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The SIBERIAN PINES Company has been a leading producer and supplier of Siberian pine nut oil since 2003. Refrigerated warehouses in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Russia ensure the high quality storage and delivery of pine nut oil to any point on the planet in the shortest time possible. We use refrigerators in production, storage, and transport, which ensures the maximum preservation of the quality of the offered products. When you place orders with us, you will always receive fresh product of the highest quality.
Published reports attest to the high therapeutic effectiveness of various types of oils in various inflammatory processes.
Clinical tests of pine nut oil have been conducted on patients at the Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneotherapy and Physiotherapy. Two of the thirty subjects had reactive pancreatitis, while four had chronic hepatitis outside active procedures.
Subsequently the subjects were prescribed a programme of treatment: one tablespoon of pine nut oil three times a day over a two-month period.
Thus, on the basis of the results obtained, one may conclude that pine nut oil has a healing effect, meets a favourable reaction with patients, and can be applied to the treatment of digestive disorders.
Presented at the Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Tomsk, Russian Federation, November 15, 1995. Pine Nut Oil is a natural medicine which proved to be effective for the number of conditions of digestive system.
At the current moment the researches using Pine Nut Oil of "Siberian Pine Nut Oil" trademark are taking place in order to determine the effectiveness of using of pine nut oil in the treatment of H. Hi, my mother had h-pylori used anti-biotics but they didn't work, she ordered siberian pine nut oil from pinenutoil.org , took a half a tea spoon a day three times a day for a month and it got rid of it.
I am very happy with your products and still take pine nut oil time to time for general health maintenance. When I came back I did the endoscopy again and the doctor confirmed that the condition of my stomach improved much and told me to continue taking pine nut oil. For easier navigation you can either select your country or simply click on the area of where you want your order to be shipped to. In 1992 a experimental research was conducted into the therapeutic effect of extra virgin pine nut oil on a group of people who had taken part in the clean-up of the Chernobyl Atomic Energy Station in 1986a€“1987. The treatment programme lasted 30a€“40 days and included a daily intake of pine nut oil in a milk emulsion of 50%. It is interesting to note that during the whole time the mixture was being taken not one of the patients took ill with flu or any other acute respiratory disease.
It should be emphasised that no health improvement was achieved by members of this group through ordinary medical remedies.
During packaging in gelatin capsules an additional temperature effect occurs, which substantially reduces the quality of the pine nut oil. The entire point is that when you swallow pine nut oil capsules, you experience neither the taste nor the aroma of the pine nut oil.
Purchasers familiar with the problem of counterfeit pine nut oil in capsules regard such offers with suspicion. We advise you not to take needless risks, and obtain original Siberian Pine Nut Oil from PineNutOil.org.
I have been using Siberian cedar pine nut oil on my face each night and day for at least two years.
Another interesting thing: after taking a spoonful of oil in the morning you get a charge of energy that lasts the whole day. I gave my 30 year old son a bottle of pine nut oil a few weeks ago and instructed him how to use it to enhance his overall health (mainly by taking a little off a spoon or drizzling it over bread).
I used the siberian pine nuts oil for a few months and I have to tell you its very energetic. Hi , the pine nut oil has sorted out my medical problems and at 57 I now feel and live my life as if I were 30. There was no reported evidence of pine nut oil causing adverse reactions or negative side effects.
The pine seeds are prepared from the middle of August-beginning of September until the middle of November.
Stands of pines are created by planting on partially worked soil (furrows, beds, terraces) in the spring, autumn, and in the second half of the summer (in areas with increased humidity in July and August). Even though pine nut trees are very tolerant of shade in their first years, pines nevertheless give the best growth performance in conditions of sufficient illumination. Thus, the planting of coniferous species in the same group with deciduous trees, or their combination in a single hedge cannot be permitted. When transplanting pine nut tree from a forest, it is necessary to remember yet another rule: do not take saplings that are growing in a shaded part of the forest - they will die from the sun's burning heat and the dryness of the air, and in the best case, having lost their decorative shape, will be recovering from this malaise for many long years. Pine nut trees must be transported to their parcel of land with the ball of earth on their roots wrapped in sacking.
The nutritional and medicinal properties of nuts come largely from their content of fat, protein and other substances. First among nitrogenous substances are the proteins, which in turn are characterized by an elevated content of amino acids, especially arginine. Pine Nuts contain a complex of B vitamins, which normalise the activity of the nervous system, have a favourable influence on the growth and development of the human organism, and improve blood composition. Pine Nuts offer a sufficient daily intake to satisfy an adult organism's daily need for amino acids, as well as such important and often deficient micronutrients as copper, cobalt, manganese and zinc. The process of extracting oil from thepine nut by the cold-press method leaves apine nut flakes which is rich in biologically active substances, micronutrients, proteins, Vitamins E, A, C, U of Group B, unsaturated fatty acids with no cholesterol content. According to research, thepine nut nucleus weighs, on average, approximately 43% of the total mass of the nut.
70% of these are essential and relatively essential, which indicates the high biological value of proteins. Apart from the micronutrients listed above, Pine Nuts also contain barium, titanium, silver, aluminium, iodide, cobalt and sodium.
Russian folk medicine has eagerly made widespread use of Pine nuts in the treatment of various ailments. They used the nuclei of pine nuts in preparing alcohol and would take daily drops of the mixture over the period of a month. It is known that they were used in olden times in Yenisei province for the treatment of abscesses. Earlier the husk and pine nut flakes were used to prepare cleansing baths; particles of bran were also added. A pine nuts benefit was used for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and gout, as well as in metabolism disorders and vitamin deficiency. Potions made from shells ofnuts were used for the treatment of the gastro-intestinal tract. Folk medicine recommended a portion of nut nuclei in wine with low alcoholic content be taken for bladder problems, as well as for stones in the liver and gall bladder.
HGF Max is the Human growth hormone releaser which can return the vitality and health of your youth and offers several health benefits. HGF Max is formulated after a years’ long clinical research with the right proportion of growth factors and amino acids to bring back the aging body to its natural state of youthfulness and vitality. Once gets into your body, HGF Max works the same way as other HGH releasing supplements work.
An important disorder that typically arises with age; is that the natural HGH production slows down.
Because higher HGH levels can help maintain vitality and youthfulness in the body, HGF Max can provide many anti-aging effects to aging body such as increased muscle mass, increased bone density, weight loss and improved overall stamina. Glycine– it encourages the pituitary gland to secrete more HGH and also plays a vital role in the health of prostate gland.
Astragalus Extract- it is used to boost immune system, prevent cell damage and help alleviate symptoms associated with aging.
Olympian Labs Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplements help prevent fat storage in the body by improving the ability of cell membranes to open. The Venestat Natural Leg Vein Dietary Health Supplement Capsules offer a healthy, convenient way to preserve leg vein integrity. If you have ringing in the ears, Lipo-Flavonoid Unique Dietary Supplement provides nutritional support to improve circulation in the inner ear. Culturelle Digestive Health is perfect for everyday use to maintain overall digestive health. Real Health Laboratories Prostate Complete One-Per-Day Dietary Supplement is an advanced, multi-action prostate support formula designed for adult men who want to maintain the health of their prostate by using the most powerful and targeted formula available.
Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit have found a significant association between the severity of perceived tinnitus symptoms and insomnia. Arches Tinnitus Sleep Formula contains time-release melatonin, a hormone produced by the body in the pineal gland of the brain and in the retina of the human eye. Benefits of pine nut oil are distinguished from other well-known curative oils by its enriched content of various kinds of healing elements.

The aims were: to demonstrate the healing effectiveness of a given product in both internal and external applications through sonic phonophoresis, to determine the dynamics of subjective and objective indications, to study the influence of pine nut oil on the nutritional, secretory and excretive functions of the stomach and liver, to study its anti-oxidant properties, to work out the methodology of application to treatment, to determine its level of tolerance by patients under various prescribed methodologies. General clinical blood research (aspartate aminotransferase, alanine-aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase, antioxidant activity, methane-dicarbonicdialdehyde).
Of these 25 had chronic erosive ulcers of the gastric mucosa, duodenal ulcers with accompanying cholanegiocholecystitis of opisthorchosis etiology; the remaining five had chronic cholecystitis with chronic gastritis with a reduced secretory stomach function.
Pine oil is prescribed for 30 minutes or 1 hour before intake of food over a period of 21a€“24 days, with unhurried swallows of a tablespoon at a time three times a day.
Pine oil is prescribed for 1 hour before intake of food, diluted with milk (1 : 1) according to the method described above. Pine oil is prescribed internally according to variant NA? 2 with the following prescription of pine nut oil phonophoresis.
In the case of post-excision disorders on account of ulceration, the treatment method may also be applied to patients operated on for cancer of the stomach. She had a stool test twice after the treatment and a blood test all three came back negative.I say it definitly does work, might not be a bad idea to take it for a couple months just to be sure. I recommend Siberian pine nut oil of "Siberian Pine Nut Oil" brand to everyone who cares about their health! Your order will be sent from one of our warehouses depending on the shipping address you indicate during the checkout process.
But if it accumulates in a large quantity in one place, then it causes tremendous harm to Nature which takes decades to undo. Up until recently medical theory held that the consequences of radiation exposure are incurable, which makes the following report all the more compelling.
The group under observation consisted of 11 persons, including people with pronounced post-Chernobyl syndrome (stenisation, psychopathisation, pronounced irritability of the sympathetic nervous system).
All 11 subjects noticed an improvement in their overall well-being, increased working capacity, a significant stabilisation of the nervous system and a normalisation of sleep patterns.
As a natural food product, pine nut oil has practically no counter-indications to its application. After 30 days of taking one 20 MG of Omeprazole two times a day and your pine nut oil 3 times a day, yesterday after my latest endoscopy, my doctor tells me my ulcer has stopped bleeding and my hiatus hernia has completely healed.
My husband and I have been taking one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach over six months, alternating between ten days with oil followed by five days without.
Even if you run around all day like a squirrel in a wheel-cage, there's no fatigue come evening. He came down with a terrible sinus infection which made one side of his face swell terribly.
When growing forest stands ofpine, attention should be directed to the creation of solid, pure stands ofpine in conditions of fresh and moist coniferous forests growing in relatively rich soils, or more rarely in mixed pine forests growing in sandy soils. The competition of grass has a great influence on the intensity of the growth and the preservation ofpine stands. Coniferous trees do not tolerate contact with the branches and leaves of their deciduous fellows, which, as is said, "whip" them (that is, remove the needles). It is best to direct one's choice to saplings that are growing in open, sunny clearings or at the edge of a forest.
And remember: in the first year after planting and transplanting, all coniferous trees and bushes require abundant and frequent watering! Pine nut fat differs from other fat sources in its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid. E-group vitamins, or tocopherols, are very important and essential in ensuring complete genetic heredity. On the whole nuts are very easy to digest, and have a tremendous beneficial effect on the human organism. This is an excellent dietary product, which facilitates the normalization of substance metabolism, maintenance of health and preservation of human work capacity for many years.
These amazing seeds contain, as has been stated above, an incredible number of useful substances: vitamins, micronutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
For example, the population of Siberia has long considered it as an effective remedy in salt deposition.
After chewing, them were placed on the abscess, and a bandage applied on top of the sore spot. It was used to make potions and concoctions (2a€“3 tablespoons per glassful), which were used in treating inflammation of the mucous membranes in the oral cavity and other organs in the form of embrocations and ablutions a€” in the case of skin diseases (lichen, pyodermatosis, eczema etc.), as well as burn damage.
It raises the tonicity, imparts strength and restores the normal functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract. Folk medicine held that with a variety of skin diseases, including skin cancer, eczema and boils, the constant use of natural pine nuts orpine oil would lead to recovery. This supplement is the potent blend of nutrients that stimulates the body to produce its own natural HGH and battle against aging signs associated with low HGH levels.
Aging is the natural process that we cannot turn back; however, you can reverse your aging symptoms by promoting the levels of human growth hormones.
It helps promote the body’s natural production of HGH by maintaining the functions of pituitary gland. When combine with other ingredients in HGF Max, it can enhance the effectiveness by 10 times.
This process allows membranes to more easily absorb fats and other nutrients, helping reduce your total body fat.
Schiff is dedicated to making its tablets easy to swallow, which is why Move Free has smaller tablets than other leading joint care brands.
These horse chestnut supplements, 60 ct, promote leg vein health and circulation and help to relieve tired, achy or swollen legs. It is a natural bioflavonoid product that has been used extensively for decades for the treatment of Meniere's syndrome and tinnitus. This popular weight loss aid works by blocking your body's ability to produce fat and putting a stopper in your appetite. They found that insomnia can worsen the functional and emotional toll of tinnitus symptoms and that tinnitus patients suffering from insomnia reported greater emotional distress. Melatonin secretion forms part of the system that regulates the sleep-wake cycle by chemically causing drowsiness and lowering body temperature. Symptoms of dyspeptic disorder (nausea, heartburn, regurgitation and vomiting) were not to be found in a single patient. During the remission stage one can apply phonophoresis of pine nut oil to the projection area of the pathological process for a full and lasting hearling effect. I continued to take the oil even when I went to the business trip, and every day I felt myself better. The most common complaints were: increased liability to fatigue, reduced working capacity in the latter part of the day (experienced by the whole group), sleeping disorders (8 subjects), frequent nervous breakdowns (7 subjects), recurring headaches (7 subjects).
I have been to several doctors; had shots of cortisone and a biopsy that turned up no diagnosis. My husband is 63 years old, but in his ability to work he can knock the socks off any younger man. I treated it with antibiotics and the swelling and pain went away but only for about a week (I am a nurse practitioner). In order to grow the seedlings, it is recommended to sow seeds that have been stratified in the spring.
In order to hasten the appearance of shoots and reduce losses from rodents, in the spring planting it is expedient to use seeds that have begun to sprout slightly. The experience of producing apine trees in various forest-growing conditions of Central Siberia has convincingly shown that the intensification of its growth and high preservation may be achieved only by caring for it over the course of seven to nine years. After this type of "interaction," the tops and a part of the crown of coniferous trees dry out and are rarely able to recover their previous form and beauty.
Apine tree should be transplanted in early spring or preferably in the fall, it is desirable to plant apine with a "nanny," which shields thepine sapling from light (it can be a birch or spruce, but in 15 years it will be necessary to cut down the nanny).
It used by both carnivores and herbivores, and are an effective antidote to vitamin deficiency, which causes serious disorders in the system. These baths were recommended in the case of diathesis, eczema, pyodermatosis and other skin diseases.
After letting it steep for 7 days, they would filter it and ingest over a period of 1.5a€“2 months. Siberian wizards recommended using a potion made frompine nut shells in the case of hemorrhoids. It allows the pituitary gland to produce more of natural HGH to immediately repair and reverse the aging signs. The good news is that you can increase the HGH production even after aging with a HGH releaser like HGF Max. This CLA Softgel also helps move nutrients into your active muscle cells, which in turn helps promote muscle growth. Schiff's exclusive state-of-the-art technology allows it to pack the same amounts of powerful ingredients into a smaller, easy-to-swallow tablet.
The ringing may seem minor at first, but it can soon grow to be an annoying part of your life and can also affect your daily activities.

That(')s why Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Triple Strength +MSM Formula Dietary Supplement was designed to supply optimal nutrients for healthy joints and cartilage. Pine nut oil contains a large quantity of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including a significant quantity of fat-dissolving vitamins E and F, which are known for their high level of physiological and anti-acidic properties. When diluted with milk, the pine nut oil has an anti-inflammation effect in treating cholecystitis and hepatocholecystitis.
In the case of exposure to intense radiation, serious harm results for all the body's life-sustaining mechanisms, and the body's defence system is significantly weakened. In addition, 4 persons suffered from chronic gastroduodenitis and 3 from chronic laryngotracheitis. A beneficial effect was also observed on the gastrointestinal tract a€” symptoms of gastritis were barely noticeable. The seeds germinate in the year they are sown or in the following year, more rarely in the third year, after germination the young shoots must be kept in the shade and watered, in the second year the seedlings develop only the top shoot, in the third year they form the first whorl of lateral shoots. In the case of further transportation of the seeds, it is important not to allow them to dry out (moisture content of less than 8-10%) or heat spontaneously, which occurs when the moisture content is greater than 20% and they are stored at a raised temperature. In optimal growth conditions and with intensive agricultural technology, already at 15 years of age Siberianpine nuttrees reach a height of 3.5 to 5 m.
For transplanting, it is necessary to dig a 50x50 hole, fill it with a mixture of humus, peat, and fallen needles.
Vitamin E is responsible for the production of milk in nursing mothers, and its deficiency can stop lactation. It gives cakes, pies, ice cream and other confectionary products a delicate taste and aroma.
In addition, a bath with the addition of a concoction made ofpine nut husks and flakes has a calming action on the nervous system.
Folk medicine recommended that a potion ofpine nut shells be drunk in the case of osteochondrosis or arthritis.
The ear health formula, 500 count, has been used and evaluated in clinical settings for over 50 years and continues to be the #1 recommendation of doctors for relief of ringing in the ears. Glucosamine is a major building block of joint cartilage and helps maintain the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues.
The Pure Health Garcinia Cambogia supplement delivers 800mg of garcinia cambogia per serving containing 60 percent HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) plus calcium, potassium and black pepper to support absorption. The new formula, Arches Tinnitus Sleep Formula, helps tinnitus sufferers obtain needed rest. The oil contains phosphatidic phosphorous, very important to bodily health, besides being a rich source of vitally important micro-elements: phoshporous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt and iodine. According to follicle-stimulating hormone tests conducted 20 days after the treatment, ten of the subjects had experienced full recovery from ulcers and gastritis along with a reduction in inflammation of gastric mucosa and duodenal ulcers, as well as a reduction in ulcer size for the remaining 15 patients with erosive mucous stomach ulcers. She told me to rub it on the rash and take it internally, I was reluctant to take drink the oil so I only used it topically. But as soon as he began taking pine nut oil, he immediately felt a noticeable relief of the symptoms. He stated he went downstairs and decided to rub some pine nut oil onto his gums and face where the sinus infection and pain were hurting him.
The young plant acquires a crown usually by the time it is 5 to 7 years old, and by 15 to 25 years of age is covered with branches almost to the ground.
Seeds with an underdeveloped germ must not be extracted from the cones for two or three months before they ripen. Protection of the shoots from birds is ensured by covering the surface of the soil with a layer of sawdust (3-4 cm). The beauty and severity of the majority of coniferous trees cannot leave anyone indifferent - they very much coincide in mood with the image of our northern landscape!
The planting and transplanting of coniferous species is permissible only when the ball of earth around the roots is preserved. A person's predisposition to atherosclerosis can also be explained by a Vitamin-E deficiency.
They are also a rich source of iodine, which is very important to residents of northern latitudes.
Clinical trials have shown that using CLA Softgels as a supplement can help protect your body from a wide range of age-related diseases, as well as arterial disorders. Its formula contains no fillers, binders or excipients and comes packaged in a convenient vegetarian capsule that simply dissolves during digestion.
Pine oil contains up to 5% nitrogenous substances, of which 90% are amino acids, 70% of them indispenable acids a€” all of which testifies to its high physiological value.
There was a 50% reduction in the number of cases of fixed duodenal reflexes, according to endoscopic and laboratory tests. The symptoms of laryngotracheitis completely disappeared in the three patients who were suffering from this disease. At 20 to 30 years of age, the lower branches begin to die off, and the crown acquires an oval shape. The seeds of the Siberian and European pine are stratified at a temperature from-4 to +3C over three to five months. The technology of growing the pine seedlings is no different from that used for other conifers (shade, watering, protection from flattening, cultivating the soil, weeding). In order to grow coniferous trees successfully in a cultivated plot (or outside its fence), several obligatory rules must be remembered. Only very young saplings (2 to 4 years old) taken from a nursery may be planted in the early spring without this ball, as long as the roots are not permitted to dry out.
Osteo Bi-Flex is the only leading joint care brand with Joint Shield to help defend your joints and support joint mobility. In evaluating the laboratory tests there was an indication of some reduction of acidity in the stomach juices in subjects with previously high acidic levels.
Another friend in her 50's who consumed the cedar oil had black stuff coming out of her mouth as well.
He stated that his pain went away IMMEDIATELY after rubbing the pine nut oil onto his face and gums.
The stratification of the pine seeds can take place in an ice box, a deep trench, cold basement, in boxes under the snow, and in cold rooms. If you are growing conifer seedlings in your beds (this is entirely possible), then it is expeditious to do it in soils that cling well to the roots of saplings that are dug up.
In the hole, the roots are spread out, soil is poured in, packed down, and the root neck should be level with the soil.
The seeds are mixed with two to three times their volume of sterile substratum (sand, sawdust, peat, moss).
But it is also possible to grow coniferous seedlings in special baskets, boxes, or jars buried in the soil. After planting, the plant is watered, and in the first two to three months, it is necessary to ensure that the soil does not dry out. When characterizing the Siberianpine as a valuable tree, the author notes that this type of plant acts in a way to frighten off harmful insects. When placing them for stratification, the seeds should have a moisture content of 20 to 40%, while the substratum should have the least (field) moisture capacity.
These seedlings are ready for transplanting to their permanent place of residence at any time of the year.
In particular, he writes, "Gadflies, horse-flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and insects called by the common name of "midges" avoid the Siberianpine, in all probability, driven away by the resinous odor, which is especially strong during intense heat and after dusk."pine needles, thanks to the emission of bactericides, fungicides, and protozoacides, make the air more healthy and destroy pathogenic microorganisms, and impart wholesome properties to the air. In all methods of stratification, it is necessary to provide good drainage and protection from rodents.
The quantity of microbes in the air decreases with an increase in the proportion of Siberianpine in the composition of the stands.
In addition, if a pine forest has anfavorable effect on certain cardiac patients, inpine stands "even with a very large saturation of the vapours ofpineneedle essential oil, no negative deviations or indications of the ionization of the air are observed" (Sverchkov, 1964, p. All this confirms the sanitary-hygienic and even preventive medical importance ofpine stands.
Taking all this into account, it is necessary to plant more Siberianpines in our suburban forests, in resort areas, in urban squares, gardens, and parks, especially because the Siberianpine is more tolerant (in comparison to other conifers) of smoke and gases in urban conditions. The most important biological feature, which also has great practical significance, is the great hardiness of the Siberianpine in winter.
This is one of the representatives of the nut-bearing plants that is not afraid of harsh winters and extends far to the north.
Among the coniferous species, the Siberianpine is the most smoke resistant tree, and can propagate in large industrial cities.

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