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The QuietComfort series of noise cancelling head and earphones have proven to be some of the best products in the market today in terms of noise cancellation. Is the QuietComfort 15 able to deliver on both noise cancellation and audio quality to warrant its $270 price tag? There is single AAA battery located on the upper portion of the right cup which is cleverly hidden by the headband when worn. Bose is an industry leader when it comes to noise cancellation and the QuietComfort 15 is a testament to how well the brand produces headphones that can effectively eliminate low frequency noises such as the humming of air conditioners and vehicles. No Bose QuietComfort 15 Review would be complete without covering how well the noise cancellation works. The noise cancellation has to be turned on if you want to listen to music and relies on a AAA battery to work. As you would expect from over ear headphones, it could feel a bit hot on the ears after wearing it for some time, especially on hot days. The QuietComfort 15 retails for $299 and this high price tag seems to be a common characteristic for products in the QuietComfort line, along with its excellent noise cancellation.
For frequent travelers and commuters, the biggest advantage to buying the QuietComfort 15 is obviously the noise cancellation as it is by far, one of the most effective in the market today. The Bose QuietComfort 15 has been discontinued, they are ARE available used and as refurbished.

Summary : For frequent travelers and commuters, the biggest advantage to buying the QuietComfort 15 is obviously the noise cancellation as it is by far, one of the most effective in the market today. I travel internationally on a frequent basis for work and the only way I have found to be able to rest on a plane is by using noise cancelling headphones. Bose on Friday sued Beats for infringing on patents for noise-canceling headphones, claiming it has marketed similar products. Bose is suing recent Apple acquisition Beats Electronics claiming the headphone maker infringed on its noise cancellation patents.
The ear cushions effectively seal off the ears from outside noise without feeling intrusive or heavy. The cups can swivel 90 degrees for easier storage in the stylish case that comes with the headphones. Higher frequency noises don’t disappear however so if you were hoping to mute out human chatter from two feet away, you might get disappointed though the QuietComfort 15 does a good job of muffling those types of noises and makes it easier to ignore. The battery that comes with the unit can last up to 35 hours of music but you can also replace it with your own rechargeable ones or a disposable alkaline one. Some moisture might build up when used for extended periods but taking it off periodically for short periods usually solves this problem. However, for those who only need noise cancellation occasionally, the audio quality of the QuietComfort 15 may not be worth its steep price.

Here is a handy comparison chart showing features of our top rated noise cancelling headphones. They have a new replacement available that is even better; the QuietComfort 25 series headphones. While the design is almost identical, the performance of the QuietComfort 15 outshines its predecessor by a mile.
The silver and black color scheme is generic enough to fit the style aesthetics of a wide variety of people but may be most appealing to travelers and commuters.
The QuietComfort 15 was designed with travelers in mind so it also comes with a two prong adapter for airplane use. Bear in mind however that what Bose excels in is noise cancellation and not so much sound quality and sticklers for impeccable audio quality might get disappointed.
Bose QuietComfort 15 Review Design and Features Bose recycled the design of the QuietComfort 2 and used it for this model.

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