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The human ear is designed to receive the minute longitudinal vibrations in the air that make up sound waves. The ear is very sensitive to excessive noise, and can suffer temporary damage after short periods of exposure to loud noise. The noise levels at which regular, sustained exposure may cause permanent damage are 90 to 95 decibels. The range of sound produced by the violin can range from 84 to 103 decibels.
Violinists who play in orchestras are often exposed to loud noise during rehearsals and performances. Practising with an earplug in the left ear can be an interesting way of hearing the projected sound of your violin, but it can be difficult to hear yourself or others properly when you wear earplugs in an ensemble.
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I used a fat quarter in regular red cotton to make the bow, and cut up an men's shirt I found a a thrift store. This condition appears due to fluid buildup in the middle ear, ear infections, and blockage in the nasal passage, and wax in the ear or colds.
Vibrations can be sensed through the jaw and shoulder, and the body of the violin is positioned almost directly under the left ear.
If the loud noise is experienced over long periods of time, damage can become permanent, resulting in hearing loss and tinnitus. A study of players in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra showed an average 6 decibel loss of hearing in the left ears of violinists, recommending that violinists use an ear plug in the left ear whilst practising. Conversely, when the level of noise is very high, it can actually be easier to hear detail when using earplugs.
Although tinnitus can be treated with vibration therapy, once hearing is damaged, it is not possible to repair it.

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The middle ear takes the vibrations, which are at a fairly low intensity, and magnifies them.
Tinnitus is a disruption to the tiny hair cells of the inner ear, which leads to an alteration in the electrical impulses that are delivered to the brain. The sound of a large orchestra can reach 112 decibels, and a survey has found that 52% of classical musicians suffer from hearing loss, and 15% suffer from permanent tinnitus. Many musicians also suffer from hyperacusis, a hearing disorder characterised by reduced tolerance to specific sound levels not normally regarded as loud for people with normal hearing.
In very high noise levels, the ear actually becomes saturated with sound, and blocking out some of that saturation frees some of the receptors to listen to other things.
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The vibrations then pass through the fluid in the inner ear, causing the tiny hair cells to bend.
This new pattern of signals can be recognised by the brain as a whistling, buzzing, or high-pitched ringing sound. For example, a violinist with an over-sensitive left ear may find it unpleasant to hold a telephone to that ear. Of course, if your pain is severe, consult your doctor for the needed treatment and diagnosis.
This causes electrical signals to pass through the auditory nerve to the brain, where the vibrations are interpreted as sound.

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