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PHILADELPHIA — And now, from the department of vital information that it never occurred to you to think about, we bring you earwax odor.
It is good to remove any buildup, but you need to be careful to not hurt the inside of your ears. Researchers found that ear wax may reveal clues about a person’s ethnicity and personal habits.
My new doctor finally told me if you are going to use Q-tips, do it often and dip them in peroxide before using.

It sure has saved me many doctor visits since she shared this tip with me, hope it helps someone else. It may take a few days or more but this is what the clinic nurse recommends.Ad ReplyWas this helpful?Helpful?
Both my husband and I have normal eustacion tubes, but find that when we use an inversion table, our eustacion tubes open up fully and we can hear better (we have allergies). Do not use cotton swabs as they push the wax up against the drum which can damage it or interfere with your hearing.

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