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Most jewelry gifts require a lot of money to be invested and teenagers can have hard times getting their girlfriend a git that is of quality and brings a smile on her face. So if you are on a short budget but want to give your sweet heart a piece of jewelry that sparkles and shines like those of the biggest brands, I suggest to take a look at the five pendant necklace and earring sets listed below. The materials used are the famous Swarovski elements made out of crystal (lab created) and 925 sterling silver.
With this adorable heart shaped pendant necklace and earring set, there is no need to spend a fortune.
This flower basket pendant necklace and earring set makes a fantastic David Hamilton style gift for a romantic soul. This Swarovski matching necklace and earring set is inexpensive, yet it makes a wonderful present. The Swarovski flower basket pendant necklace and earring set is available indifferent colors: gold, purple, blue, white. With this stunning peacock pendant necklace and earring set, you’re sure to let your girlfriend know that she is beautiful.
The set includes a peacock shaped necklace with genuine Swarovski crystals and a bead and two matching peacock earrings with the popular crystals for pierced ears. This beautiful anchor pendant necklace and earring set is made of white plated gold and Swarovski elements.

The clover pendant necklace and earring set with Swarovski elements isn’t just designed for an Irish girlfriend.
Your sweet heart will be fond of this very original four leaf clover pendant necklace and earring set. If you aren’t satisfied with the five lovely pendant necklace and earring sets shown previously, you will want to take an eye to the other sets available in stores.
With the 5 pendant necklace and earring sets listed below, teens are able to impress their sweet heart without breaking the bank. She will love the beautiful red crystal pendant (made using Swarovski elements) that comes with a chain and the two matching heart shaped earrings for pierced ears.
You are going to easily get your girlfriend a fashion jewelry gift that will impress her very much.
It makes a stunning wedding accessory, is perfect for a formal dinner in town or just for a fun night out.
This jewelry gift set is available in different colors (pink, violet and blue) and is suitable for girls and women. The sizes are perfect and the jewels sparkle and shine so much that your girlfriend will get many compliments for wearing the set. Perfect for the holiday season, a snowflake themed set will provide your sweet heart with pleasure.

What I loved about these sets is that they are so inexpensive and so special at the same time. Holly Day turns any day into a holiday through gift ideas, parties, costumes, crafts, recipes and more she loves to share with the world. The pendant necklace and earring sets made with Swarovski elements are beautiful and suitable for any kind of occasion: birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and more.
Your girlfriend will love the Swarovski details and the lovely gold plated cord that makes the items look like real anchors. If you aren’t convinced with the white plated gold set, you will certainly be impressed by the very same anchor themed pendant necklace in rose plated gold and matching anchor rose earrings. By the way, she has a "thing" for strawberries, you know, these luscious red heart shaped fruits.

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