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My parents pierced my ears when I was around 2 months so I thought I would do with the same with my little girl. My parents had my ears pierced as a baby-they’ve never grown over which I think stems from it.
Yeah, 2 month olds play with their ears less than 2 year olds but probably more than 10 year olds, so that’s silly reasoning. I totally disagree…I think this is a cultural tradition for little girls, similar to circumcision for boys and obviously, less painful. And describing anything about a baby as trashy, especially based on something as innocuous as an earring, is a bit much. I’m with you Samantha – the whole reason I was against circumcision is because i felt my baby was born perfect so why change him? I don’t think there is anything WRONG with it but it just seems kind of pointless to do something like that on a BABY. Then again, baby doesn’t have to worry about deciding if she wants her ears pierced when she gets older!!
I always liked the fact my ears were done and it was something I never really had to think about.
Despite her dad wanting it done, he could barely handle watching the procedure and almost fainted. Traditionally ears were pierced by roadside vendors or family jeweler who use crude instruments and even inset twigs of nee mot thulsi plant.
It is best to avoid people who do not have proper equipment or staff trained to pierce your baby\’s ears. Ensure that the piercing is done in hygienic conditions, so do check the hygiene levels at the doctor\’s clinic. Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia. I was afraid but for me, it was definitely a choice I made (and I wouldn’t have minded if my parents did mine).

I thought I was the shit, and I definitely didn’t play with my ears to get them infected.
It was difficult to see her upset, but it was also over quickly and, after I comforted her for a bit, she was fine. I do not have a daughter but had this same conversation with my sister over her nine month old daughter’s little lobes. I think making a decision based on vanity should be up to the kid when they’re old enough to make the decision themselves.
According to traditional Latino families, babies are typically (not always) baptized and shortly before or after this ceremony, parents pierce the female baby’s ears. I took my two daughters to have it done when they were babies and they have always loved wearing earrings and growing up with pierced ears. Hold your baby comfortably but firmly so that her head does not move about too much while the ear is being pierced.
That your body is yours only and that no one should make decisions for you or without your consent.
I def think its up to how the parents feel about it, but it wasn’t so bad for us and the healing process has been hassle free so far.
I mean, you could say that both have become vanity procedures and have lost most religious (spiritual) rooting. Interestingly, along with a rosary and candle, infant girls receive jewelery like gold necklaces and diamond earrings. Piercing the first lobe is usually easy, however once the lobe is pierced your baby may cry and seem very upset. I was walking with Lola in front of my house when I bumped into a neighbor who also has a little boy Fritz’s age and a little girl that just turned one. I worried she would be in pain for days but she was her ol’ silly self as soon as we got to the car.
I would prefer to get it over with as a baby when she cannot grab at her ears as much and it is less of a big deal.

Female religious circumcision would be comparable to male circumcision (Again both infant, adolescent and adult genital modification fall into a completely different category). Piercing is simply a typical rite of passage or for modern Latinas, a marker into femininity. Honestly, I am sure she would want them to be pierced at some point anyway, since I have mine done and all little girls go through a period of wanting to be just like mommy.
I find it so funny that ppl are calling it trashy…its a baby with a little pair of stud earrings whose mom thought it would be nice for her little girl to look more like a little girl, not some ho at a club dancing with your man. She said she wanted them done and then ran away and then came back and then cried asking her mom ‘Is it gonna hurt?!! Its seems petty but I look forward to the day our daughter makes her own decision and asks for ear rings. It is unfortunate that they are projecting their negative stereotypes about a culture onto all babies with earrings.
When I enquired about it she told me she got it done when she was young because then the babies don’t play with their ears and are less likely to get an infection.
We’ll pack up and head out to a professional (No scary malls or unlicensed girls with loaded piercing guns). You could go as far as talking about scarification in Africa or body painting and nose piercing in India. It pains me to see her in pain, so why the hell would I inflict pain on her for no good reason.

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