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The Emmy-nominated composer Robert Lydecker and the talented cellist Tina Guo were in Studio A with Marilyn today recording score for Sleepy Hollow.
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The Bell Sound model Belfone 440L and Belfone 440S are AC-DC operated inercommunication systems. A telephone listens to a loud speaker in the new "free field" acoustic test room at Bell Telephone Laboratories. In an ordinary living room, most of the sound addressed to you comes by way of reflections.

Exploring and inventing, devising and perfecting for continued improvements and economies in telephone service. The team from Bent Image Lab was here all day Thursday and Friday, and it has been a blast to have so many people coming through the Bell Sound lobby.
Normally a model 440L (with more station switches) and model 440S work together, sometimes also with substations with a call switch.
A new group of talent seems to arrive every hour or so, and many of them are kids accompanied by their parent entourage.
About a month ago the composer Robert Lydecker sent me and Tina a full-length version of the track to release as a single… Things are moving in the right direction!

With the people from Bent Image Lab, the talent for “Jingle and Bell,” and our regularly booked sessions, it’s a packed house!
Sometimes your parents gift you a pink bike, and you desperately need to make your ride more butch.

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