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This week, the phones will be ringing off their hooks in my office from anxious patients concerned about the results of the SPRINT trial. If you have high blood pressure and other risk factors for heart disease, than a BP target with the top number (systolic) under 120mmHg was associated with a 27 percent decreased risk of dying, when compared to a systolic BP of 140 mmHg. Older adults with high BP who have had a heart problem, lots of cardiac risks, or have chronic kidney disease may especially benefit from more aggressive BP control. There were increased side effects seen in the group that took more medication to lower their BP, but the study concluded that these side effects were mild when compared to the positive results.

Losing weight, exercising, watching salt, and dietary changes such as eating foods rich in potassium remain very important, especially if your BP is borderline, and may still help you avoid being on medication. The most important advice is to remember that it if treating high BP is akin to a race, it is more of a marathon than a SPRINT. David Becker is a board certified cardiologist with Chestnut Hill Temple Cardiology in Flourtown, Pa.
Now, based on results from the SPRINT trial, it looks like more medication to further lower blood pressure may be better.

Since then, thousands of patients have participated in the program, achieving significant results in improving cardiac wellness.

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