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The Cochlear™ professionals site is a specialised resource centre for hearing health and other professionals. Ticking 'Remember my selection' will make sure you are returned to this country website again the next time you visit. The Baha® Softband is designed specifically for infants and toddlers and is an ideal first step for children not yet ready for an implant.
As your child grows, it’s natural to progress from a Baha Softband to an implantable solution. Please seek advice from your medical practitioner or health professional about treatments for hearing loss.
In cases where the middle ear function is blocked, damaged or occluded, the Baha system may be a better option as it bypasses the outer and middle ear altogether. Once the cochlea receives these sound vibrations, the organ a€?hearsa€™ in the same manner as through air conduction; the sound is converted into neural signals and is transferred to the brain, allowing a Baha recipient to perceive sound. 3.A A small titanium implant is placed in the bone behind the ear where it fuses with the living bone. The Baha system utilizes Direct Bone Conduction, which allows the bone to transfer sound to a functioning cochlea a€“ thereby bypassing the outer and middle ear. After a period of approximately three months (six months for children) the implant will have osseointegrated with the bone.
The audiologist will explain the various functions of the sound processor, and will demonstrate the technique necessary for removal and fitting of the processor. One of the benefits of choosing Baha is that you can ask your hearing care professional for a Baha demonstration, so you can hear the difference yourself.
Potential recipients can easily test the Baha so that they can experience the benefits before they have surgery.

The Baha offers an alternative method for achieving sensitive hearing by the way of Bone Conduction.
Whether you would like to know the latest news and events or need to access to the latest professional and consumer product information - you will find it here. You should visit your Cochlear country website for the most accurate information specific to your location. It provides young children with excellent hearing performance and the amplification they need to facilitate language development on par with their hearing peers. Learning to communicate begins early, well before your child sounds out “ma-ma” or “da-da” for the first time. If they feel uncomfortable wearing their device, or if it causes pain and irritation, they are likely to reject the solution and not get access to the early amplification they need.
A unique Baha SoftWear™ Pad sits snugly under the redesigned connector and gently adapts to the contours of the skin. An implant improves the transmission of sound and ensures children can benefit from consistent and reliable input. Instead, sound is sent around the damaged or problematic area, naturally stimulating the cochlea through bone conduction. This unique hearing treatment is the first system of its kind cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hearing loss.
The sound processor may now be attached to the abutment, enabling the recipient to hear with the BahaA® system fully in place for the first time. Additionally, the Baha system does not preclude any benefits from future hearing technological advances because it doesna€™t compromise middle or inner ear or compromise hearing nerve sensitivity. The Baha works on a principle of efficient coupling of the sound processor to the underlying bone through 1) a small connector across the skin, and 2) an implant that directly bonds with the underlying bone – an osseointegrated implant.

If your child is diagnosed with conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss or single-sided deafness (SSD) it is important to seek treatment as early as possible. Spreading force evenly and smoothly, it increases the contact area with the skin without any of the pressure points caused by hard, rigid plates.
With the Baha Attract System, the implant is discreetly hidden beneath the skin so there is no daily care required. Furthermore, with unilateral deafness the Baha can be used to conduct sound from the deaf side to the hearing cochlea on the opposite side. We wanted to make sure it was the most comfortable solution available so children could benefit from consistent hearing that supports their speech and language development. The sound processor transfers sound, and is held in place, utilising a magnetic connection.
Surgery is minor, and Baha recipients report a wide range of advantages over other hearing devices. This unique system allows the bone to transfer sound to a functioning cochlea (See How the Ear Works) rather than via the middle ear – a process known as direct bone conduction.How will the titanium fixture be implanted in my ear?Your doctor will perform minor surgery to place the Baha behind your non-functioning ear. The surgery is completed as an outpatient procedure.How do I know if Baha will work for me?Only your doctor, together with your audiologist, can determine if you are a good candidate for Baha. You will have an opportunity to try the Baha processor connected to a headband during your appointment.
The device selection must be made prior to your surgery for proper device ordering and billing.

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