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Recruits are put through 5 or 7 days (depending on which era you come from, of course the older and more garang people did 7 days) of mud, sun, and sergeants shouting at you. But other than that, spending days in the wild will do things to your mind, and you start to crave for very simple pleasures of life. It’s not hard to imagine why we crave for nice glorious oily fast food when all we can enjoy outfield are combat rations. I guess the only highlight were the packets of Maggi Mee and Pocari Sweat powder with half a bottle of water.

Try going just 24 hours without showering in Singapore and you’ll start to be very self-conscious of your armpits. Actually you won’t know how much you stink until you reach home and start to do your laundry.
I know, I know, we must take care that our rifles are not stolen by our enemies during war-time. Then you’ll definitely understand the ultimate fantasy of falling asleep in the soft comfortable bed.

Field camp is fun at the end of it all, but seeing our bunks and beds after 5 or 7 days in the jungle was something strangely comforting.

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