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Geodes are formed when hollow cavities are trapped within layers of sedimentary or volcanic rock. After many, many, many years, the rock and lava that once held our crystal bubble babies captive, has broken down and set our geodes free!
Whether you're aware of it or not, a good 90% of what you've seen on the high street for Spring Summer has been inspired by one very influential Resort collection by none other than Celine. If there is one trend you should test from this collection its the 'Knit Set' , think bright coloured co-ordinating knitwear. Apart from the knitwear, it was a mostly monochromatic collection spare for the footwear and one striking handbag. Buttons were a big theme in Phoebe's last Autumn Winter collection and it seems they've crept their way into Resort too. The constant thread that seems to tie every Celine collection together however, no matter how many trends it may start, is its iconic signature of minimalism. We might not be able to get these things back, but we definitely can spend a lot of time reminiscing on how much we miss them.
I may have been born just as the 90′s was ending, but I still remember like, all of this. I am always showing my nieces shows from the 90s, teaching them the phrases I knew from what I got out ofit, showing them the fashions that were still alive, etc.
This pair of rings is worthy of your special bond- be it a best friend, boyfriend, mother, or brother!

Over time, mineral-rich water seeps through these cavities, leaving behind teeny-tiny crystals that cling to the walls of the hollow space. When images were released of Phoebe Philo's vision of minimal, think all white slouched trousers, Safari Jackets, D-Ring belt fastenings and those patent slides , the look of the season was set. A slight hint of 70s nostalgia paired with that signature laidback cool the Celine woman exudes each season. Phoebe Philo had statement chandelier earrings on her mind for Resort as well as a statement necklace that will top wish lists world over. The button detail showed up on a simple sleeveless top, at the end of a beautiful billowing sleeved blouse and finishing off an effortless pleated dress. At other fashion houses minimalism often translates to boring, at Celine however its a different story. While some things have happily returned (reruns of Boy Meets World, Full House and Saved By The Bell, along with the ’90s Nickelodeon lineup), a lot of things seem to be gone for good. I loved Tomogatchis (I can’t spell, forgive me!) even if I always forgot to feed mine. Shit nigga we were gettin rich at school takin all the pogs n hot lunch money with our slammers!!
Its all about confidence here, own the look & team it with a bright shoe to really make a statement!
What's so fantastic about this look is that it will dress up even the simplest of outfits, which is kind of the whole point.

Earrings HD Wallpapers are perfect fit for all kind of gadgets including PC’s, Mac and smartphones as well. YoYo Wallpapers is always there to provide the best wallpapers because its all about you !!!!
Even more fashion forward brands like Bassike and Scanlan & Theodore have dipped into the Celine pool for inspiration. Phoebe, for the last two seasons now, has famously released the images of her Resort collection the same month that they drop into stores (internationally) to avoid giving the High Street the chance to knock out her designs before her clientele has the opportunity to buy the real deal. Alas, with the turn around that retail giants like H&M and Topshop have, its only a matter of time before you see reincarnations of the collection below pop up on your local high street. A great coat, a beautiful trouser, a cape, the gilet, a check list of must haves and this Resort season is full of incredible pieces you could change and combine with your seasonal wardrobe for years to come.
Whether you're a reader who will purchase the real thing or interpret the look in your own budget-friendly way, the best thing about Fashion is that its here for us all to enjoy.

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