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At least two retailers in the US are hoping Jingle Bells translates to tills ringing this Christmas. The popular feature, which debuted earlier this season, returns beginning with ESPN's telecast of the Bombardier Learjet 500k June 11 from Texas Motor Speedway. With "Side-By-Side," ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC Sports' coverage remains with the race action during all national commercials. The screen will be split into two pictures with the race action on the left and the advertiser's commercial with audio in a larger box to the right.
A graphic above the race box will display the top three drivers of the race at the time of the break and the location of the event.
The sponsor logo or name will be at the top of the screen and change in correspondence to the advertiser. The networks' local commercial breaks during the entire race telecast will be full screen with no race coverage. Kite will be pulling double duty at Texas as he attempts to compete in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Chex 400 as well as the IndyCar Series event. Earlier this year, Ford and Lincoln Mercury announced plans to target up to 21 vehicle lines for factory installation of SIRIUS over the 2006 and 2007 model years, and announced that they expect to generate up to one million SIRIUS subscribers over the two model year period.
Land Rover recently announced plans to offer SIRIUS as a factory-installed option on select vehicle lines, beginning with the 2006 model year. It was business as usual at Silverstone and Barrichello confirmed that the current difficulties experienced by the Scuderia have not affected the teama€™s approach. It is now well documented that the Scuderiaa€™s main problem is a lack of qualifying pace, which is preventing the drivers from fully exploiting its excellent race pace.
Finally, Barrichello was asked to comment on Kimi Raikkonena€™s Nurburgring accident, when his suspension broke, as a result of excessive vibration caused when the Finn flat-spotted a tire. The Canadian GP is one that Michael enjoys, not only for Montreala€™s friendly atmosphere, but also because it is a race in which he has often been successful in the past. All of the events will lead up to United States Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which will play host to the stars of Formula One. The USGP Fan Guide, which lists many of the "Grand Week" activities with locations and times, will be available at several locations during Race Week around the Indianapolis area, including the Indianapolis International Airport, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's ticket office and Hall of Fame Museum and various other locations.
The public is invited to a "Grand Prix-View" as Indianapolis welcomes the world on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis at 11 a.m. Indy Jazz Fest, June 17-19, a family-oriented, three-day, multi-stage event featuring the best in local and national jazz, blues, roots, rhythm & blues and gospel, including national recording artists The Commodores and the legendary Tony Bennett. The National Gathering of Ferrari, showcasing a collection of vintage race and road cars from Ferrari. Chrysler Indianapolis Concours Grand Prix antique and collector car show Saturday, June 18 on Monument Circle. Formula One practice and qualifications are scheduled for Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18 at IMS, with the USGP scheduled for a 1 p.m. Kelly Anderson writes in the second story that the Indianapolis 500 turned the Roscoe, Ill.
Patrick also will be featured in this weeka€™s issue of Us Weekly and in an upcoming issue of Glamour magazine. She was dumped by the race ace last month, and the move scotches rumors that they are set to reunite. Singer Louise is considering selling the huge rock anonymously through a well-known auctioneer. Jenson, 25, proposed to Louise in October 2003 at the Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados - presenting her with the enormous engagement ring.
Stewart fired back after the race (he finished 15th), and as usual returned the challenge with a slap to the face.A  "I got into the back of him," he snorted. NASCAR declines option to extend with FOXA NASCAR declines option to extend with FOXUPDATE Only half the NASCAR TV renegotiations story with Fox came out last week.
When it comes to the BMW Williams the tireless work in the wind tunnels in Grove and on the BMW test stands in Munich are supposed to make sure that Mark Webber and Nick Heidfeld are able to battle it out at the front end of the Formula One field. After a difficult start to the season, the team has been very successful in recent events, with an impressive balance of 22 points won in the past two Grand Prix. Fast forward to the same race in 2005, and Rob Finlay is now not only podium-finishing driver, but also owner of Finlay Motorsports, which fields two of the top teams in the Grand American series.
Schumacher, who has an estimated fortune of A?500 million, is believed to pay less than 10 per cent of his earnings in tax. Suzanne Oberholzer, an MP for the Social Democrats, is behind the petition to parliament and has already gained support among other politicians. If the law is successful, Schumacher could end up paying more than 40 per cent tax in total: almost as much as if he moved back across the border to Germany. For the BMW Williams team, the next round in Montreal comes after podium results in Monaco and NA?rburgring, and with a successful test this week at Silverstone under their belts and a number of aerodynamic upgrades on the FW27a€™s, they are expecting to see some very strong results. ON TONY STEWART APPARENTLY SAYING THAT MARK MARTIN SHOULD START ON A SCHOOL ON HOW TO DRIVE RESEPECTFULLY. Eric Salignon (Cram) stalled at the beginning of the formation lap and as a result had to start the race from the back of the grid. Neck and neck, the two Epsilon Euskadi Formula Renault 3.5 cars quickly moved several lengths ahead of Will Power (Carlin), Adrian Valles (Pons), Simon Pagenaud (Saulnier), Andreas Zuber (Carlin), Markus Winkelhock (Draco), Tristan Gommendy (KTR), Patrick Pilet (Jenzer) and Jaap Van Lagen (KTR). Tristan Gommendy made an error that allowed his fellow countryman, Patrick Pilet, to move past him into 6th place.
Robert Kubica: a€?This is a good result for the championship and an excellent result for the team.
Will Power: a€?The car was quick enough for me to get pole, but I made one or two mistakes.
Beating an impressive race-record field of 29 SCORE Trophy-Trucks for his first Tecate SCORE Baja 500 win in the marquee SCORE racing division for 800-horsepower, high-tech, unlimited production trucks, Gordon claimed his third overall 4-Wheel crown in the event and his fourth class win.A  His previous class wins were in 1988, 1989 and 1990 and his other two overall crowns were the last two years of that string. Looking much like an inverted deflating balloon on a string, the 419-mile race course started in downtown Ensenada adjacent to the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center and finished inside the Deportivo Antonio Palacios baseball stadium in the heart of Ensenada. DESCRIPTION: During the late Middle Ages a Venetian by the name of Giovanni Leardo compiled a series of wall-maps that were based, in their general arrangements, upon earlier cartographic designs.
The oldest, as well as the crudest and simplest, of these four Leardo maps is preserved in the Biblioteca Communale Library at Verona, Italy and carries the date 1442. Commentaria in somnium Scipionis, 20:20, a treatise by Macrobius, gives the diameter of the earth as 80,000 stades, which might, if converted into Arabic miles, be approximately 6,857 miles of Leardo, other figures are even more at odds. The astronomical details are followed in the third paragraph by the explanation of the calendar.
The second circle shows the names of the months, beginning with March, which was officially reckoned the first month of the year in the Republic of Venice until as late as 1797; it also tells the day, hour, and minute when the sun enters each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The seventh circle gives the dominical, or Sunday, letters; these are indicated opposite the days of the month (fourth circle) on which Sunday falls in the years designated by the first letters (seven) of the alphabet. The four figures in the spaces between the calendar and the outer edge of the parchment represent the four evangelists: the lion for St. Leardo draws a circular landmass, or oikoumene [known world], surrounded by a narrow strip of water. In its orientation, with East and the Terrestrial Paradise at the top and with Jerusalem at the center, the map follows the Christian tradition of the earlier Middle Ages, hence the long axis of the Mediterranean runs vertically up the southern half of the disk. Later medieval contacts between Europe and remote lands are revealed in names derived from Western travelers such as Marco Polo who had visited the Far East, as well as in the Arabic names in Asia and Africa.
In contrast to the earlier medieval cartography, such as the T-O maps (Book II, #205) that were symbolically drawn, in the Leardo map the contours of the Mediterranean and of Western Europe are surprisingly well drawn and easily recognizable, obviously being based upon sea-charts known as portolanos. This Leardo map, which was painted on parchment, displays the seas as a uniform blue color, with of course the exception of the Red Sea that is appropriately colored. Winds blowing from the four cardinal and four intermediate points of the compass are shown by eight faces around the edge of the disk. Although decorative, the Leardo map lacks many of the pictorial elements such as animals, birds, preposterous monsters that enliven the blank spaces on other medieval maps. Among the existing maps dating from the 14th and early 15th centuries this Leardo map of 1452 is very closely related to the group of maps drawn by the famous Catalan cartographers of Majorca in the Balearic Islands.
A brief discussion of each of the four major geographical areas, Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe, will reveal some of the salient points of this map as outlined in the enclosed numbered sketch-map (from J.K. ASIA: In the extreme north (left-hand side) there is a large structure that looks like an Italian church with its campanile (#13). South of the sepulcher can be seen the River Volga (items #6, #7) flowing into the northwestern corner of the Caspian (item #250).
Farther east, beyond a row of six castles representing towns on the borderlands of China (#35-40), we come to a gulf of the encircling ocean and to a great system of mountains. Immediately west of the statues appears Mount Tanacomedo (item #48), apparently Leardo copied Montana Comedorum from a Ptolemaic map, combining the last part of the first word with the first part of the last.
In central Asia there are two rivers entering the eastern side of the Caspian Sea, the Jaxartes (item #117) and the Oxus (item #118). The Tigris and Euphrates (#165, #166) join, reaching the Persian Gulf (#267) as a single stream flowing between two large edifices that represent Susiana (#172) and Babylonia (#173). The most prominent feature in Arabia is Mecca (#211), a large domed and towered building in good Italian Renaissance style and presumably representing a mosque.
AFRICA: On Leardoa€™s map, this continent, like that of the Catalan-Estense map, has a very unusual shape (see outline map comparisons below). THE MEDITERRANEAN: The outlines of the Mediterranean (#433) and Black Seas (#431) are more correct than any other features which Leardo draws. Leardoa€™s place-names along the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts are all derived from the portolan charts, although Leardo wrote names only where it was easy to do so without crowding. The maps vary among themselves, but all are oriented with East and Paradise at the top and Jerusalem in the center.
The computus and theological framework of the Leardo maps show their purpose: to illustrate the totality of Goda€™s creation in both space and time. Crivellari, Giuseppe, Alcuni cimeli della cartografia medievale e sistenti a Verona (Firenze: B. Crivellari, Giuseppe, Alcuni cimeli della cartografia medievaleesistenti a Verona (Firenze: B. Wright, John Kirtland, The Leardo Map of the World, 1452 or 1453, in the Collections of the American Geographical Society (New York: American Geographical Society, 1928). NordenskiA¶ld, Adolf Erik, Periplus, an essay on the early history of charts and sailing directions (Stockholm, 1897).
NordenskiA¶ld, Adolf Erik, Periplus, an essay on the early history of charts and sailing directions (Stockholm, 1897), pp. Uzielli, Gustavo and Amat di Filippo, Pietro, Mappamondi, carte nautiche, portolani ed altre monumenti cartografici specialmente italiani dei secoli XIII-XVII, 2nd ed. American Geographical Society 1928 (colored, original size) The World Encompassed: an exhibition of the history of maps, Plate V. Stevenson, Edward Luther, Genoese world map, 1457 (New York: American Geographical Society and Hispanic Society of America, 1912), Plate 56. Stevenson, Edward Luther, Genoese world map, 1457 (New York: American Geographical Society and Hispanic Society of America, 1912), 56.

Stevenson, Edward Luther, Descriptions of early maps, originals and facsilimes (1452-1611) (New York, 1921), 1, no. Wright, John Kirtland, The Leardo map of the world, 1452 or 1453, in the collections of the American Geographical Society (New York, 1928). Leardo draws a circular landmass, or oikoumene [known world], surrounded by a narrow strip of water.A  One cannot, however, question his belief in the sphericity of the earth, for otherwise he would hardly have held the views expressed in the panel below the calendar.
Although decorative, the Leardo map lacks many of the pictorial elements such as animals, birds, preposterous monsters that enliven the blank spaces on other medieval maps.A  With the exception of the eight wind faces and the symbolic figures of the evangelists no living creatures, whether animals or men, are graphically represented. A brief discussion of each of the four major geographical areas,A  Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe, will reveal some of the salient points of this map as outlined in the enclosed numbered sketch-map (from J.K.
In central Asia there are two rivers entering the eastern side of the Caspian Sea, the Jaxartes (item #117) and the Oxus (item #118).A  The Lake of Aral, in which these great streams actually have their outlet, seems to have been wholly unknown to the geographers both of antiquity and of medieval Europe.
The most prominent feature in Arabia is Mecca (#211), a large domed and towered building in good Italian Renaissance style and presumably representing a mosque.A  Several corrupted Turkish place-names, along with classical names appear in Asia Minor. The Indian Ocean is filled with yellow and red islands.A A  A legend asserting that pepper and spice are found in these islands (#275) comes from Marco Poloa€™s description of the East Indian archipelago. Like most medieval cartographers, Leardo makes the Nile (#312) rise in West Africa (#338).A A  In this he follows Herodotus, Pliny, Mela and other ancient authorities. In total, nearly 90% of Ford and Lincoln Mercury vehicles will have SIRIUS as a factory installed option for the 2008 model year. Taking a short break in the USA ahead of the twin challenges of Montreal and Indianapolis has some advantages.
It is understandable that the seven-time world champion is looking forward to it: a€?we want to get back to the top. Race fans who have purchased Race Day tickets can walk the pits and stand adjacent to the open garages, providing a clear view of the sleek cars, high-tech equipment and skilled personnel of all 10 Formula One teams.
Swift writes that Patrick lived up to the pre-race media build-up that included interviews, video and photos on everything from a€?ABC World News Tonighta€? to the cover of USA Today. Devastated Louise Griffiths, 26, is ready to flog the beautiful, heart-shaped diamond ring, which is worth at least A?50,000. Chevrolet will debut the newly-redesigned Monte Carlo at Daytona in February 2006, while Ford will switch from the Taurus to the Ford 500 next year.
NASCAR officials said they had decided not to renew the final two-year option with Fox for 2007 and 2008.
All the time teams are working on further improvements to gain an advantage over their rivals. Worth, Wheldon sat down with local media to talk about his Indy 500 win and highlight the next three races on the Indy Racing League's calendar. The "Schumi Initiative" - a petition to parliament named after German Formula One racing driving Michael Schumacher, who is currently building a lavish mansion on the shores of Lake Geneva - seeks to put an end to local deals that allow some 3,000 wealthy expats living in Switzerland to negotiate low rates of tax.
He is officially listed as "unemployed" in his adopted homeland, where he moved to from Germany in 1996 to escape crippling income taxes of 42 per cent, coupled with 53 per cent on investments and an extra 5 per cent on his total tax bill to fund the rebuilding of East Germany.
As Sete Gibernau sensationally crashed out of the race on the sixth lap to the delight of the 88,367 fans, Rossi came under intense pressure from Max Biaggi, Marco Melandri and Loris Capirossi. Like last year, Mattias EkstrA¶m won the race on the Czech Grand Prix circuit ahead of his teammate Tom Kristensen. The handling to substitute Bruno lookedA to us not very well orchestrated between the race-teams.
Starting from pole position, local driver Felix Porteiro never let his team mate Robert Kubica seriously trouble him.
Raffaele Giammaria (DAMS) continued to make progress on his World Series learning curve, but the Italiana€™s race came to a premature end on lap 8 in the gravel pit.
On lap 14 of 19, the race lost another two drivers: Tomas Kostka (Victory Engineering) and Giorgio Mondini (Eurointernational).A  These two retirements were the last incidents in a race won by the Epsilon Euskadi team! It was a good race, ita€™s nice to finish on the podium after a disastrous weekend at Zolder and my poor result in qualifying at Monaco. Leaving shortly after finishing the race to return to Dover, Del., to drive in Sundaya€™s NASCAR Nextel Cup race, Gordon charged to the front early in his No.
States, Mexico, Canada and Japan, for round 3 of the six-race 2005 SCORE Desert Series, the Worlda€™s Foremost Desert Racing Series. Spending most of the last nine years as a part-time SCORE desert racer, Gordon won his first SCORE race since winning four races on the way to the 1996 SCORE Trophy-Truck season point champion. All of the four world maps attributed to Leardo have characteristic features of both the T-O diagrams of Isidore (Book II, #205), and the zonal maps of Macrobius (Book II, #201). This map does share a special feature with the others, namely the exceptional addition of a series of rings surrounding the circular map-disk, which constitute an elaborate calendar. In the third circle the first nineteen letters of the alphabet represent, in order, the years of the Metonic Luni-solar cycle.
From this we see that the vernal equinox fell on March 11, inasmuch as the calendar was constructed before the Gregorian reform.
Other features reflecting the religious or scriptural influence are Noaha€™s Ark resting on top of Mt.
In most cases the names have been written upon the vignettes themselves; since the latter are also colored pink or green, the letters are frequently obscured and quite illegible.
Those to the north, northwest and northeast are blue, suggesting cold blasts from these quarters; the other faces are ruddy. In its general outlines it is so similar to the Catalan-Estense map of 1450 (#246) that we may assume a common cartographic ancestor of recent vintage. The gulf (item #11), which contains three islands, appears in almost the same position and form on the Estense map, where there is a legend explaining that on the islands griffons and falcons are found and that the natives are not allowed to kill them without the permission of the Grand Khan of the Tatars. In the 12th century, reports spread through Europe of the vast realm of a fabulous Christian monarch in the heart of Asia. The least successful portion of Leardoa€™s Mediterranean coast is that of Spain: the shore here is unduly elongated as compared with that of the Catalan-Estense map, Barcelona (#475) and Ampurias (#476) being placed too far northeast on what ought to be the French shore line. The Red Sea is red, Gog and Magog are confined in the northeast, along with griffins and cannibals, and Noaha€™s Ark and Mt. Modern features are included where that can be done without violating the integrity of the model, but the basic format is the traditional one. However, Leardo does not specify the years to which the dominical letters in his calendar refer.
Furthermore, his two legends relating to the fiery and frozen deserts echo a theory that was propounded in classical times and based upon the hypothesis of a spherical earth. Wrighta€™s analysis).A  For a more detailed account of all of the numbered features of this outline map see Wrighta€™s monograph. A  Marco Polo adds that at the time of the funeral of Mongol Khan 20,000 persons were thus slain. This mis-location error is also to be found on the Catalan Atlas of 1375 (#235) and the Catalan-Estense map of 1450 (#246). Many of the place-names in India correspond with those of the Catalan maps and in turn were derived from Marco Polo.A  The scene of St. Moslem scholars, however, were aware of its existence.A  Leardo places the castles of Organa and of Organzia [Urganj] (items #120, #121) at the mouth of the Jaxartes and his place-name Orcania (item #132) on the Oxus. The largest of these islands, lying off the coast of India, is marked Taprobana (#269) and probably represents Sumatra. Ptolemy, however, seems to have had a more correct view, placing the sources of the river in the Mountains of the Moon in eastern Africa. This is probably because of failure on the part of the makers of the original portolan charts to take into consideration the declination of the compass.
Beginning in January 2009, Ford may elect to become nonexclusive under the agreement, in which case Ford would forfeit all future economic benefits, which could be significant. Michael, in the company of his family and friends, left for North America the evening after the GP of Europe. If there had not been the untidy start at Nurburgring that compromised my race, Rubens and I would now be in a very good position.
Mayor Bart Peterson and city leaders will kick off the "Grand Week in Indy" with music, remarks and classic collector and vintage cars. The two Audi drivers had a thrilling fight with the former runner-up of the Formula 1 World Championship, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, before taking the lead and increasing the gap to almost 25 seconds. Despite this year's handicaps to both Audi R8's (50 additional kilograms of weight, power reduced by 30hp), the team managed to use the practice session to find the best set-up to maneuver the 8.625-mile circuit de la Sarthe. She's still stunned that Jenson called off their wedding when the invites had been sent out. But the BAR racing driver ended their four-year romance last month after rows over children.
Biffle also said "I'm so excited to win here in Dover (with) all the soldiers I met this weekend.
But the real story, according to sources, is that Fox has proposed canceling that two-year option in order to sign a new six-year contract with NASCAR, for 2007 through 2112, for a slight bump in money.
It cannot be right for Michael Schumacher and some 3,000 other foreign, rich inhabitants of Switzerland to be free from normal income tax rules. But, and Ia€™m not sure Jeff Gordon needs to attend one of my seminars, but I do think that Tony Stewart ought to hold court and teach some of these young guys how to give the older guys that have been there the respect that they have coming. The guys have just really, really hit on something about half or two-thirds of the way through the season last year. All three took turns leading the race before a typical late charge from Rossi that saw him take the flag by 0.359 seconds from Biaggi, with Capirossi holding off an attack from Melandri in the final corner to clinch Ducatia€™s first podium of the season in third place. The two Audi drivers crossed the finish line almost 25 seconds ahead of the third-placed contender.
Colin Fleming (Jenzer) lost several places as a result of a skirmish with the gravel pit, whereas the race came to a premature end for Medhi Bennani (Avelon), who got stuck in the gravel. Van Lagen put his car in an impressive 360A° spin on the second lap, but he regained control and was able to continue the race. Markus Winkelhock made a costly mistake that lost him five places, whilst Andreas Zuber was forced to bring his car back to the Pit lane and out of the race, victim of a mechanical failure.
Indian driver Karun Chandhok (RC Motorsport) put in a fine performance, managing to overtake Celso Miguez (Pons) and then Ryo Fukuda (Saulnier)! The large field, competing in 24 Pro and 5 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, was the fourth-largest in the storied history of the summer desert classic and the most since the event record was set and then tied in 1976 and 1977. However, Leardoa€™s use of a more precise delineation of the Mediterranean area based upon contemporary nautical or portolano charts and place names culled from the accounts of medieval travelers to the Far East, combine to make these maps significant improvements over many of the more stylized mappaemundi of the period. The third, from 1448, is somewhat more elaborate in design and belongs to the Museo Civico at Vicenza. The description and explanation of these rings or circles is found as part of a broader text in the frame or panel located below the map itself. He mis-quotes the Nicene Creed and runs the Trinity and the person of Christ together as if they were the same thing.
These years were usually designated by the golden numbers, but before the Gregorian reform letters were frequently employed in place of the numbers. Islands are tinted either red or yellow, with green patches in the interior of Great Britain and Ireland.

There are certain legends and place names that are found on one and not the other, however, their real similarity lies in their coastal outlines. This is also from Marco Polo, who writes that a€?the islands where these birds are bred lie so far north that the North Star is left behind you in the southa€?.
Briefly, this theory, ascribed to Crates of Mallos (#113, Book I), states that around the equatorial circumference of the globe is a fiery zone so intensely hot that no man can cross it. Islands are tinted either red or yellow, with green patches in the interior of Great Britain and Ireland.A  The only other natural features depicted are mountains, rivers and lakes, although certain deserts are mentioned in legends. The actual place of burial of the Mongol Khans was in Cathay, far away from northern Russia where Leardo, following the model of Catalan maps, draws it.A  European cartographers of the 14th and 15th centuries seem to have known and cared little about the relative positions of places in Asia; as Italian merchants by this time had established contacts with the Mongols in southern Russia, what was more natural than to place the Mongol overlorda€™s tomb in the hinterland of the Black Sea? Thomasa€™ mission and of the early introduction of Christianity into India is indicated by the inscription: Here preached St.
There is nothing specific we are doing here for Canada and the USA.a€? Outlining his hopes for Round 8 of the World Championship, Barrichello is as upbeat as ever. This is a team that has won in the past and knows how to win and in my opinion, we dona€™t need much to get back to winning again.
I dona€™t think Renault is as dominant any more and I think McLaren is really on top at the moment. He planned to enjoy a few days of freedom and the holiday has had the desired effect as he approaches the GP of Canada in tip-top condition.
However, we have taken a step in the right direction and it is in this direction that we have to continuea€?. In front of 38,000 spectators, Audi also showed a strong team performance: Five of the eight Audi A4 DTM cars scored points with top-eight positions.
Louise, who had already chosen her wedding dress, was keen to have kids soon, but Jenson - estimated to be worth A?20 million - preferred to concentrate on his career.
We won't be able to pass, and that's not a good thing." Many competitors feel the lack of horsepower will produce single-file racing. And Fox executives are reportedly pleased with David Hill's work last week at Charlotte in his negotiations with NASCAR. Youa€™ve got some that do and youa€™ve got some that dona€™t, and that doesna€™t mix and thata€™s what happens on the race track. By clinching the new Audi A4 DTM cara€™s first victory, the reigning DTM Champion, Mattias EkstrA¶m, took the lead in the overall standings. The new pact builds on an association launched 13 years ago with a flashy "rainbow" paint scheme and a 21-year-old rookie driver named Jeff Gordon.
The inscription on this particular Leardo map is somewhat awkwardly phrased in the Venetian dialect of the 15th century; but, although the beginning of each line is missing, the meaning is fairly clear, especially when certain of the missing lines are reconstructed from the corresponding inscription on the map in Vicenza of 1448. This passage is followed by a statement that the map shows how the land and islands stand in relation to the seas and how the many provinces and mountains and principal rivers are distributed on the land.
Leardo explains that C (golden number 10) stands for 1453, D for 1454, and so on until T is reached, after which we begin over again at A.
Sinai, the exaggerated length of the River Jordan and an inscription in the far northeast referring to Gog and Magog. The mountains southeast of the gulf make an enclosure shaped something like a A? (items #42-47).
Within this conventional structure, however, Leardo has found it possible to incorporate some modern material. Here there was more available space than in the Far East, and here also, on the Leardo map, the Grand Khana€™s tomb could be made symmetrically to provide balance for Prester Johna€™s palace on the other side of the map in Africa (item #299). The latter stream represents, perhaps, a combination of the Niger and Senegal, of which some faint knowledge may have been gained through traders who had crossed the Sahara. Our rivals have managed to improve their cars and the way they use the tires with the new regulations, while we have not progressed as much, compared to last year.
We have to see how it develops, but we must start winning races if we are to have a chance to win the championship.
Allan McNish scored his first ever DTM points, finishing seventh despite a a€?drive-trougha€™ penalty.
Patrick, who started and finished fourth, had fans on their feet when she was leading the 500-Mile Race a€“ the first female ever to lead -- with six laps remaining until being passed by eventual winner Wheldon. Hill is Fox's sports boss; his duties have also expanded to include running DirecTV, the satellite network. We had more difficult than normal circumstances last week, and we werena€™t successful, we hadna€™t been successful most of the year with good conditions, so certainly we were going to have a failure last week. And that all gets back to when someonea€™s faster than someone else and ita€™s 100 laps in or 10 laps in or 300 laps in, you can do one of two things. Like I say, I thought at lap 225 today or maybe 250, I thought, certainly at 225, I didna€™t think I would have to beat him to win the race, but those guys got it back together and got it wired in. Under the new contract, DuPont continues as the primary sponsor for three years, through the 2008 racing season, with the option to extend for an additional two years. Then, on the asserted authority of Macrobius, a very excellent astrologer and geometrician, figures are given for the dimensions of the earth and various heavenly bodies. Nothing daunted, most of the 15th century cartographers who used the writings of Ptolemy boldly transferred the Mountains of the Moon to West Africa to suit their theory of the rivera€™s course. The Mediterranean and Black Seas are drawn according to the model of the sea chart, though the mapa€™s small size does not allow for many place-names, and the winds are eight, in seaman fashion, rather than the classical twelve.
The Iron Gate was built by Alexander in the wall enclosing Gog and Magog, and the statues represent trumpeters set up to keep guard over these unclean hordes. The lower Nile is joined by the River Stapus (#313), doubtless the Astapus of Ptolemy or the modern Blue Nile. We might just get the right tire and win the race, it might rain and we might win the race, or we might win the race. Christian Abt was the best driver of a year-old car in sixth position, Frank Stippler finished eighth.
In the manufacturersa€™ standings, Audi has added 15 points to its score, thus reducing its disadvantage to a mere four points. These estimates are quite fanciful, bearing little relation to the corresponding figures actually cited by Macrobius. Ptolemaic names appear, especially in Africa, where the Nile flows from the Mountains of the Moon, located in West Africa. On the Catalan-Estense map this tributary rises in the Terrestrial Paradise, there placed in East Africa.
NASCAR officials are very interested in expanding their sport's international television coverage.
The problem is that, and Kyle worked awesome out there with me today, there are not very many newcomers a€“ Ia€™m not even going to use the age thing a€“ Ia€™m just saying therea€™s not that many newcomers that really get the hang of how to run these long races and so they fight tooth-and-nail and they wona€™t let people get by them. The DuPont-Hendrick association began in 1992 with Gordon's Cup Series debut and his first full season in 1993, when he earned Rookie of the Year honors. To the mountain range of North Africa, the Carena of the Catalan maps, Leardo has added Ptolemaic names. We are tire testing exhaustively but with more races this year, there is not so much time to develop the car in between the races.
The guys who had the best cars were able to go to the front and stay in the front and the guys who made the best adjustments in the last 200 laps or 150 laps really are the ones that won the race, because up until that point Biffle was behind me. If they want to continue we see better chances for oval-races outside the USA, for example Germany or England.
The combination has since netted 72 wins and four championships in NASCAR's premier division. The southern region is described as uninhabitable due to the heat and is colored red on all three maps. Corinna and I not really townies and so we really enjoy spending our free time together herea€?.
Missing from today's practice session was the third driver for each car, Tom Kristensen who will join the No.
Fox, NBC and Turner Sports are in the fifth year of a six-year, $2.4 billion contract to televise NASCAR races. Wheareas just as Kyle and I raced throughout the day when he was faster than me I let him go and when I caught him and got all over him he let me go, and we didna€™t jeopardize our cars or our finishes by being hard-headed.
Africa is indented by a deep gulf on either side, while the southern part of the continent is fanned out as it is on the Catalan Modena map (#246), producing an Indian Ocean with an opening to the east. With the season in full swing, the world champion is not totally relaxed and analyzed the feedback from the Ferrari tests held last week by other Scuderia drivers. So the drivers are a lot to blame for all the cautions, but therea€™s pressure on these guys, enormous pressure. We think that with professional advertising and organization both could be successful events.
Naturally, the results of the tests and the information obtained would be of interest, but the reigning champion could not be drawn on the outcome of the two upcoming races: a€?I prefer to skip that onea€?, he smiled. The Persian Gulf runs from east to west, cutting off the Arabian peninsula on the north, while the Red Sea has a right-angle bend in it, oriented north-south in Egypt and turning to run into the Indian Ocean from the west. Both Kristensen and McNish could not attend the test session as they were competing in the DTM race that was held in the Czech Republic. We have a lot of respect for the work OWRS has done, but they have to make a few big decisions soon.
A large Scandinavian peninsula lies along the northwestern section of the map, taking up so much room that the British Isles are pushed down to a location off the western coast of France. Despite the new regulations, the goal for Team ADT Champion Racing is the same: to clinch their first 24 Hours of Le Mans victory and give Audi its fifth Le Mans victory.
I wrecked a lot of cars the year before last, too, because my car ran in the middle of the pack and ita€™s wild back there and you have to race really hard.
There are several references to the spice trade in the Indian Ocean, and in the Sahara are some of the towns that began appearing on Catalan maps in the previous century. First of all we have to wait for free practice on Friday and only then will we have a clearer idea of how things stand.
This won't be easy due to the handicaps however the R8's reliability, ease of servicing the car and the low fuel consumption of the Turbo FSI engine should give Champion Racing a good chance. There are many teams who have worked hard and so I would prefer to wait before evaluating the situation. Former ABC Sports Executive Steve Solomon said ABC and ESPN are possible bidders for NASCAR's rights when the current agreements expire after the 2006 season.
The 73rd running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world's most famous endurance race, will be run June 18-19 at the Circuit de La Sarthe in Le Mans, France.

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