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22 carat gold antique finish broad choker and nakshi balls haram studded with kundans from Malabar Gold and Diamonds. Two line black beads short mangalsutra chain with diamond pendant studded with diamonds, rubies and emerald. 22 carat gold multi strand black beads necklace with pacchi pendant adorned with uncut diamonds, emeralds, ruby and south sea pearls from Suraj Bhan Jewellery.

22 carat gold unique gold balls necklace with swan design kundan pendant, teamed up with matching jhumkas from Prince Jewellers. After visiting Venice and the Isle of Murano, we immediately fell in love with the exquisite Murano Jewellery. Posted in black beads or nallapusalu and tagged with black beads, designs of mangalsutra, gold black beads chains models, indian black beads chain designs, indian nallapusalu indian, latest nallapusalu designs, mangalsutra chain, mangalsutra chain designs, mangalsutra gold gold, nallapusalu, nallapusalu bangles, nallapusalu designs, nallapusalu locket designs, small mangalsutra, small mangalsutra designs.

According to the  Hindu mythology black beads or nallapusalu protecti woman and child  from bad elements.if the woman wore this black bedas or nallapusalu considered as that she was married that symbolizes  inseparable bond and good relation between a husband and a wife.

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