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Tried adjusting volume - Though it reduces, it's still there and also recording sound goes down along with buzzing noise. I can't spend 1000s of rupees for PCI sound card and this USB sound card doesn't seem like a good product. When I touch the headphone wire, buzzing noise increases and even more when my foot touches the ground.
Do you have any tube lights connected along the same mains line having choke that has starting giving humming off lately? Thanks for the tip (workaround to switch on), I checked couple of youtube videos to get the idea. I uninstalled realtek hd audio driver to see if there is any difference, but it gone worse. I built my own computer about a year ago and lately I've run into a problem that seems to be difficult to find a solution for on the internet.

To quickly explain, my headphones are powered over USB, and whether they are connected to the front or back audio panels, I still get this buzzing.
Have you tried your phones on another computer, and have you tried another pair of phones on your system? If other phones do the same thing on your system, the problem may be somewhere in your computer setup or in your house wiring.
If your phones and others do the same thing on other systems plugged into your home AC mains, are the third (ground) terminals connected in your AC outlets, or are any of them in your system connected through a two wire plug? If your phones buzz, but others don't when connected to the same system(s), the problem may be faulty shielding or ground contact in your headphone, the cable or the internal connection to the plug. If it walks like Hitler, and it talks like Hitler, it's far more likely that the Donald is a wannabe Hitler than a duck.
Another possibility is to try using, instead, analog audio (either on board or via an add on card).

When the headphones are connected to the COMPUTER via USB (for power, and chat) without the game audio jack connected, there is NO buzzing, even at full volume.
This leads me to believe that the ground loop has something to do with the USB, or the power that the headphones are getting.
When the buzz happens, is any other device plugged into the wall through a two wire AC plug? Yesterday, I was playing around with different connections, to see what made the buzzing occur. I know with realtek installed, sounds are amplified (both speaker and mic), now with no realtek sounds went back to normal and I can't hear my voice well with this buzzing noise.

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