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More than seven decades on, the debate appears to continue.Just over half of the British and Irish sample prefer the version of neither where the first syllable rhymes with a€?scythea€™ but three-quarters of the North American participants opted for the version which rhymed with a€?seethea€™. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The CD-ROM does not contain the information panels or the study section from the paper version.
The 16th edition of the EPD CD-ROM was a bit disappointing because it only had British recordings. However, you can listen only to the first (most common) British and American pronunciation. The EPD does not have recordings for derived words, such as lifted, lifts, lifting; only the main word (lift) has been recorded. In my opinion, the British speaker who reads the first two recordings has an especially nice pronunciation.

As mentioned previously, the software does not let you resize the window to less than 800 x 600 pixels.
If youa€™re learning British pronunciation (RP), the exercises in the dictionary will help you learn the British sounds and their phonetic symbols.
The dictionary will also give you easy access to British and American recordings and will let you practice imitating them with the voice recording feature. If you teach English pronunciation or you are a serious learner, you will like the Sound Search. British English, for whatever reason, is innovating and changing while American English remains very conservative and traditional in its speech patterns.a€™As part of the study, researchers at the British Library recorded the voices of more than 10,000 English speakers from home and abroad. The word garage also proved linguistically divisive with the Brits a€?overwhelminglya€™ opting for a version which rhymed with marriage while the U.S. On my laptop with a dual-core CPU and a 5400 rpm hard drive, the EPD starts in 2 to 4 seconds.

The volunteers were asked to read extracts from Mr Tickle, one of the series of Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves.They were also asked to pronounce a set of six different words which included a€?controversya€™, a€?garagea€™, a€?sconea€™, a€?neithera€™, a€?attitudea€™ and a€?schedulea€™. Linguists then examined the recordings made by 60 of the British and Irish participants and 60 of their counterparts from the U.S. People are much more influenced by those they interact with than was perhaps previously thought.

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