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If you’re searching for baby headphones or baby earmuffs, then you’ll find that there are some different products to choose from for unborn babies, babies aged 0-2 and kids 2 years or older.
Second, there are the ones that protect your baby or kid from loud noises during for example sporting events, concerts or airplane rides. Regardless of what type of child headphones you’re searching for, it can be tricky to find the best option.
To see headphones that actually play audio to kids, have a look at the best headphones for kids post instead.
An unborn baby’s hearing develops at around 20 weeks of pregnancy, and memories begin at 30 weeks. Studies have shown that babies can remember music and voices that were played to them before birth up to a year after they are born.
Just attach the two wearable speakers to your belly and plug them into any music player with your recorded voices or music and you’re good to go. The Bellybuds are lightweight and small so you can wear them under your clothing at any time. Babies aged 3-24 months have sensitive ears and need hearing protection in noisy environments. The Earmuffs provide a good level of noise-cancellation and are rated highly to protect the hearing of a baby (SNR 26dB NRR 31dB).
Kids 2 years or older need hearing protecting in noisy environments such as at sporting events or concerts. About Headphones UnboxedWe love headphones, headsets and earbuds and review them to make you feel like you have actually unboxed and tested them yourself. We first published this post in 2011 and as the content is as valid and valuable now as it was back then, we’ve given it a little update and republished. After having to sit with my hands over Betsy’s ears at the tame volumes of Giffords Circus I knew we would not be going to festivals without some proper ear protection for her. Having tried both Peltors and Baby Banz versions I can confirm the fit both babies and adults.
The ear defenders block out loud noise but still allow you to hear what is going on around you, including people speaking to you making them ideal for allowing children to enjoy loud events without damaging their hearing. We bought the Baby Banz Hearing Protection ear defenders form Little Sunflowers for Betsy (no longer stocked).
Thanks so much for the review, so glad Betsy likes the ear defenders… and that is a most beautiful picture! After reading your top tips for festivals I ordered ear defenders for both my girls before heading off to Camp Bestival last month. I have found the Edz Kidz ones, but there are ones made by Silverline that appear to be identical but without the branding. I’ve looked at the cheap version you mention and from what I can see in the pictures there are considerable differences of design most obvious in the head band. Written permission is needed for resuse of logo or images where the original owner of the work has asserted their own copyright terms. Looking for fab things for little ones?Sign up to our weekly email to see the best of what's out there.

Travis is having a blast at the Anaheim Ducks hockey game at the Honda Center, having a good time despite the loud horn and crowd noises!
Long time baby ear muff champion Rita writes, "This year's picture of Parker enjoying time at our local dirt track, East Lincoln Speedway, Stanly, NC. If you have a newborn in your life, you’ve probably been looking for baby earmuffs or baby headphones and realized there are several options to choose from. To begin with, there are headphones specifically designed with babies in mind to provide hearing protection during things like concerts and airplane rides – this is in addition to headphones that can provide complete noise cancellation. The other types of hearing protection headphones for babies are actually designed for expectant mothers.
Use the Bellybuds Baby-Bump Sound System to direct and deliver music and soothing sounds right into the womb with these headphones specifically designed with expectant mothers in mind.
The Bellybuds Baby-Bump Sound System is small and lightweight enough that it can be worn under your clothing at the office. These noise protection headphones can fit a baby up to 2 years old, and at a lightweight 190 grams, you never have to worry about them weighing down and causing stress on the baby’s head. The headphones are rated category 4 (SNR 26dB NRR 31dB) to protect the hearing of the baby, and parents have the headphone color options of pink, green, purple and blue to pick from. These ear muffs, which are the same thing as headphones, provide great protection for your baby’s ears, and are so effective that The American National Standards Institute for Ear Protection certified them as the top choice for protecting a baby’s hearing.
The part that covers the baby’s ears only comes in standard white, but the strap that holds the headphones together comes in colors for boys and girls, as well as unisex colors should you plan on having more kids in the future. These headphones are lightweight, and easier to adjust on the baby’s head as compared to the Baby Banz headphones. These baby hearing protection headphones are for kids aged 2 years and up, but I have seen younger babies wearing them.
You can expect to get lot of wear and durability out of these headphones because they’re designed for toddlers and older children. Therefore, we have picked out the most popular ones for different age groups, to make it easy for you to choose. The Bellybuds are a great way for moms, dads and other family members to bond with the new baby! The Baby Banz Newborn Hearing Protection Earmuffs are perfect for the job and the most popular ones among parents. Perfect for any concert, sporting event or air show, or to keep your baby asleep when doing household activities such as vacuuming or drilling. Baby Banz Hearing Protector Earmuffs are the highest rated noise-cancelling headphones for kids. From festivals to air shows to fireworks (or even noisy wedding discos) they will come in handy year round. They are all pretty similar in design and feature a sprung headband which keeps the ear muffs in place.
I imagine (although I may be wrong) that they are from the same factory, and taht people pay 3x the price of the Silverline for the Edz Kidz for the branding and for the flexibility in colours. My advice (in a friend-like capacity etc) would be to look at what testing they have had and what decibel level they cover.

My personal favourite a Peltors, which cost under a tenner, have a snug but not tight fit and a comfortable adjusting headband. Travis goes to a lot of sporting events, and he likes having his ear muffs -- he can enjoy the game and take a nap whenever he likes.
There are a few baby headphones designed to deliver sound to a baby’s ears, which you can learn more about here, but in this post we’ll be taking a specific look at hearing protection and noise cancelling headphones for babies. These are headphones that expectant mothers can wear over their bellies and deliver soothing sounds to the baby in the womb.
As an added bonus, the audio splitter included with the headphones allows you to listen along and hear the same music and sounds as the baby. The weight, and the ability to fold them, also means that these headphones are incredibly easy to store and transport. It should be noted that everything comes in one piece, meaning the strap itself can’t be mixed and matched to another color once purchased. The headphones have a 22dB NRR (noise reduction rating) and can be used at concerts, shopping malls, airplanes, and more. Because they’re aimed at toddlers, they’re a little heavier than the other headphones and weigh in at 190 grams for each ear muff (compared to 190 grams total for the Baby Banz Newborn Hearing Protection Earmuffs). They come in a selection of blue, pink, blue camouflage, and pink camouflage, and can be used everywhere, from malls, to concerts, to airplanes, and more. The reasons why they are unsuitable for kids less than 2 years of age is that they are a little heavier than earmuffs for younger kids, but it also makes them more durable for older kids that move around and play a lot. I see from Amazon reviews that quite a few people have found the Edz Kidz version too tight for their liking (but could be down to one reviewer putting the idea in everyone’s head of course!).
When we first put them on they bothered her a little (as would anything unusual) but she soon settled down. I will be investing in a pair each for Milla and Monty before November 5th and perhaps we can have tear free fireworks! Em’s 4 Buds earmuffs use an adjustable headband to hold them in place, which help disperse pressure more evenly around the skull of your baby.
You'll also get first dibs on exclusive discounts and offers (including those from our very own shop!). Finn was wearing these as a tiny baby (5 weeks old!) at Camp Bestival and 8 weeks old at Victorious Festival and wasn’t disturbed by the noise at all. Thank you so much and thanks for the great customer service when I needed to change my order!!! Be sure you’re in a quiet spot when you take them off as the increase in sound can be a bit of a surprise. They’re initially a little fiddly to get in place but with a little practice, super easy.
Even my six year old thought they were cool enough to wear and asked for them when she was tired.

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