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I was born and raised in the UK, in April 1982 l came to Florida on a 3 week work exchange with the company l worked for in the UK. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to subscribe to our RSS Feed or just share the love and let your friends know about us.
On my ZX14 it was the tip over sensor that buzzed, its mounted on a rubber mount but I zip tied it. If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.2011 Kawasaki C14 (equipped with an ACME thermonuclear linear accelerator designed by Wile E.

6 months later l was sent back home to the UK to have an interview at the American Embassy, and returned armed with a work visa, to Florida where i have worked and lived ever since, becoming a US citizen in the late 1990's. I too have the buzz, but mine sort of oscillates at speed, and is affected also by wind speed and direction.
On the C14 looks like you have to remove the windscreen and there is a black plastic panel with 4 pins that need to be removed to get to the back of the cluster.
Must be the awesome power of KiPass that eliminated my buzzing, just by talking about it!!!

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