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There are few basic facial piercings that everyone should know before doing holiday shopping for pierced family members.  They are the eyebrow piercing, anti-eyebrow piercing, labret, monroe, medusa, dimples, nostril (commonly referred to as just nose piercing), septum, and bridge. I really want to get either snake bites or shark bites but I’m not sure if I would look good with them.
Lol omg i saw this girl with 3 piercings on the left side of her eyebrow not in the eye brow or cheek, nooo it was on the siiiiide on the siiiiide of her eyebrow but i dont know whats the name of it. Dermal anchors are held into the skin with an L shaped foot bar that has openings in it for the skin fibers to attach, making it the more permanent of the two. What is a piercing called when you have a ‘Monroe’ and your bottom lip pierced on the same side? I’m 15 and i have my tongue, nose, bellybutton and lip pierced, should i get the other side of my lip pierced too or would it hurt too much?
I’m 15 and I have snake bites, at first for like maybe a week after i pierced them i had to tear my food up and put it in my mouth instead of biting the food, but after that i got used to it and its really easy now.
This was very helpful, I’ve been a piercing maniac since I was legally able to get it done by myself. I have tragus piercing in both ears and its just like getting the navel done there is a sharp pinch and then the pain is gone, but while the swelling goes down they are a bit uncomfortable to rest on. There are so many names for different types of lip piercing, but labret is kind of a broad-stroke term that encompasses pretty much all piercings of the lower lip. The tattoo shop I Go to for piercings refer to that as a Vertical Labret when its strait up (vertical) through the bottom lip.
I’m 15 and i have my tongue pierced, my nose pierced, my bellybutton pierced, two holes in my ears pierced, and my lip pierced, should i get the other side of my lip pierced too? Hopefully my parental figure will take me to get Venom Bites on my tongue soon(I realize, this is a facial piercing page), but I want to get a reverse eyebrow- which this page says is called an Anti-Eyebrow(?), and canine bites really soon. Im fourteen(female) and have a septum my mom doesnt know about ;D Bellybutton, three ear piercings on each side, and just a nostril piercing i took out thinking it looked weird with my septum barbel.
Both have the same general aesthetic results but the base that holds them into the dermis is different.

Removal is difficult, but not impossible, and most people cant tell they were ever there if done right. I’ve had several gauges and ear piercings (cartilage too), nipples, tongue web, and smiley.
But anywho, I was wondering if there was a name for what I had- I have my bottom lip pierced on my left side, and then I had a Monroe on my right…? And the bottom lip piercing I did when I was 13- there is no way in Hell I’m getting rid of it after 4 years. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE body modification, I have angel bites and gauges, but I plan on getting canine bites and etc etc. And while many people just have a dual stone belly button bar, others are taking their individually to the next level. Got an (illegal) tattoo but apparently another piercing is just too bothersome right now- people these days!
Also i feel like it may get annoying, or in the way, like with eating or kissing or whatever? Check out these mesmerizing piercings for a bit of inspo.Belly button piercing is one of the most common types of piercing that a person can opt for. In fact, in many cultures, belly button piercing can symbolize a variety of different things as well such as strength, courage and fertility. In the American culture, it has become a fashion statement that both men and women enjoy showcasing. Also if i were to get one, i cant decide if it would be one, or two (why i keep referring to both snake and spider). While it is more popular amongst women, many men are also getting naval piercings to accent their washboard stomachs.There are several different ways that you can pierce a belly button. Traditionally, naval piercings are done through the top of the belly button, placing a curved barbell through the naval, usually with a studded end.
However, many individuals have taken this art one step further by adding lavish charms or jewels to the end of their barbell as well.In honor of many ancient cultures such as the Egyptian and Arabic cultures, many individuals are getting the bottom or sides of their naval pierced, using various jewelry or dermal piercings as well.

This creates a unique look that, while covering the belly button completely in some cases, it generates an entirely new sense of awe to those gazing upon them.When looking to get your belly button piercing, you should always accent the form and shape of your own body.
Those with outter belly buttons may opt for a piercing through the center of their belly button since there is not enough room to go through the top or bottom of it.You may often see belly button piercings that incorporate chains or band around the entire waist line as well. Since belly button jewelry comes in all different shapes sizes and designs, it gives you the ability to create your own sense of individuality perfectly. While many people opt for simple jewelry that accents their body shape more than their fashion sense, it is not uncommon to see studded jewelery that is relatively small in size. Since the belly button is one of those body parts that is often exposed and deemed as a sexual desire for many, you will often see women get really creative with their belly button piercing choices!Common Things To Consider When Getting Your Belly Button PiercedYou should always consider the amount of skin and cartilage that you have around your belly button before you decide to get it pierced.
The stronger the cartilage is around your naval, the less issues you will have when getting it pierced. Many people often find that without this, the piercing will not stay in and can often rip out, so to speak, most commonly when they speak. While it sounds like a painful thing to happen, you often do not even feel the piercing remove itself from the skin.You will also want to ensure that you are getting the right jewelry.
However, if you at some point will want to dabble with the more lavish types of jewelry, such as bigger barbells, hoops or crossway jewelery, you will want to get your original piercing with a larger gauge needle to accommodate your jewelry choice.Body piercing such as naval piercings can often help you develop a strong love for piercings. It is not uncommon to base your belly button piercing around tattoos or other forms of piercing such as dermal piercings.
Since women love to wear bikinis in the summer months, you will often see the most creative piercing designs that are unlike anything you will ever see.

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