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Author: admin | 19.11.2014 | Category: Ringing In The Ears Causes

So, I'm shamelessly stealing the format from Zero (Although it will be less pretty) because his blogs are awesome. So after class, at ~3 PM, one of my friends from Clemson who plays SSBM drove me to Charlotte, North Carolina.
So sweet, me and Mekos earned a spot in the top 6 already (winner's semifinals result in guaranteed 5th). Donkey Kong has a glitch on this stage where if he UP-b's from the ledge at a certain timing, he is invulnerable for the duration of his up-b (now grounded). Due to the fact that Mekos and I were winning on neutrals, Mew2King thought that it would be a good idea to take us to Rainbow Cruise, which in theory was a good choice. There was a ~1.5 hour break between Winners and Grand Finals due to Loser's bracket being delayed since both Boss and M2K entered Melee as well. Due to Mekos' tendency to run to the ledge against Will, I stressed the fact that he needed to be more patient with it and run away. I don't remember many of the details of this MM actually, but I know I won 3-1 and the only match I lost is because of a technical error when I tried to gimp him.
There were 33 entrants, and since I was seeded either 4th or 5th (I don't remember) I didn't get a bye.
Going into singles I felt really nervous since this was the first tournament since genesis where there was actualy competition for me.
I kept my groove from game 1 and 3 stocked him game 2 (I think, either that or very low % 2 stock). After this I started commentating with TKBro on several matches such as Coney vs Bloodynite, Jrugs vs Shadowxfury, and a few others.
I have picked up Ice Climbers for Lucario and a few other characters (one coming up a little later), but I wasn't consistent enough in my Chaingrabbing that day as evident when I couldn't really chaingrab Lie's diddy kong.
Lylat is a good stage for Olimar because different stages can cause different rates of pikmin plucks.
Right off the bat i knew I was playing good.My throw combos and follow ups were on point, as well as my reads. With the stage list that was used, I had to ban brinstar since it is Pikachu's worst stage and arguable Metaknight's best stage. Since games 1 and 2 I was winning on smaller stages, I went back to a smaller stage (after advice from Mekos cuz he pointed that out to me). Set 2 when I was down 0-2 I knew I couldn't make a comeback with my mental state and the way I was playing (Really well, but I couldn't stay patient long enough), so I decided to Ice Climber ditto him game 3. I was kinda demoralized, but I was still fucking ecstatic because I took Vinnie to game 5 of the 1st set, beat Mew2king, Beat Dabuz, Beat Junebug and won doubles. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to contribute to this site by submitting your own content or replying to existing content. From there, I went with Archibald and Tiger (Two NC players) to my doubles partner Mekos' place in Greensboro, 5 hours from Maryland. As we all got ready, we were joined by Killinator, a Yoshi main that lives in Greensboro, as he would be the 2nd driver in case Mekos got tired. Diddy was rather annoying to fight against because bananas are really good at interrupting healing and punishing players for attacking the Diddy's partner.
Due to an early suicide by Vinnie, at some point I had 3 stocks, Mekos had 2 stocks, and both Vinnie and Junebug had 1 stock.
Mekos got way too greedy with his edgeguards against will, so he would take unnecessary damage.
MK because he can harass the main platform for under it because it is "transparent" when it isn't in the separate transformations, while the water is prime time for DK because he has a spike. I realized that since they had such superior ground control compared to every character in Brawl due to their threat of the infinite grab, they neutralized diddy's great banana game.
I was rather flustered considering I had never played a top Lucario in tournament since Lee Martin at MLG '10 DC.
I knew my timings were off and I didn't want to risk messing up a CG at 120% when Lucario has a lot of aura. The platforms help him with landing more than me, and the stage is big enough that he will survive longer and build his aura. Desynced blizzard walls stop almost all of Olimar's approaches and limit his options severely. On Lylat and every other mechanical stage (such as frigate) Olimar picks more purples and yellows. Something that always bugs me when I go to tournaments (since I normally win) is the large down-time between Winners' Finals and Loser's Finals. My mindset was shitty because I knew I should've won game 3 had I not messed up that badly, and so I ended up getting destroyed this game. You'll be able to customize your profile, receive reputation points as a reward for submitting content, while also communicating with other members via your own private inbox, plus much more! You don't need to do anything extra so you can now come in and join us for events, find people to play with, or just to socialize. Mekos has been training be hardcore in doubles (As he is pretty godlike at it) and we noticed a significant increase in our chemistry as well as our healing.
I picked them up for him essentially, as well as Olimar and Lucario, two matchups Pikachu has a bit of difficulty with. Out of the gate we are even at about 50% each, but then I get in my groove and start to play like a top player.
However, since moving to Clemson I have had a plethora of practice against Mekos, who is by far the best Lucas main in America.

PF was also out of practice and knew he was going to win when he came into the match, so he didn't really have a chance. Due to his massive aura (aura increases when he is stocks down, by the way), he killed me rather easily.
This coupled with the CG and edgeguarding and ICs damage output makes this really tough for Olimar. I asked the TO if me and mew2king (who beat vinnie in the other winner's semis match) could wait until Loser's bracket was done, and he said yeah.
Sheik is mad difficult and all Sheik mains have one of the shoulder buttons to attack to make it easier. I know practically everything about this game (sans frame data) and I can talk a lot about pretty much everything.
Both Mekos and I are extremely good on this level, so we understand its mechanics and won't really get gimped or "gayed" by the stage. Pikachu's full hop and Double jump have about the same height gain, so I couldn't tell the difference.
Arch was really nice and drove me 2.5 hours back to clemson (I filled up his tank, but still).
Then there are buffer DACUS things, but you can just look at a video cuz I'm not going to explain it. I feel like it really helped, and I was extremely happy to be playing that well before the tournament. To add to that, Mekos played super loud rap with a lot of bass, so it was extremely difficult to fall asleep. I told Mekos we needed to start using more teamwork and getting more heals, so we changed our playstyle and ended up winning with 2 stocks left. I knew I had to kill him soon, but it is really hard for Pikachu to approach a Lucario who is spacing correctly. He killed me rather quickly while taking minimal %, and ended up killing me again before he reached 100%. So now it was practically even as I stay on the angel platform to calm myself before diving into the last stock. When it wasn't that part, I just played super well so I had a lead throughout most of the game. I have lost to every good Peach player in the country between tournaments and MMs, so Vinnie kinda manhandled me (2 stock on BF).
Somehow I managed to fall asleep from around 6-7:30, as we stopped at a rest stop since Mekos had to pee (He is always talking about his fast digestion of foods and liquids). His olimar is really good (Although in retrospect he is just a flowchart player) and Pikachu's hardest Matchup is olimar, so I wasn't very happy.
The best matches, in my opinion, were Mekos vs Junebug, Coney vs Junebug, and Neo vs Dabuz.
FUCKING FUCK YES!" as this was pretty much the one thing I hadn't accomplished as a top player.
At this point, Mekos realized we were uncomfortable in the back so he decided to let Killinator drive and Arch got shotgun so it was SIGNIFICANTLY more comfortable. One of my favorite moments was on one of the transformations where it is totally flat and then has water on both the left and the right side, me and Mekos got 3 thunder walls in. I was thinking that if I lose here as Pikachu, I know to go Ice Climbers at Apex, so I went into this match playing to learn. We discussed things like gay people, religion, our shitty government, the general lack of morals within the general population, and a lot of other things that would be here in the "controversial topic" subforum.
Thankfully, everybody liked my commentating since I can talk about stuff most people don't know as well as talking fast so I don't miss anything. I got a large confidence boost (scary, right?) as well as much needed Ice Climbers and Olimar experience. I told him "You screamed, I win the game" and he refuted with "well yeah but you paused" After a while, I decided not to be a dick and just be "OK, we both messed up. At some point I was at 80%, Mekos was at 0% due to healing, Vinnie was at ~120%, and Junebug was at 60%. During Loser's semifinals, Neo vs Vinnie, Neo's hand cramped up mad hard and he could no longer play.
I feel like the pause killed his overall momentum because I finished off the game with somewhat easy.
He got too greedy trying to hit my popo after he hit nana away, and I f-smashed him at like 140% afterwards which killed him.
I knew he wasn't mad at me or the situation, just disappointed he lost, so I knew I would get my handshake later.
I know I am a better player, but the Matchup is still scary because of Lucario's aura (as he gets more %, his moves get longer range and stronger).
I played really patiently and slowly because I didn't want a stupid aggro move costing me the set. At some point he had to recover (he was at 140% at this point while I was at 100% or so) and I grabbed the ledge so he went on-stage.
I punished him with a QAC (Quick Attack Cancel, PIkachu can jump after he Quick Attacks on the ground due to stupid mechanics I don't understand) Nair.

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