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Female Genital Piercings are probably the fastest growing piercings in terms of their popularity at the moment. We use minimally invasive surgical techniques in infants, children, and adults to decrease the pain and swelling after cochlear implant surgery, and miminize the time from surgery to activation to approximately 2 weeks.
ABOVE: 12 month old female infant with the 3-4cm planned surgical incision behind and slightly above the right pinna. Titanium screw fixation - the use of special self-tapping, self-drilling screws - saves 15 minutes or more in the operating room, minimizes trauma to the dura and overlying soft tissue, and results in a very stable, secure placement of the cochlear implant.
Average surgery time is 1.5 hours for infants and 2 hours for adults, decreasing the length of general anesthesia, minimizing the exposure of the device and minimizing the infection risk postoperatively. ABOVE: Photos taken on the day of surgery, and 6 days following right-sided minimally invasive cochlear implant surgery in this otherwise healthy 12 month-old female infant. The upper photo was taken 2 hours after surgery, with the mastoid-pressure dressing in place.
The middle photo shows virtually no proptosis of the right ear following surgery, and the lower photo shows that the dissolvable sutures are beginning to disappear and the tiny insicion has begun healing.
In our experience, tiny surgical incision results in less swelling, pain, and faster healing.
The photos below show that the device can be place well behind the pinna using a small incision, and that a virtually invisible scar that does not affect the hairline can be achieved at 6 months following surgery. They do not require special dressings but should be watched closely to be sure they do not progress.
Keeping unaffected skin dry and clean of moisture such as sweat, urine, or feces, to prevent pressure sores from growing larger. Eating a healthy diet with adequate protein, to help heal damaged skin and promote new skin growth. Changing positions frequently, to avoid steady pressure on one area and to keep blood flowing to the skin and deeper tissues.
Using devices or cushions that relieve pressure, if you or a person you are caring for is confined to a bed. MORE RELATED TOPICS Treatment of Stage 2 Pressure Sores Preventing and Treating Pressure Ulcers in People with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) What Is a Pressure Sore?

The hair is carefully taped away from the ear, and so no hair shaving is required in infants, and in most children. This also allows the surgery to be performed via a tiny incision behind the ear using carefully placed skin retractors and well-designed muscle flaps.
The infant recovered quickly and was discharged from the hospital about 4 hours after surgery. Activation can take place 1-2 weeks, rather than 4-6 weeks following cochlear implant surgery. These include heel, tailbone, elbow, shoulder and back of head (when patient lies on the back for a long time), ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and ear (when patient lies on the side for a long time), shoulder blader, buttocks, heel and ball of foot (when patient sits for a long time). Treatment of Pressure Sores Care of Pressure Ulcer (Bed Sore) by Risk Factors Atypical Pressure Sores Developing In A Patient With Alcohol Intoxication Where Pressure Ulcers Form?
The clitoral hood is probably the most erotically stimulating piercing for a woman and can help (quite a lot sometimes!) with attaining orgasm. This tiny incision is used for infants and adults undergoing conventional cochlear implant surgery. Faster surgical times also translates into less retraction of the skin flaps, resulting in less pain, swelling, and hastening of the healing process.
With all female genital piercings your urine is sterile to your own body (so as long as your reasonably healthy) and can actually help by bathing the piercing. Occasionally, a minimal amount of hair is shaved in some adults with longer or thicker hair, and when a larger cochlear implant is chosen.
Sex should be avoided for approximately ten days and then a condom should be used for the remainder of the healing time even if it is sex with a long-term partner. The vertical piercing (VCH) is the most popular placement and passes through from the underside of the hood and exits above the clitoris.
It can be initially performed with either a bar or a ring and we have a selection of both to choose from including different colours, sizes and jewelled of plain ones! The horizontal piercing (HCH) is always pierced with a ball closure ring and is placed through the hood, slightly above the clitoris with the ball closure ring sitting flat against the body and the ball level with the clitoris. A few womens anatomy is unsuitable for the horizontal piercing so if you would like this piercing and you are unsure whether your hood is suitable for a piercing or would like to talk more about the placement and jewellery options please feel free to come in for a consultation with our Master Piercer.

Healing time for Hood piercings on average is 4 - 6 weeks.Labia PiercingLabia piercings can also be performed, these can be either through the outer or inner labia. Most women have these piercings more for decoratice reasons than stimulating ones, but there are women who find the feeling of them very erotic.
Placement of these piercings can very with anatomy and personal preference as the whole length of each side can be pierced. Most piercees find that a piercing through the upper to middle of the labia most comfortable. The inner labia take around 4-6 weeks to be fully healed whereas the outer labia usually take longer at around 6-8 weeks.
Triangle PiercingThere seems to be no evidence of Triangle piercing being performed before Lou Duff of Gauntlet performed it in 1991, although it may well have been a piercing that has been done just not named and recognised before this time. It is sometime looked upon as the ultimate on female piercings as it has the possibility to provide stimulation not possible before either manually or with other piercings. The triangle piercing passes from side to side where the hood meets the inner labia (looking somewhat like a deep and slightly lower down horizontal hood piercing) and is so named as when pinched this area of the body makes a triangle shape! We usually initially fit Triangle piercings with a ball closure ring and and this can be changed once healed to a bar if required.
If you would like to book in for a consultation to discuss the piercing you are very welcome.
Healing time for Triangle Piercing is on average 8-10 weeks.Christina PiercingThis piercing is technically (on most women) a vertical surface piercing that passes from the top of the clitoral hood where the outer labia meet to the monis pubis or public mound. It is a pretty piercing that we usually fit with a curved bar (jewelled or non jewelled), however, as it is near the surface of the skin it is prone to rejection making it for many women just a temporary piercing.

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