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I was a little scared they when i pulled them out of the box, i thought they might be too heavy to run due to them being bulky looking.
From the packaging to the sleek, sturdy build quality of the earbuds, these did not disappoint. Connecting is as simple as turning on the headphone and syncing it via bluetooth on your phone.

These earbuds have deep bass, rich acoustic sound, amazing battery life, and even include a control center with a microphone. They were a little tricky to connect at first becuase everytime i turned them on they automatically connected to my husbands tablet. My biggest concern before buying would be the likely occurrence that they would fall off when riding my bike, the two sizes of earbuds and snug fit however ensures they will not budge.

I hope to never need another pair of wireless earbuds, but if I do I will be purchasing this brand again.I recieved this product for a free or discounted price in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

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