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Description: Rated NRR 29, an excellent safety rating, comes in a compact case with a 4 color process label. Description: Comfortable alternative to standard ear buds-no pressing against eardrums. Description: Includes the Executive Book Light (1025-22), Volume Adjusting Earbuds (#1670-93), and Thinline Mini Wired Mouse (#1691-01). Description: Waterproof case with neck rope and 1 pair of soft foam uncorded earplugs. Description: Waterproof case with neck rope and 1 pair of soft foam corded earplugs.
Description: North Brand ear plugs (NRR 31 dB) in a pocket pack are great for factory tours.
Description: A lightweight ear protector that offers a noise reduction level of 26 decibels protecting against harmful sound while allowing speech to be heard with clarity.

Walkers Ultimate Digital Quad Connect now lets you connect your bluetooth enabled device, including virtually all smart phones and bluetooth enabled two way radios.
Excellent environmental noise protection (NRR of 27), enhanced by the sound dampening composite housing.
Sound activated compression so you hear the entire soundscape, both amplified low sounds plus limited loud sounds for maximum situational awareness, no matter what is happening around you. Two, directional, wind-resistant microphones on each ear cup (a total of 4 mics) so you can tell from which direction sound is coming without the need to move!
Supplied with: Fabric Zip Case, Fabric Zip Bag, Pocket Pouch, CENS Wallet, Pack of 6 Batteries, Smart Care Comfort Cream, CENS Patch, CENS Cap, Cleaning Brush, Smart Wipe cleaning wipes, Smart Box drying system, Smart Pen cleaning pen. If you wish to purchase this product we need a set of impressions so we have the exact shape of your ears, leave your telephone number and we can arrange an appointment for you. Install on ear phone set and use to wind and store excess wire while listening to your favorite tunes.

Install on ear phone set and use to wind and store excess wire while listening to your favourite tunes.
Once you sync the headset to your phone or radio, you can communicate entirely through the headset, hearing through the speakers in each ear and picking up your voice through a built in microphone. When a loud sound strikes the muffs, the compression amplifier instantly responds to prevent dangerously loud sounds from entering your ears.
Allows for normal conversation and the use of mobile phones without the removal of your noise suppression.

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