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You also had me laughing and crying and praying and singing and so appreciating my ability to hear… May the journey continue to bring joy and musical sounds rathe rthna angry bees.
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Long before the alarm clock goes, the buzzing begins, and I am afraid my irritation sometimes gets the better of me.
I would close my eyes and it felt as if I would dig deep into the various passage ways of my brain as I searched for those sounds.
I hear the voice of conscience, and Marcus Aurelius trembles in my grip.Whoa there, says the voice of conscience. Once we had gone through the suitcase with Jenny ticking items off she pushed it to one side. I waited in breathless anticipation and then my first sound arrived – television snow! If this was what what living with sound in my left ear was going to be like than no, thankyou! One person would speak down the hosepipe and the other around the corner would lift the hosepipe to her ear and hear the message and duly reply.
You can't just squash a creature that was once beloved of Apollo and which mankind has associated, since the beginning, with poetry and rhetoric and the gift of speech itself.

You shouldn't murder a poor defenceless critter to which we have traditionally ascribed every human virtue from patriotism to thriftiness; and above all, says the voice of conscience, you cannot slaughter a member of a species now thought to be as threatened as the panda.
I said so to Jen and she twiddled a few keys and then my snow turned into a hive of angry bees. No, friend, says conscience, savouring a rare moment of victory as I lower Marcus Aurelius, you cannot kill a bee."Sorry, guv," say the pest control people when I mention the underfloor infestation. I put on my right CI appliance and hell, that felt good hearing from both sides at the same time. They're protected." When I consult the Rentokil website, I find all sorts of advice about how to massacre wasps and ants, but not bees.
If you are lucky enough to have bees in your house, says Rentokil, you must treat them as honoured guests. If you value the future of the planet, you will not touch a bristle of their buzzing little backs.As all bee experts will testify, there are good grounds for such restraint.
Initially I had to see their lips when they spoke but as time passed so this wonderful left ear of mine began to stretch its muscles and truly wake up. The global bee population has recently entered a catastrophic decline, in a syndrome despairingly but vaguely known as "Colony Collapse Disorder".
Since Homer compared the Greek troops to columns of bees issuing from a hollow rock, bees have stood for mankind's organisational ability.
As Shakespeare puts it, they are creatures that by a rule in nature teach the act of order to a peopled kingdom.

I can tell you that a small but noisy minority has junked the hive and come to live in our house, at least until first light, when they like to rise early and make love to the spring flowers. I am afraid that he has knocked his little bee brains out trying to fly through the window, but you can tell by the fat yellow pollen sacs on his legs that his last day was highly enjoyable. He has been out there pollinating and fertilising in a thoroughly promiscuous way, and later this year, I expect, there will be some apple or cherry that ripens entirely thanks to his efforts.And that is the point, my friends. The economic recovery is like the bee population, in that you never know exactly where it will turn up. Virgil described how you could restore a bee colony by beating a bullock to death and sticking it in a brick kiln.
Unlikely though these may sound as places for bee generation, they are nothing like as inhospitable to nature as our house. If I were trying to breed bees myself, they would certainly go the way of our belly-up goldfish, or our hamsters, who all had shamelessly incestuous relationships before expiring of hamster Aids.
I will not claim that I have seen a bee revival, any more than I will claim to have seen the bottom of the market. But when I read the wrist-slitters and the gloomadon-poppers in the Financial Times, and their snooty refusal to see any hope in the recent rallies in stocks or in house prices, then I cannot help thinking of the people who are buying houses, and opening shops, with a determination and confidence that will eventually lead us out of recession; and I think of the amazing animal optimism that urges the bees to try living in my bedroom, and I put Marcus Aurelius back on the shelf where he belongs.

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