.

Diseases that affect the ear – Some health problems can affect the shape of the inside of the ear, and make it hard for wax to move out. A narrow ear canal (figure 2) – In some people, the ear canals are narrower than in others.
Changes in ear wax and lining due to aging – As people get older, their ear wax gets harder and thicker. Bad ear-cleaning habits – Some people try to clean their ears using cotton swabs (Q-Tips) or other tools. In some cases, physicians will remove ear wax in people whose ears are impacted and who aren’t able to let others know if they have symptoms or not. Rinsing – In some cases, a doctor or nurse can remove impacted ear wax by squirting water (or a special liquid) into the ear to rinse it out.
We offer a Pick-up and Drop-off service to our facility from your location for a small fixed fee. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. APD is diagnosed by an audiologist and language disorders are diagnosed by a speech pathologist.

For example, skin problems that cause skin cells to shed a lot can lead to wax build-up in the ears.
This can include young children, and people who are confused or have trouble speaking, including some older adults. Auditory Processing Disorder – From Screening to Diagnosis and Management – a Step-by-Step Guide.
Normally, ear wax helps to protect the insides of the ears and prevents injury or infection (figure 1). A person’s ear canal can become more narrow after an ear injury or after severe or multiple ear infections. He or she can check the insides of the ears to figure out if the symptoms are caused by ear wax impaction or another problem, such as an ear infection. They do not recommend treatments for removing ear wax in people who have no symptoms, even if their ears are impacted.

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